20 of the most beautiful villages on the Mediterranean of France

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This selection of villages, both on the Mediterranean coast of France and a few kilometres inland, is an idea and a map thought to make a dream tour.

Imagine zigzagging along the French Mediterranean coast “on the hunt” for the most beautiful villages, with more charm and better preserved in their old towns. Most of these selected villages belong to the association “les plus beaux village de France”. This organization gathers and qualifies the most beautiful villages of the country according to a demanding criterion. But there are also others that are precious and deserve to be on the road.

Therefore, with this map and these villages we could organize a dream trip.

The selected villages and one by one in order of travel starting from the border near Spain and in the direction of the border with Italy is as follows:

Port-VendresColliureCastelnouLagrasseMinerveOlarguesSaint-Guilhem-le-DésertAigues-MortesLes Baux-de-ProvenceLourmarinAnsouisCassisBormes-les-MimosasGassinSaint-TropezAntibesSaint-Paul-de-VenceVillefranche-sur-MerÉzeSainte-Agnès

In all these villages you will find above all a lot of charm. Some of them, such as

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