7 things to keep in mind in the Greek islands

Viajar a Santorini

A colleague has decided to travel to Greece and discover some of its beaches, feel the sun and take the opportunity to visit a couple of islands.

As Greece is one of my favorite countries I gave him a thousand recommendations like places to go, food to taste, ruins to visit… Anyway, I haven’t stopped.

When I saw her a little tired of listening to my advice I focused and only told her about the islands.

I found the advice so useful that I decided to share it with you. So if you take a trip to Greece and go to the islands, consider these tips.

Eat outdoors

One of the main things you’ll find are restaurants (that and hotels) so you won’t be short of options to eat.

But one thing to keep in mind is that you should choose those who have a terrace where you can enjoy the sun, the sea air and eat very relaxed because the food in Greece is delicious.

Rent a car

They’ll recommend you rent a four-wheeled bike or a simple two-wheeled one.

This seems practical and very optimal because it is an area of beaches. But it’s not like that.

Because the language is not easy and you will have to guide you with a GPS or a paper map it is better to go in a car to see it better.

There are many car rental agencies on the Greek islands, but one of the best options is to rent it directly there. Cars aren’t always the newest thing you’ll ever see.

Climb to the top and enjoy the views

If you have already rented a car or are doing an internal tour I recommend that you look for a very high area of the island, if possible the highest of all.

From there you will see a sea of an intense blue that sticks with a celestial sky and very few clouds.

Viajar a las islas griegas

Look for a place high up to get good views

Keep in mind that the climbs on these slopes can be very steep so keep this in mind when renting a vehicle.

Beaches of pebbles

In some places like Santorini the beaches are not white sandy… Well, actually they are not even sandy. They’re little pebbles that get stuck in the sole of your foot.

I recommend that you wear water shoes or flip-flops to avoid pain.

I prefer water slippers because water makes it difficult for you to walk if you wear flip-flops.

Ruins under the sun

The Greek ruins are not alone in Athens.

If you are going to travel to the Greek islands take the opportunity to look for the most important historical sites.

Go to the island you are going to do not miss these sites and if possible I recommend you do a tour because you will learn much more.

Tour the island

I know when you go to an island you want to spend a lot of time on the beach. It’s a pleasure to enjoy the water and sunbathe like a lizard. A good way to recharge the batteries before returning to work.

Islas griegas

Walk and enjoy but get ready to walk

But don’t be left alone with that and find out more about what’s hidden on the island that’s worth visiting.

Don’t use donkeys

I told you a while ago, and I called it the worst thing you’ll ever see in Santorini. Don’t use the donkeys they offer you to climb the stairs.

There are more human forms, which do not bet on animal suffering that are much better to use.

In Santorini there are many activities that you can enjoy without harming anyone.

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