Istanbul Neighborhoods: where to stay, advantages and recommendations

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Make the decision to choose where to stay in Istanbul, which neighborhood or district to choose, which is closest to everything, which is the safest, most beautiful. I’m going to talk about all of those topics in this post based on my 30-day trip installed in Istanbul point by point (and neighborhood by neighborhood). And since it seems very practical to me, I am going to order the topics in the form of questions and answers, with specific recommendations in each case.

Just as today there are many alternatives to stay (I mean both hotels and the option of

Advantages of the Eminönü district: it is strategically located and connected to everything / Disadvantages: it is very noisy during the day and turned off at night. It’s very touristy or just passing through.

Note: to search for hotels in the Eminönü area I recommend that you do so from the hotel search link in the Sultanahmet district, as many times the searchers do not make the distinction between these districts. However, in the results you will find hotels indicated by their location in this neighborhood.

By the way, maybe you’d be interested

Advantages of Taksim district: it is lively at all times, there is always something to eat and things to do. Through the subway and funiculars and the tunnel is very well connected / Disadvantages: it can be noisy in some streets very close to the areas of bars, is somewhat away from attractions such as Hagia Sofia (but insist that very well communicated and easy to move).

On the street Mesrutiyer Caddesi there are some of the most historic luxury hotels in Istanbul

Buscar hoteles en Taksim > this neighborhood has one of the largest offerings and variety of hotels and

Advantages of the district of Gálata: it is a step away from the liveliest area of Istanbul but it is a little quieter and much more charming (it is also well located and well communicated) / Disadvantages: it can have streets with unevenness.

Aquí puedes > Search hotel in the district of Gálata

¿Cuál es el barrio alternativo más comercial y animado? > Beşiktaş

If we descend the hill from the Taksim district towards the Bosphorus (in the modern European part) in a short time we will be in the Beksitas district. This neighborhood has a commercial area very close to the coast which is one of the largest, most commercial and lively in Istanbul. In addition, not far away is the famous Dolmabahçe palace, where the sultans settled in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. Also the Naval Museum or the stadium of famous football teams.

Advantages of the neighborhood Beşiktaş: it is very lively and commercial, and is very well connected by ferry both with the Asian side and with neighborhoods such as Sultanahmet / Disadvantage: is somewhat away from the area of Sultanahmet.

Aquí puedes > search for hotel in the neighborhood of Beşiktaş

¿Cuál es el barrio de más lujo? > Nişantaşı

This area is close to Taksim Square on the modern European side. And it is precisely the place where it feels most in Europe for its buildings, or even for the way people dress. It is also an area of luxury hotels and shops, perhaps with the most chic shopping street in the city.

Advantages of the district of Nişantaşı: it is a lively, elegant zone, surrounded by beautiful zones of parks. It is well connected by metro / Disadvantages: it is not so close to Sultanahmet.

Here you can see the hotel options at Nişantaşı

Un barrio cool > Karakoy

See hotels in the district of Karakoy

Other neighborhoods on the European side.

There are many neighborhoods that are no longer in the tourist and historical heart of the city (although in Istanbul every neighborhood has its history and interest, meaning that these neighborhoods that follow are a little away from the most usual to stay). There are neighborhoods like Ortakoy (see hotels in Ortakoy) that are very nice tourist sites but somewhat more secluded and quiet, or even other more distant residential on the Bosphorus. But in general, most hotels and tourist areas are in the neighborhoods mentioned above.

Where to stay in Asian part of Istanbul.

¿Cuál es el barrio más famoso de parte asiática? > Kadikoy

The first neighborhood that is usually visited in terms of its proposal, for its market, shopping streets, gastronomy, is the neighborhood of Kadikoy. Staying in the Asian part is not the most usual for the reason that the concentration of tourist and attractive areas is more than anything in the European part. These neighborhoods are usually visited as a tourist getaway. However, you may be interested in settling in a more local area, experiencing the most authentic local life, in a safe and lively area. Then Kadikoy may be an option (you’ll be 15-20 minutes by ferry from the European side, and they have a lot of frequency).

Advantages of staying in Kadikoy: you will be in an authentic area and more of local life with cheaper accommodation options. / Disadvantage: you will have to take a ferry quite often to visit the most touristic parts of the European side.

Here you can see hotels in Kadikoy (there is a quite wide offer)

Cuál es el segundo barrio más visitado de parte asiática? > Usküdar

Usküdar is the second most visited district in Asia in terms of tourism. There is for example the coastal promenade where so many will see the sunset in front of the Tower of the Maiden (Kız Kulesi). There is also a commercial area, market, although in smaller dimensions than in the part of Kadikoy. The hotel offer is also more limited.

Advantages of staying in Usküdar: being part of Asia there are ferries that in 10 minutes connect with Beşiktaş or with Kabatas (Taksim district). It’s cheaper to stay here / Disadvantage: it’s an area that has nice coastal walks, and a very lively and commercial sector, but we’ll be a bit away from Istanbul’s most touristy sector.

View hotel options in Usküdar

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