Traveler’s Advent Calendar: 6 places where you can’t celebrate Christmas

You and I celebrate Christmas and we hope Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men or whoever comes with gifts But not everyone has the same luck.

Today in The Travel Blog we open the door of this Traveler’s Advent Calendar to tell you about those places where Christmas is or was forbidden. Those places where freedom is an anomaly and thinking differently can be very expensive.

There are many countries where throughout its recent (very recent) history Christmas was banned for religious or political reasons.

All forbidden

Not to allow anything is the impossibility of a government to convince its citizens of its ideas.

Above all, it is a clear sign that the free cultural and religious thought of their people does not matter to them.

In some countries they have raised their hand to the ban because of international pressure, but even so the persecution of their inhabitants continues.

In today’s Traveler’s Advent Calendar I’m going to introduce you to the countries that you shouldn’t go to during the Christmas season because you could have a very bad time and it makes us reflect on the way in which its inhabitants live.

North Korea

In 2013, South Korea announced that it was going to erect a Christmas tree over 30 meters long on the border with North Korea. Kim Jong-un’s government announced that they were going to shoot down the tree with cannon fire and start a war.

Río Yalu en Corea del Norte.

The tree did not finally rise and there was no confrontation. But as you can imagine the Christmas celebration is not something possible in that country.

It should be noted that 24 December is North Korea’s Holy Mother’s Day for the death of the dictator’s grandmother’s mother.

Saudi Arabia

The only dictatorship that is a friend of democratic governments (almost everyone) enjoys the international community’s blind eye despite its tough hand with everything and Christmas could not be any different.

Arabia Saudia.

One example is that foreigners who live there have to celebrate parties in private and hidden because the government does not encourage religious holidays.


Palacio en Brunei.

Little is known about this country, but you must bear in mind that the Sultan (head of state) said years ago that anyone who dared to celebrate Christmas could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

You don’t want to ask Santa Claus for anything.


In 2013 this African country officially declared itself a Muslim. So far so good, but to show that they did not believe (officially) in Jesus Christ they have wiped it off the map by banning Christmas.

Alambrado de púas.

Two years later, in 2015, they realized that they had forgotten something and banned the New Year’s celebration.

Don’t want to celebrate because punishments range from jail time to physical assault.


If it weren’t for the seriousness of the people living in this Central Asian country, their decisions would be ridiculously funny.

Montañas y un lajo verde en Tayikistan.

The Ministry of Education did not prohibit Christmas as such, but it did prohibit the things it includes.

It’s forbidden:

The Christmas tree.
Gift delivery.
The fireworks.
Christmas meals.

Not content with it in 2014 they banned Santa Claus and as there was room in the paper of prohibitions they buried the celebration of Halloween as well.


In reality Christmas is no longer forbidden, but I quote this country because in 1967 it was the first and only country to declare itself an atheist.

And since every atheist rejected Christmas to the point of not allowing it. Any religious propaganda was banned with penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

In 1990 the communist government changed this and the trees and gifts returned to the country.