20 Tips for travelling to London for the first time

First trip to the English capital? Don’t miss all these tips for travelling to London for the first time and let everything go great!

In the London travel guide you can also find a lot of data to plan your trip for free from start to finish.

Because when it comes to big cities like New York, Paris or London… the distances are enormous! The better planned we have the days, the more things will give us time to visit and we will take advantage of the trip 100%.

We hope these tips will help you to be cautious during your visit to London!

Here we go with all the tips for travelling to London for the first time!!!


Tip for travelling to London #1: Watch out for charges for switching from euros to pounds

Most traditional banks we know charge commissions to pay in a currency other than the euro, in this case in pounds, (if you know of one that we are not, we are all ears).

And I’m not telling you if you want to get some cash out of the cashier, ruin! That’s why we always travel with three cards that don’t have currency exchange commissions:

N26 Mastercard: The one we always use to pay when we are on the road, it never fails us, it is free and has no currency exchange commissions when paying with it. More info here.
Revolut: Another one that we always carry in our wallet, we use it in case we take some cash out of the cashier. More info here.
Bnext: It fulfills the same function as the previous one, and it would be the one we least recommend because lately there have been enough problems to get out of the cashier, I hope they solve it soon. More info here.


London Travel Tip #2: Save on Public Transport

This is one of the most important tips for travelling to London! Until not long ago, one way to save on public transport was to buy the Oyster card.

But it is no longer necessary, now with any contactless card costs exactly the same as with the Oyster, is ideal for travelers who visit only a few days the city.

In the official website of the Oyster card, they recommend as an alternative to carry a contactless debit card, this way you avoid the £5 deposit, and waste time buying it and return it at the end of the trip to you to return the £5 and any remaining balance.

Whether you buy the Oyster card or your contactless card when you reach £7 a day (between buses and metros) you no longer pay for transport that day.

In order to pay with the contacless card it is very important that your bank does not charge you commissions for currency exchange, because otherwise it does not go out so much to account.

We use the N26 to pay for public transport and we’ve always done great.

Tips for travelling to London

London Travel Tip #3: Book your accommodation early

It’s not exactly a cheap city to stay in, it also has a lot of accommodations with few rooms, the sooner we book the accommodation the more likely it is to be good, nice and “cheap”.

I put cheap in quotation marks because if we don’t want to be an hour from central London or share a bathroom, finding something decent and cheap is quite complicated.

An interesting option is to book an accommodation in Airbnb, it was what we did in our last trip to London, in addition we went with my parents and we came out much better an apartment with two rooms.

Remember that you have a 25€ discount for your first booking.

Last time we stayed at the Kensington Court Hotel in Notting Hill, also highly recommended!

We will not publish the post with the most recommended areas of London to stay, join us through our social networks to keep abreast of new publications: Instagram and Facebook.

Tip to travel to London nº4:Valora if you think you should buy a tourist pass

If you are going to visit the city a few days and want to see it all, chances are that one of the London tourist cards with which you have access to a lot of attractions will pay off.

The best known tourist cards are:

In the post of the tourist cards of London we speak to you in detail of both and we help you to find out if they are worthwhile in your case.

London Travel Tip #5: Electricity and Plugs in England

In England the plugs of the sockets are of TYPE G, different to Spain, but the voltage is the same.

Many hotels have plugs for all sockets, but don’t take any chances. We always carry a plug adapter like this, which also fits all countries.


London Travel Tip #6: Don’t forget your umbrella!

It is clear that if you go in summer the chances of rain will be lower, but based on our experience, whenever we have gone to London one day it has rained on us.

We recommend you look at the weather forecast and take advantage of rainy days to visit museums or covered tourist attractions.

Don’t forget the umbrella or the raincoat on your trip to London!

Tips for travelling to London, don’t forget the umbrella!

Tip to travel to London nº7:Take your passport to pass before the airport control

For Spanish (and European) citizens right now and until the Brexit is effective (if it becomes one), we only need our ID card to travel to England.

But if you carry your passport, you will first go through the automatic control machines and you will save yourself the immigration queue and show your ID to the control personnel.

Much faster!

For citizens of other countries the truth is that we do not know it completely, always consult the page of the embassy in your country to get out of doubts.

Travel Tip to London #8: Soak up the culture, most museums are free.

At this point the pocket will resent us a little less!

There are a lot of FREE museums like:

The British Museum
Tate Modern, museum of contemporary art
Victoria and Albert Museum
Natural History Museum
The National Gallery
Museum of London
Science Museum
National Maritime Museum

You can also do a free tour to get to know the British Museum better.

Other free tours in London:

British Museum London

London Travel Tip #9: Watch out! They’re driving on the left.

I want you all safe and sound around London, very careful crossing the street!

It seems silly but when you are there suddenly:ups, I was going to cross without realizing that the cars are coming this way!

The English know it well and therefore almost all pedestrian crossings are marked on the ground with a ← LOOK LEFT or LOOK RIGHT → as appropriate.

In the United Kingdom are very special and use other measures such as feet and gallons, in addition to circulate on the left and have the steering wheel to the right, are a little rare but we want them anyway …! 🙂

London Travel Tip #10: Don’t Run Out of Battery

We know from our own experience that cold makes mobile batteries literally sigh.

In the case of London they have been warned and there are many connectors to charge your mobile everywhere, for example at bus stops and on the buses themselves, don’t forget to carry the cable with you.

If this is not enough (as is our case), we also carry an external battery because so many photos here and there, check Google, make stories for Instagram all the time … consumes a lot of battery!

We couldn’t help but include him in this post about travelling to London!


11: Take a guided tour and get to know the city better.

If you want to know well the city, its history, the curiosities of every corner… the best thing is to do a guided tour in Spanish.

It’s also a great option if you don’t have many days, doing a full London tour with tickets will save you a lot of time by being able to see the most essential in the same tour.

In addition to the free tours I mentioned above, this one has many good opinions.

We always recommend you to do it the first day in order to have a first contact with someone who knows the city very well, as well as being able to ask any questions we have about the city.

London Travel Tip #11: Take a Guided Tour

London Travel Tip #12: Save the queues, there’s no time to lose!

There are some tickets that we recommend you to take booked from home to avoid wasting time in unnecessary queues, something that costs 5 minutes from home can save us hours in queues and save time on the trip to dedicate it to other things.

Some recommended entries:

Tickets for the London Eye without queues

Westminster Abbey Tickets

Entrance to the Tower of London

Travel to London

London Travel Tip #13: Watch London from the Heights FREE!

From the top of the Sky Garden building in the heart of London’s financial centre you can enjoy magnificent views of the entire city and also free of charge.

You can also have a drink, or go to breakfast like we did.

It’s free, but you have to book in advance on their website.

Other options to see London from the heights (although paid):

Views from London’s Sky Garden

London Travel Tip #14: Travel Insurance and European Health Insurance Card

Many times you ask us if it is necessary to carry an insurance to travel in Europe, just as in the United States or other countries I consider it indispensable, in the case of Europe is a more personal option.

We always carry it, and for the price that costs an insurance for a few days in London (you also have 5% from our link), I think it is very worth it.

Because in addition to having health care coverage, we will have other important points of the trip such as baggage delay.

Our advice for travelling to London is that you should always carry your European Health Insurance Card, with which you will be seen at any health centre (at least until the Brexit is valid). It’s ordered online and shipped to your home.


15 London Travel Tip: Don’t miss any of our London articles!

We have some articles from London that will surely help you prepare your trip! In addition we will soon have many more because we will visit London again in a few weeks for the fifth time!


If you’re a Beatles fan, this zebra crossing will ring a bell.

London Travel Tip #16: Applications for Traveling to London

The applications that are not lacking in our mobile to travel to London are:

– GOOGLE MAPS: Not only to locate us and consult directions, but also to look at the nearest bus and metro stops, and the lines of each one. I don’t know what we would do on trips without this App!

– GOOGLE TRANSLATE: English is not our strength, so sometimes we have to rely on translations.

– BUS LONDON: For timetables and bus stops in London.

– OMIO: If we make an excursion from London on our own.

– TRIPADVISOR: To consult restaurant/cafeteria opinions, you can now also join us in their social network and be aware of our reviews.

Tips for travelling to London #17: London, a film city

London has been the setting for numerous films, some of them very blockbusters. What better than to do a London cinema session at home the days before the trip.

Some of the movies that have London in the background:

Harry Potter. You can even do a tour.
Sherlock Holmes
Notting Hill
Mary Poppins
Love Actually
Bridget Jones’ diary
This little house appears in Love Actually’s movie.

Best time to travel to London #18:Best time to travel to London

We could not leave aside in this list of tips to travel to London the subject of time, it is clear that visiting London in summer is much more enjoyable than doing so in winter, but also has its advantages travel in low season.

The low temperatures in London in winter together with the almost incessant rain, make it an unappealing time to visit the city, not counting the few hours of sunlight.

Peeero, he’s in favor of other things like the price of accommodations and flights. Undoubtedly the travel budget will be much smaller!

Just this year we have visited London twice and both times in winter, it’s just about being well prepared for the cold!

Spring can also be a good time, temperatures are no longer taaan cold and accommodation prices are still not high season.

Neither can we forget Christmas, it is one of the most decorated European cities at this time of year.

Although some seasons are more pleasant than others, London can be visited all year round without any problems.

Climbing Tower Bridge, one of the must-do things to do in London!

Tip for travelling to London nº19:Typical English food

We can’t say that English food is among our favorites… but they say that wherever you go, do what you see, and it wouldn’t be a complete trip without its gastronomy, whether we like it more or less!

So don’t forget the typical English breakfast, even though having beans for breakfast is a bit strange, of course the afternoon tea at dusk, try your feet and of course eat a plate of fish and chips! None of this can be missing from your trip!

In this next trip to London we will visit some typical restaurants (and others not so much but seem very cool), you can join us through Instagram Stories or be attentive to the next post (also on Facebook) because on the way back we will list all the places to eat in London that we know!

Travel Tip to London #20: Seeing London from a different perspective

Walking around London and wandering around the city is the best way to soak up the essence of London, but it’s also great to spend a few hours changing your perspective and enjoying London from the River Thames.

There are plenty of boat tours we can do, some even include lunch or the famous afternoon tea.

You can consult all the options of boat trips in this link.

For the more romantic, there are also boat dinners illuminated by the lights of the most emblematic places of the city.

And here’s our list of tips for travelling to London for the first time!

Don’t miss all these things to see and do in London to get ideas of the places you can visit on your trip.

We hope that after reading this list of tips for travelling to London you will have a wonderful trip to the English capital.

If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

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