Traveler’s Advent Calendar: The best Christmas markets without leaving Spain

Much is said about the Christmas markets in Berlin, Vienna or Zurich; and the truth is that in many places in Europe the markets that are set up around this time of year are impressive. However, there is not as much information about the Christmas markets that some Spanish cities offer to all visitors to buy a last-minute gift or some more special detail.

The Christmas Market in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

This is undoubtedly one of my favorites, probably because Madrid is also one of my favorite cities around the world. Here you can buy a lot of different accessories and figures for your Christmas crib as well as jokes to make you laugh on All Saints Day.

With its more than 100 Christmas stalls, in an enviable location such as the Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s market has its origin in the 17th century, although at that time it sold quite different things, such as sweet nougats and other Christmas delicacies.

Zaragoza and its Christmas crafts in the Plaza del Pilar

Every year in the beautiful city of Zaragoza they put a life-size Bethlehem, which with its more than one hundred almost human figures, represent different scenes of Christmas. As if that weren’t enough, who has a Wish Tree, where you can write and hang a card to ask for some of those things that you have not just fulfilled.

There are also craft stalls where you can buy handmade wooden objects and Christmas sweets. Unfortunately, I have never been to Zaragoza during Christmas, but I will never forget how beautiful the cathedral and the square where it is located looked to me, so this market has to be impressive.

mercado de navidad en Zaragoza

Photo Courtesy of Zaragoza City

Christmas market in Puerto Portals, Mallorca.

If there is something about Palma de Mallorca it is undoubtedly an enormous cultural diversity, thanks to the fact that many people from Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc. choose this beautiful Spanish city to spend long periods of time once they have retired. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that its Christmas market is one of the most international in Spain, offering typical products and national sweets as well as other European alternatives that are just as rich.

mercado de Navidad de puerto portals

Oviedo Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Oviedo may not be as big or as attractive as the others I mentioned in this post. As a good Asturian, you are going to allow me to tell you a little about how we organize the Christmas market in my city, Oviedo.

Distributed between the Cathedral Square and Porlier Square, our Christmas market sells local handicrafts, made with jet and other typical Asturian materials. You can also buy typical pastries, such as traditional mantecados de Verdú or delicious carbayones and casadielles that although they are not typically Christmas, are worth eating throughout the year.

oviedo en navidad

Whichever Christmas market you choose, it’s important to realize that you don’t have to get on an airplane and travel super far to find a little atmosphere and festive joys, as well as an excellent hot chocolate.

Spain has a lot of flea markets and it is sure that the one in your city or town is also worth visiting. So I’d like to open this post: if you want the market where you live to appear in The Travel Blog because you’re proud of how beautiful it is, send me the information along with some photos and we’ll all update it.