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You know those nerves you feel before you do something you know is going to be really cool? Well, that’s how we feel about posting this post right now about packing for New Zealand. Because this post can only mean one thing… We started the SUPER guide to New Zealand!

A few weeks ago we published a video talking about the most frequent questions you had asked us about our trip to New Zealand and today we come to tell you how we packed. I’m telling you right now that VERY BAD 😝

In this video, the first of the new season that starts with our super trip to New Zealand, we are going to talk about how to pack for New Zealand, and it is only the first of the complete series of our New Zealand guide, in which we are going to tell you everything: our tour, cities we visit, hotels, excursions, routes, how to rent a caravan without dying in the attempt… EVERYTHING.

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That’s how we packed for New Zealand

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We were in New Zealand for 21 full days. We traveled from mid-October to mid-November, when spring has just begun there (to give you an idea, it was like traveling in the middle of April in the northern hemisphere), so we were convinced that it was a great idea to wear light clothes with a jacket just in case.

For this trip, we carried two large backpacks instead of suitcases because we needed something that wouldn’t take up space in the camper once we emptied it. Besides, we didn’t want to wear too many clothes since the team was quite busy and we didn’t worry about having to do the laundry a couple of times there.

In addition to the backpacks, we each carried a couple of daypacks in which we put the most valuable things, the guides, the documentation, the emergency clothes in case we lost our suitcase and part of the equipment.

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What did we put in our suitcase for New Zealand?

As you can see in the video, we divided the suitcase for New Zealand into five blocks:

1. Team

All electronic devices and photographic equipment, which go in the hand bags (not in the checked bags). As cameras go:

Plus, we carry a MacBook from 12″ that’s perfect for photo or video editing and is so small it’s super comfortable to carry.

We usually carry all this stuff in our hand bags so we never lose sight of it because it’s the most valuable thing we carry in our luggage.

We also carry some accessories for the cameras and for the equipment in general:

If you would like to know more about our travel photography equipment, you can view it here.

2. Documentation

This is one of the most important sections when packing for New Zealand. Here are the things you can NOT forget for anything in the world:

NZeta printed. We will be talking about this soon, but from the summer of 2019 you will need an authorization to travel to New Zealand and you will be asked for it if or when you check in at the airport. So… Print it!
International driver’s license. If you are going to rent a car or a camper like us, remember that you will have to carry your international driving license because you will be asked for it at the rental office. Don’t forget to bring your Spanish driver’s license either, because without it, the international one is worthless.Qué documentación necesito para hacer la Ruta 66Qué documentación necesito para hacer la Ruta 66
Reservations for caravans, hotels, excursions, activities…
Travel guides. In addition to ours, you can take this one 😉
Travel insurance. If you haven’t done it yet, there’s still time! As soon as you’re done packing, take out travel insurance.
Money. In New Zealand you pay with New Zealand dollars (NZD), so remember to change money before you travel, even if it’s a little for the first few days.
Cards. If, like us, you pay for your bread with a card, don’t forget about your travel cards, because you can save a million dollars in commissions when you pay and get money out.
SIM to have internet. If you want to have internet on your mobile as soon as you land, don’t forget to buy your SIM card before your trip.

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3. Clothing and footwear

And here’s where we really messed up! Because the first days of the trip it was much colder than we expected (it also rained a lot) and we had to buy a lot of winter clothes.

Remember to pack all the clothes you need: T-shirts, trousers, jackets, underwear, etc… And don’t forget a versatile garment for those days when it’s a bit cooler, for example a scarf or a warm fleece.
Don’t forget your raincoat, which always comes in handy, especially at that time of year when the rains are still frequent. If, in addition, your raincoat is a little warm, it would be perfect, because then you don’t need to take a coat.
Ideally, in our opinion, for 21 days there should be 3 or 4 pairs of trousers and 10 to 12 long-sleeved shirts or sweaters. Keep in mind that you can do your laundry on the way so you don’t have to carry so much weight.
As for shoes, we had our sneakers on and other waterproof shoes to have a spare in case of heavy rain, and how good they were! Keep in mind that you should bring all your mountain gear clean, because at the airport, when you arrive in New Zealand, you will be asked if your boots are dirty or have ’embedded’ dirt in them.
Cómo hacer la maleta para Nueva Zelanda: nuestra ropaCómo hacer la maleta para Nueva Zelanda: nuestra ropaPacking for New Zealand: our clothes

*In our case we don’t need to bring towels, because the caravan we rented had them. In case you need to bring a towel, it’s best to bring a microfiber one that takes up very little space and dries quickly.

4. Toilet bag

As you have seen in the video, our toilet bag is quite basic (especially Fran’s), since everything related to the shower we will buy when we are there. My toiletry bag is a little more complete because I wear make-up and all the potingues to remove my make-up 😉

Cómo hacer la maleta para Nueva Zelanda: neceser y chubasquerosCómo hacer la maleta para Nueva Zelanda: neceser y chubasquerosPacking for New Zealand: toiletries and raincoats

5. Medications

To make the suitcase for New Zealand complete, we have prepared a basic first aid kit with ibuprofen, omeprazole, mosquito repellent, dormidine (to try and die in flight), almax, fortasec, iodine, plasters, etc…, to be prepared for any unforeseen event that may arise.

In this link, you can find our travel organization template with a checklist of things that can’t be missing from your luggage so you don’t forget anything.

What did you think of the video? Did you like the way we packed for New Zealand? What would you take with you on a trip like this?

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