Traveler’s Advent Calendar: Christmas Travel Movies

One of my favorite Christmas plans is to go to the movies to see movies related to this holiday season. Some are pretty bad, why deny it, but there is a handful worth coming back to. see every Christmas. My favorites are those that have to do with Christmas travelers, and is that transfers are common in my celebrations since time immemorial: I return home for Christmas or we travel to Argentina, home to the family of Arol.

The travelling film par excellence at Christmas

I think we’ll all agree that the most important Christmas movie is, without a doubt, Home Alone. In both the first and second films, all the wrongs and problems arise when the family goes on a trip and poor Kevin is left alone.

In Solo en casa I we see how the family living in Chicago prepares to travel to France for Christmas. A very wise choice is that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities during the month of December, despite the cold and low winter light.

paris en navidad

What to do in Paris at Christmas

If normally Paris is already known as “the city of Light” at Christmas this qualifier is multiplied by a thousand. Walking around the city and seeing the Christmas lights is one of the best experiences to enjoy in Paris in winter. Not forgetting the decorations of some of the buildings, such as Galeries Lafayette, which each year presents a new style that Parisians are eagerly awaiting to discover.

galerias Lafayette

If Christmas lights and decorations are your thing, the only way to improve them I can think of is to go to a Christmas concert in Paris. Saint Chapelle has some that you can attend and it should be a real pleasure because frankly, I can think of very few places as special as her. For those who want to make a very special gift or have a slightly larger budget, I can not forget the concert taking place inside the Eiffel Tower. Oh la la!

During December Paris also launches the traditional Christmas markets where you can do some of the traditional activities, such as having a hot chocolate or a hot wine (vin chaud, in French), skating on ice and buying those last minute Christmas gifts.

For those who go to Paris on New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to have the Christmas dessert par excellence, a “galette des Rois”, which is based on a concept similar to the Spanish King and Queen’s Roscón but has nothing to do with preparation and taste.

After all this, I’m not surprised that the McCallister family decided to travel to Paris for Christmas… it’s a shame that Kevin didn’t get to see anything of the beautiful French capital!

Unfortunately for him, Home Alone II has no better ending. This time Kevin’s parents decide to leave Chicago again to spend Christmas in Miami. With the lesson learned after forgetting Kevin at home the first time, they make sure the child is in the car; but as we expected, this time the mess happens at the airport, where Kevin gets the wrong flight and ends up going to New York instead of Miami.

In this second part of the story, I firmly believe that Kevin is a winner, and that is that there are few cities more special than New York to spend Christmas.

What to do in New York for Christmas

Although I’ve been to New York twice before, I still have to spend Christmas in the Big Apple. Some of the things I wouldn’t miss are:

christmas New York
To amaze me by looking at the huge Christmas tree that is installed every year in the Rockefeller Centre.
Watch the ballet “The Nutcracker” at Lincoln Centre, performed by the New York ballet company. If you feel like something even more classic, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra performs Handel’s “The Messiah” every year.
Walk along Fifth Avenue to see the illuminations, with special attention to Saks, who every year decorates its façade impressively.
Approach one of my favorite parks, Bryant Park, where they install a huge ice skating rink that is also free for all brave people who dare to skate.
Imitating Kevin at Home Alone II, strolling and getting lost in Central Park; one of the most special places even in winter.

Bryant Park skating

With these two Christmas movies we close the ninth door of the travelling Advent Calendar, where for a moment we have seen Paris and New York at Christmas. Two cities so incredible that I don’t know which one to choose: luckily there is Christmas to share.