Traveler’s Advent Calendar: London’s alternative Christmas route

London is one of those cities that you can go back to as many times as you want and it will always have something new, something different and something exciting to do. Christmas in this cone of England is no different.

Spending Christmas in London can be one of the most interesting plans if you are looking for a place to go.

I won’t recommend where to go on December 24th or 25th. I won’t tell you about the typical London places either, because the web is already full of them.

Today I want to refer to some alternative plans to do in London at Christmas time and that will make you remember this city with a different flavor.

Christmas Choirs

I don’t think there’s a Christmas without a good Christmas carol. The trees, lights and panettones wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t listen to the angelic voices that envelop you in that festive spirit.

There are many, many places where you can go to enjoy a choir. I recommend the four that I consider the most interesting:

At Saint Pauls Catheral you can go see the most famous of all the choirs in London.

In the Royal Albert Hall you can enjoy another choral option this Christmas and in a unique atmosphere.

Londres en Navidad - Coro

If, in addition to music, you are passionate about animals and want to help them, you can go to a concert in benefit of the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home where all the proceeds will go to help find a house for the little quadrupeds.

Take part in a race of flancitos

Gifts, trees, saints… all that’s very much seen. Why don’t we do something different, something really crazy like: A flan race!

The participants of this Christmas and crazy idea have to load a tray with a pudding or flan and will have to go out to the race trying to be the first. Although it looks easy, it gets a little harder than you think.

Londres en Navidad - Carrera de flanes

Not only will you have to reach the finish line with the dessert intact, but you’ll have to do it after jumping inflatable obstacles, playing waist games in a slalom area, avoiding tripping over Christmas trees and many more difficulties.

The best thing about it is that not only can you go and see, but you can also participate.

Yeah, like you read me. You can form a team with your friends and be the winner of the flancitos race. You never know when you might need it on your CV.

You can register on the official website here.

The race of the saints

If you think your flan is going to end up crashed on the floor and eaten by English squirrels you might have to think of an alternative race, like the famous “Carrera de Santa” where you won’t have to carry any food, but it will have one particularity: dressing like Santa Claus.

This is a very interesting idea if you’re in London at the beginning of December even if you don’t run.

Viajar a Londres

The first time I saw him I was so interested that I think I’m going to repeat it because seeing hundreds, thousands of people disguised as Santa Claus running through the streets is one of the most attractive things you’ll see in the capital of England.

The race always takes place on the first weekend of December and you can see much more information on the official website.

Illuminated streets

A few years ago I went to spend Christmas in London and among sweets, gifts and traditional foods, one of the things that most caught my attention were its illuminated streets.

Every corner is a pleasure to behold. The shops seem to be in agreement, the town hall does its thing and everything helps you to look like you are walking in the middle of a Christmas tree.

Londres en Navidad - Luces en las calles

Among my favorite places to go to see the lights are Carnaby and obviously the more than 300,000 lights on Regent Street.

A party with Dickens

Christmas Carol is perhaps one of the best stories ever told in literature. If you’ve loved this book as much as I have and want to explore a little more about the life of Charles Dickens you can come to the author’s museum.

Londres en Navidad - Carta de Dickens

As every year they show you how the writer celebrated Christmas in Victorian times and what the house in which he lived was like.

If you want to visit the museum and know a little more you can do so on the official website.