Traveler’s Advent Calendar: the best winter sports

Every time I say fall is my favorite season and winter seems so exquisite to me they look at me like a weird guy.

I know it sounds weird, but whether you like cold, autumn or winter isn’t bad.

There are a lot of things you can do and a lot of activities you can have a great time with if you know how to make the most of the winter.

In our Traveler’s Advent Calendar we open the door to winter sports.

Christmas, sports and cold is a beautiful mix. So today I’ll take you to 5 destinations, 5 activities you’ll want to do or not.

Trekking through the glaciers of Iceland

I don’t know if it’s because of the cold, because it’s lonely or because of its Viking culture, but Iceland is one of my favourite countries. Its nature is its main attraction and my recommendation is to live it to the fullest.

Interior de glaciar en Islandia.

A very interesting activity to do in the country is to walk through some of its innumerable glaciers.

This is an activity that needs to be done with someone experienced, so I recommend you look for a guide with knowledge of the area. Your experience will be unique.

Skiing (and spa) in Bulgaria

Since we visited it a few months ago Bulgaria has conquered us.

It is a country with a charming and interesting personality for its people, its history, its gastronomy and its landscapes.

Pista de Esquí a las afueras de Sofía.

But it is also very interesting to see it from the side of the sport as it is a very famous country for its intrepid ski slopes.

Leaving Sofia you can do a tour that takes you to ski, snowboard and finally enjoy a relaxing moment in a spa.

A complete winter experience.

Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees

This activity reminds me quite a bit of Eskimo movies, although in a much closer destination.

Leaving Barcelona you can reach the Pyrenees where a guide will teach you how to use the snowshoe and which are the best techniques.

The idea of doing it with a guide who takes you, gives you the rackets and sticks, explains what you need and even invites you to eat.

Fila de personas caminando en la nieve con raquetas.

You can find more details of these types of activities here.

Learn to ski in Sierra Nevada

Not knowing how to ski is not a sin. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

But if they give you the chance to learn to ski for a more than enviable price, I wouldn’t miss it.

I found a ski course in Sierra Nevada that lasts two days and teaches you the basics so that you can get loose in the snow without problems.

If you have a chance it’s a good option to discover something you might love.

Curling, the hypnotic stone on ice

Maybe you’ve seen it on TV once. A person slides a circular stone over the ice to reach a marked point at the other end of the rink. At the same time a couple of “sweepers” clear the ice to help him.

That’s curling, and there’s plenty of places to practice it. If you are travelling to Edinburgh I recommend you visit the Murrayfield Stadium where you can practice it or just see how other people play.

Piedras para jugar al curling.

Also in Spain there are some places where you can practice it so if you are interested do not stop looking for it because it is difficult but entertaining.