How is the boat trip in San Francisco Bay?

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The San Francisco Bay Boat Tour is a new point of view to see the Golden Gate and the city. And to navigate the bay, there are several options that I explain in this post.

(this is the view from the Alcatraz area towards the Bay Bridge) (*) Photo Matías Callone

While you can navigate a stretch of the bay on a visit to Alcatraz, or explore the coast by visiting the Golden Gate, there are also specific excursions to navigate in wider stretches of the bay, pass under the Golden Gate and meanwhile enjoy the comfort on board.

I don’t like to say that an excursion is indispensable. Simply if the weather allows it, and if the climate accompanies it, it is a good way to appreciate the city from the water.

Note: The San Francisco Bridge Cruise is included in the Go San Francisco Card.


Boat trip options in San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay Boat Tour

This one-hour excursion passes under the bridge and borders the Alcatraz prison. The starting point is the 43 1/2 neck of Fisherman’s Wharf.

See prices and booking option from here

In addition to skirting the coast and reaching the bridge, to pass underneath, you will also visit part of the coast opposite overlooking Sausalito. And finally you surround the island of Alcatraz to return to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Cruise from bridge to bridge.

This cruise is similar to the previous excursion, but with the difference that it lasts a little longer, as it reaches the Bay Bridge and sails underneath. This is the bridge that connects San Francisco with Oakland.

Here you can see prices or book this cruise.

The truth is that it doesn’t have much difference in price with the previous one.

From where do sailing excursions leave the bay?

Exactly from this point on the map (Pier 43 and 1/2)

Catamaran tour of San Francisco at sunset.

This excursion is to make a different, more intimate tour, in a smaller group of tourists and at the mercy of the wind. The point of departure and arrival is Pier 39 and takes almost two hours in total. What is special besides the catamaran is that the time is calculated to enjoy the sunset in the bay and sailing, with an aperitif in the cabin.

Here you can see the price and book the catamaran tour.

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