Barrio de Galata, one of the most charming areas in Istanbul (European part)

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Galata is one of the most charming little neighbourhoods in the modern European part of Istanbul. An ideal area for walking, enjoying its nightlife, cosmopolitanism and a certain bohemian (and even for accommodation).


Where is the district of Galata

Exactly in the bustling district of Beyoglu, on the north side of the Golden Horn, and towards one of the end of the lively Istiklal Street. For example, if you walk down Istiklal Avenue (the busiest shopping area in the city) and decide to go down to the Gálata Bridge, you will pass through this neighbourhood. The reference will always be the Tower of Gálata, an unavoidable symbol of this sector, but also its uneven streets.

Extra tips: you can move around the city and stop very close to this neighborhood with the

What makes this neighborhood so charming?

I believe after having walked this city so much during my 30 days of stay that this neighborhood is one of the most charming of the most central area (by the way you can follow

Gálata is an area with a human scale, full of trendy bars, restaurants, cafés, but always small shops and a very picturesque style.

In addition, the neighbourhood has a multicultural atmosphere: it is full of tourists from all over the world (being a very central area you may miss a bit the authentic local atmosphere that is mixed). It is a lively area at all times and with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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What to see in the district of Gálata

The Ashkenazi Synagogue.

The Galata district still has an important Jewish community, which settled in the area at the beginning of the 15th century. If you continue walking along the street that continues the commercial Istiklal, you will pass through the area of musical instrument stores. A little further on you will see on the right hand side the Ashkenazi synagogue in Istanbul (exactly in the direction of Yüse Kadirim, 37). Open on weekdays in the mornings. It is an example of the religious diversity that historically coexists in this city where it is possible to find temples of different religions coexisting in a few meters.

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It was financed by a wealthy family at the beginning of the 20th century, and it is very curious with its double curvature. This staircase connects in a pedestrian way the streets of Voyboda and Bankalar.

Galata Tower.

The famous tower that is in all the postcards, and that from every angle steals the glances (in addition to starring in every photo in which it comes out). It is one of the oldest towers in the world, and was rebuilt many times with different designs. This tower was completed in 1348 precisely to guard the passage of the Bosphorus. It also had different functionalities, including that of being a prison for many years. It was also called Christea Turris by the Genoese (and Megalos Pyrgos at the time of the Byzantines). Today it is a lookout point and a great tourist attraction.

At its base you will always see the queue of tourists waiting to climb it and enjoy the famous views at the top. Especially the tail increases in the evening hours: it is one of Istanbul’s most precious viewpoints.

Accommodation in the district of Gálata

Gálata has an excellent location and situation to stay in Istanbul. It is a safe and lively area at all times. And although it is in a high part, it is communicated in an excellent way since in the neighborhood there is a subway that communicates the high and low part (it is a kind of subterranean funicular called simply “Metro”).

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Extra tips:

. Many times the area of the district of Gálata is included in the

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