50 very small villages in Spain that are overlooked (and barely known)

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They are very small and beautiful villages in Spain, with only dozens (or a few hundred) of inhabitants. Most of them are completely unknown or are in many cases absent from the tourist routes. They know about tranquility and calmness like few other villages. And they have a calm beauty that is highly valued in these times.

Monells es uno de los pueblos muy pequeños y bonitos que ver en EspañaMonells es uno de los pueblos muy pequeños y bonitos que ver en España(Image Matías Callone in Monells)

What follows is a selection of 50 barely populated jewels scattered throughout Spain and which deserve their place in this selection one by one of photos from different authors from Instagram. We are going on a virtual tour starting with Asturias 🙂

1. Taramundi (Asturias)

2. Horcajuelo de la Sierra (Community of Madrid)

3. Cantavieja (Teruel)

4. Riaño (Castilla y León)

5. Vimianzo (Galicia)

6. Colombres (Asturias)

7. Bacarés (Almería)

8. Artenara (Gran Canaria)

9. Alhama de Granada (Granada)

10. Mazonovo (Asturias)

11. Robledillo de Gata (Cáceres)

12. Siurana (Tarragona)

13. Hervas Extremadura

14. Bagergue (Lleida)

15. Capileira (Granada)

16. Monells (Girona)

17. Ares del Maestre (Valencian Community)

18. Canillas de Aceituno (Malaga)

19. Beget (Girona)

20. Iznatoraf (Jaén)

21. As Hermidas (Ourense)

22. Anento (Zaragoza)

23. Bubión (Granada)

24. Elantxobe (Viscaya)

25. Piornedo (Lugo)

26. Yanguas (Soria)

27. Hita (Guadalajara)

28. Suarias (Asturias)

29. Purullena (Granada)

30. Urueña, Valladolid

31. Anciles (Huesca)

32. Zaldierna (La Rioja)

33. Alarcón (Cuenca)

34. Puertomingalvo (Teruel)

35. La Isleta del Moro (Almería)

36. Altafulla (Tarragona)

37. Pampaneira (Granada)

38. Alpandeire (Malaga)

39. Sigüenza (Guadalajara, Castilla y la Mancha)

40. Aínsa (Huesca)

41. Castrillo de los Polvazares (León)

42. La Hiruela (Madrid)

43. Almócita (Almería)

44. Lanuza Huesca

45. Masca (Tenerife)

46. Patones de Arriba (Madrid)

47. Campillo de Ranas (Guadalajara)

48. Robledillo de Gata, Cáceres

49. Torrecilla (La Rioja)

50. Gallipienzo (Navarra)

By the way, in the blog there are many selections of villages in Spain, including numerous routes and ideas of possible routes in Spain to explore once it is possible.

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