30 of the most beautiful villages on the north coast of Spain (map)

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This selection of coastal towns of this post are mostly on the north coast of Spain, or some a little farther inland, but steps from the north coast.

(*) Image of the village of Hondarribia / Matías Callone

What you will see is nothing less than an idea of a route to explore sparsely populated and charming places, always following a route that borders the most beautiful corners without leaving the coast. Passing through the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia along a good number of kilometres you can visit many of the most beautiful villages along the way. The plan is none other than to travel by car (or rent a car from the blog taking advantage of discounts of up to 15%), maybe spend the night in some of them, and enjoy the scenery and the ride.

Which are the towns of the coastal route one by one.

In the following list they are ordered from west to east departing from Hondarribia, the coastal town almost on the border with France. The towns in that order and one by one are as follows:

Hondarribia.GuetariaElantxobeMundakaLiérganesCartesSantillana del MarComillasSan Vicente de la BarqueraRibadesellaLastresTazonesCudilleroLuarcaPuerto de VegaMondoñedoO Porto do BarqueiroTeixido (Santo André)PontedeumeBetanzosMuxíaFisterraCambadosCombarroTui

If this is the above list, here you have each village located on the map to make it easier to organize a route:

(*) Image Matías Callone

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