50 photos of the routes of Tierras de Lleida

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This selection of photos is a reflection of my four days of travel on the routes of the province of Lleida. From the flattest landscapes on the opposite side of the Pyrenees to routes through castles, vineyards, monasteries and lakes. From the capital (Lleida) to the remote villages enclosed within walls and guarded by mountains. When heading towards the Pyrenees, the detours on the way lead to villages with character, to walk through streets that changed little in spite of the centuries. And on each route, you will find people proud of their land, their gastronomy and their history. A region with a lot of identity.

Lleida can take you to towns like

Guimerá is a medieval town adapted to the unevenness of the terrain. At the top, the remains of the castle and the church:

And between history, there’s no way to get lost in its streets:

The breaks in Lleida may have local flavours:

And the routes, as they move further away from the most populated areas, can bring you closer to villages such as

It’s small and beautiful in the same proportions:

In Montsonís is the first castle open to the public for visits:

A small set of church, castle and houses with a remarkable architectural unity:

The routes of Lleida penetrate like veins into the increasingly rugged landscape:

And in those paths that go through gorges, it is possible to find surprises: the Sanctuary of La Mare de Deu de Salgar:

And just as there are villages that tell history with the naked eye (like the following photo in Os de Ballaguer):


There are also rural villages that reinvent themselves by transforming each wall into a shop window of mural art as in Penelles:

The route in Lleida is always nature and history, as in the small village of Vallbona de las Monjas, with its imposing monastery:

And again between route and villages, it is time to taste local dishes to eat in Lleida through the products of its land:

Even in unforeseen villages there are streets that combine desolation with charm of the past (Ciutadilla):

Going up and up the mountains, it is possible to find castles and the unexpected Collegiate Church of Santa Maria de Mur in the high dominating the views (region of Pallars Jussá):

And in the highlands, you can also find unexpected wineries and vineyards (Bodega Castell d’Encus):

On a route through Lleida, there are also curious villages, such as one of the best examples of walled town in Catalonia (

Another good “find” on the way, in Salás del Pallars there is a museum of shops and products of yesteryear that overflow in nostalgia (Botigues Museu Salás):

In short, a route through the Lleida Lands that can begin or end in its capital, astonishing with its leading defensive and religious complex that is nominated for World Heritage: The Old Cathedral of Lleida (Seu Vella) and its cloister:

A cathedral standing and with splendour standing despite the setbacks of history:

A provincial capital that invites you to walk through its streets…

A capital that is a gateway (or departure) to routes where it is always the road and its surprises the a destination. Where its kilometers extend in possibilities that multiply the reasons for a good trip.

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