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If you are immersed in the preparation of your trip to Ireland, I’m sure that these tips to travel to Ireland will be super useful 😉 So as always, that’s why we are, because in addition to sharing our SUPER GUIDE OF IRELAND, we want to talk about the best tips for traveling to Ireland: all that yes or yes you have to know before undertaking your adventure on the emerald island.


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These are our essential tips for travelling to Ireland

1. Travel in the low season

We’re probably going to be a pain in the ass about this. But we know from experience that places are much better enjoyed without crowds.

You don’t have to travel to Ireland in February or November, but if you can, avoid August. We visited the country at the end of April/beginning of May and enjoyed quite good weather and no masses.

Octava etapa de nuestra ruta por Irlanda: Invernalia en Castle Ward - consejos para viajar a IrlandaOctava etapa de nuestra ruta por Irlanda: Invernalia en Castle Ward - consejos para viajar a IrlandaTips for travelling to Ireland: make the most of the low season

If you go in high season you will find many more cars on the road and many more people in all the points of interest. We think that the best times are spring and autumn, although you should bear in mind that between November and April there will be many monuments closed.

2. Buy groceries and take them in the car just in case

This advice is always on our tip list when we do a road trip. Because of the way we travel or the type of routes we design, there is not always a restaurant nearby at lunchtime, so we like to have something to eat in the car.

Also, this way you save time and money, so it’s a great tip if you’re traveling on a tight budget.

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3. If you are going to travel to Ireland, take the accommodation booked from the beginning

This is something we have also talked about many times, but if you want to save and not waste your leisure time looking for an accommodation, the best thing is to book it from home.

We ALWAYS book the hotels in Booking because we have been using it for years and it has always worked great for us. In addition, as it is free to cancel, you can change the accommodation if you find a better or cheaper option.

Dónde dormir en Galway: Rose House - consejos para viajar a IrlandaDónde dormir en Galway: Rose House - consejos para viajar a IrlandaTips for travelling to Ireland: book your accommodation in advance

Note that there are also areas where accommodation is a little more limited, so you may run out of room in the best ones.

4. It leaves room for improvisation

And we’re giving you this advice because we’re pretty much incapable of getting it. Whenever we organize a road trip we try to leave that margin and then end up finishing each stage at 9pm because we wanted to see a million things.

And it’s not bad, because we love to squeeze the most out of our trips, but if you like to travel more calmly, keep that in mind when organizing the stages.

On your road trip through Ireland you’ll find a lot of unexpected places you’ll want to stop, or places you’ll want to spend more time than you originally planned, so it’s important to allow yourself some time to get lost.

You have to think that doing 200 kilometers on a secondary road takes a lot more time than usual.

5. Enjoy Irish food that is super rich in seafood

Being an island has its advantages, so you won’t have any trouble finding good fish and seafood at a good price in Ireland. Our recommendation is that you try EVERYTHING you can.

Please note that lunch is usually between 12:30 and 13:30 and dinner between 17:30 and 19:00. Try to adapt the schedules to enjoy the recommended restaurants.

Dónde comer en Galway: The Seafood Bar at Kirwan's - consejos para viajar a IrlandaDónde comer en Galway: The Seafood Bar at Kirwan's - consejos para viajar a IrlandaWhere to Eat in Galway: The Seafood Bar at Kirwan’s

6. Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the climate in Ireland is quite changeable. Your suitcase should have a good raincoat or umbrella, depending on your preferences.

And don’t get too confident! Because it’s not uncommon for the day to start off sunny and end up raining or vice versa.

7. If you are travelling to Ireland, take an adaptor with you so you can plug in your electronics

When preparing for your trip to Ireland you should bear in mind that you will need an adaptor to charge your mobile phone and plug in any electronic devices you may be carrying.

The adapter is the same one you would use if you were traveling to London. You can buy it here:

8. Don’t worry about the gasoline

Just as we sometimes recommend that you fill up with petrol whenever you can, in this case there is no need, because there are many petrol stations everywhere.

Guía de Irlanda: nuestro coche de alquiler - consejos para viajar a IrlandaGuía de Irlanda: nuestro coche de alquiler - consejos para viajar a IrlandaTips for travelling to Ireland: don’t worry about petrol

9. Don’t pay too much attention to the times of Google Maps

Google Maps calculates journey times based on speed limits, and the speed limits in Ireland are quite permissive, so you never usually agree with what Google Maps says you’re going to take.

Calculate about 10 more minutes for every hour that Maps indicates. That is, if Google Maps says 3 hours, it will be at least 3 and a half hours.

10. Please note that some of the important points of interest close after 18

And this is something very important because when you mount the route you must take into account what time you will arrive at each site in an approximate way so as not to find it closed.

Take special care with the sites that interest you most, such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant’s Causeway, Rock of Cashel or the Carrick-a-Rede Bridge.

Qué ver en Irlanda: Rock of Cashel - consejos para viajar a IrlandaQué ver en Irlanda: Rock of Cashel - consejos para viajar a IrlandaTravel advice for Ireland: please note that some accommodation closes after 18:00

11. If you are going to travel to Ireland download the maps to your mobile

Before you leave home, put the Ranger maps on your Google Drive and download them so you can use them offline during your route because there are many areas in Ireland where coverage is limited.

And honestly, it’s a drag to want to go somewhere and not be able to put the GPS in because you can’t connect Google Maps to the Internet.

12. Search for accommodation outside the city centres

Sometimes it’s much easier to find cheap accommodation in the cities, but if you stay outside the big cities the environment around you will be much nicer and you will have a much more Irish experience.

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13. If you’re going to Ireland these are the prices of gasoline

Not that gasoline in Ireland is cheap, but it is somewhat similar in price to Spain. Diesel is around 1.35 euros and petrol is around 1.45 euros.

14. Beware of speeds in Northern Ireland

In Ireland distances are measured in kilometres and in Northern Ireland, being the United Kingdom, they are measured in miles.

Why is this important? Because if you see a 50-mile sign in Northern Ireland it means you can’t go over 50 miles an hour.

Ruta por Irlanda: Calzada del Gigante - consejos para viajar a IrlandaRuta por Irlanda: Calzada del Gigante - consejos para viajar a IrlandaTips for travelling to Ireland: watch out for speed in Northern Ireland

15. If you’re going to Ireland, be warm even if you’re there in the summer

Pardon the expression, but when the wind blows in Ireland it’s freezing.

So even if you travel in the summer, bring some warm clothes in case it gets cold. The smartest thing is to dress in layers because in Ireland the weather changes very quickly.


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