Travel camera and luggage

We told you everything we have in our suitcase! Our travel camera, lenses, tripod, the model of suitcase we use, backpacks… everything!

The model of camera we use is one of the questions we receive the most in our Instagram and with this post we can now answer in much more detail from all of our travel photo equipment.

This is our list of essentials that we always carry and are not missing on any of our trips.

Camera for travel and luggage – Index:


Travel camera and luggage

Olympus travel camera

Four years ago we changed our reflex camera for a Micro Four Thirds camera, which is much more practical for travelling because it takes up less space and is more comfortable.

Right now we have the OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark III (before we had the Mark II), the truth is that it is the best travel camera we have ever had.

For the photos of our trips they have a more than sufficient quality, but we are not professionals of the means either.

→ You can see the prices and offers on Amazon.

SD cards:

We always carry several SD cards in case one fails and because we usually take a lot of pictures.

You can see pictures of our trips on Instagram.

Our Olympus camera

2. Objectives

We have four lenses for the Olympus camera, but normally most photos are taken with the normal one (14-42mm).

We also bought some neoprene covers so that they would be more protected but not too heavy or too bulky. We know that this is not the best way to transport them but we have to save space on the trips.

3. Tripod

We have a very fair tripod! It does the job for us, it is not heavy and it fits in the backpack, those are the main reasons why we do not change to another one.

With the use it breaks and we have bought a few, it is true that we use it a lot, we have also lost some… Luckily it’s not very expensive!

You have to be very careful if it’s windy because it’s not heavy and not very stable.

Sometimes you ask us if a photographer accompanies us on our trips, but no, this small tripod accompanies us and it is the one we use to take all our photos!

Tripod for travel

4. Suitcase

We always travel with a big suitcase for both of us and a cabin one that we also share.

For some time now we have had a Samsonite XL, we made this investment after a few broken suitcases and running out of space sometimes (especially in winter) because we use it for both.

This one takes everything without problems and it is also the softest suitcase with wheels that we have had, it slides by itself.


After some major breakages and scratches, we bought a suitcase cover a few years ago, it was the best we could do. Fewer scratches, less breakage and suitcase (almost) as good as new after many trips.


We also discovered about a year ago the suitcase organizers and now I don’t know how we could pack without them before! Quite a discovery.


We always carry the right weight and it helps us not to overdo it, especially when we come back after buying some things. This one doesn’t weigh or take up any space.


Another essential in most trips is the plug adapter, we have a universal one that we can use around the world, also has two usb slots to connect the phones.

Camera and luggage

If at any time when you pick up your suitcase at the airport you see that it is broken, you have to go to the luggage and lost property counter, or to the airline’s own counter, normally they are next to the baggage belt. You make a complaint and they have to compensate you with a similar or approximate cost of the suitcase in question (depending on the brand, size, etc… they have some scales).

5. Backpacks

We don’t know if they will be the best backpacks but they have been with us for three years and we are very happy.

They are very comfortable and are padded in the back. The biggest drawback is that they have few compartments.

Travel backpacks

6. Portable battery charger

With all that we use on our trips, our luggage must have a portable battery charger.

Not only for social networks, but also to check directions, Google Maps, schedules… we can’t run out of battery.

7. Photo editing on Instagram

Another question that is repeated in our Instagram is how we edit the photos.

We edit them with Lightroom one by one until we get a tone we like. It’s not a specific filter, each one has an edition.

We put a lot of love into each photo, plus many hours of dedication before, during and after taking it, until we finally publish it here or on Instagram.

8. Other essentials in our trips


Since we started traveling we haven’t left home without travel insurance, it’s best not to have to use it, but believe me when you need it you are glad to have it.

We have had to use the Iati travel insurance three times, twice in Thailand and once in Peru, we recommend it knowingly because we know that they respond to the first one.

One of Iati’s biggest advantages is the high medical coverage and not having to advance a single euro if anything happens.


With everything we travel and pay in a currency other than the euro it would be a ruin not to have these cards.

We always carry three cards free of charge when we travel, the N26 card because it is the most reliable of all when paying in restaurants, shops… and the Revolut and Bnext cards in case we have to withdraw some cash from the cash machine, although on most trips we pay practically everything by card.


We no longer miss any of our trips outside Europe, now we always carry a Holafly SIM card and land at the destination with internet on our mobile.

Much faster and without wasting time.

Holafly SIM cards

And so much for our camera, equipment and suitcase!

You can find more information about planning our trips, the websites we use, our guides and much more, at plan your trip by yourself.

You can also take a look at the travel discount page and save a few euros!

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