Advent Travel Calendar: Christmas in Edinburgh

The two events in Edinburgh that attract the attention of locals and tourists: The Fringe Festival every August and the Christmas celebrations.

The city is full of lights, shows and markets.

We opened the door of our Advent Travel Calendar to Edinburgh at Christmas to let you see and feel how Santa Claus is expected in the capital of Scotland.

Edimburgo en Navidad. Vista de la ciudad iluminada.

I want to invite you to visit the city where I have lived for so many years and let me tell you what you can do at Christmas

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Decorations and more decorations

Beyond the tourist and most popular areas if you are coming to Edinburgh for Christmas or the Christmas season I recommend you walk a little further than Princes Street, the Royal Mile and the castle.

Take a tour of some of the nearby neighborhoods and see how the neighbors decorate their homes with lights in the windows, huge trees, lighted reindeer and even Santas on the rooftops.

Edimburgo en Navidad. Luces.

I suggest you take a tour of Morningside; Stockbridge; Bruntsfield; Stockbridge or West End to see this Edinburgh feature.

Christmas Markets

A tradition born in Germany and strongly established throughout the UK. The Christmas markets are another important attraction in the city of Edinburgh.

Without a doubt, the big star is the very large flea market that is located on Princes Street every year next to the National Art Gallery.

Edimburgo en Navidad. Persona saludando a la cámara en el mercadillo.

Every year since mid-November you can find there a giant Ferris wheel, a living uncle, food stands, souvenirs and the classic mulled wine.

If you come with children, don’t forget to visit Santa Claus’ village where the little ones will be able to ride a train among trees and games.

The march of the Viking torches

The night is dark. Thousands of people go out on the streets with a torch in hand. Everyone walks to Calton Hill and the postcard is unique.

Torchlight Procession - Marcha de Antorchas en Edimburgo

Such is the Edinburgh Torchlight March held every year as part of the Hogmanay.

Personally I think it’s an activity you should do if you’re going to stay beyond Christmas or if you’re coming to spend New Year’s Eve.

Spending Christmas in Edinburgh means mingling with its people, relating to its culture and learning from its traditions. This family night out will help you get to know Scotland better.

Outdoor music

As part of the shows for the Christmas celebrations, on the last day of December, while waiting for the arrival of the new year, the gardens of Princes Street are filled with music.

Renowned musicians from all over the world play their most famous songs outdoors.

My advice is that if you come to spend Christmas in Edinburgh keep an eye on the artists because if they are to your taste you will have a great time.

Swimming in the North Sea

Finally, January 1st arrives. There’s a hangover from the night’s music and food. But the party’s not over.

A Scotsman is rare and fearless by nature. You’ll see this if you go to Forth Bridge where, after midday, thousands of people dressed in the funniest way imaginable go into the sea.

Navidad en Edimburgo. Gente bañándose en el mar.

Yes, as you saw, in freezing temperatures and disguised as elves, saints or animals swim in this celebration called Loony Hook.

To be part of this show you have to pay your participation in the swimming race or you can just go and watch.

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