Getting from the airport to downtown Amsterdam

Getting from Schiphol airport to the centre of Amsterdam is one of the easiest things you can do. It’s easier than in other big cities.

One of the main doubts we have when we travel is how to get from the place where we land to our hotel or to the city center.

I know Google Maps helps a lot (I use it too) but it doesn’t give you details on how to get your ticket, where to get out or how to know the exact stop when you’re at the place.

Ir del aeropuerto a Ámsterdam - Viajeros en un tren

I am writing this article from my room in Amsterdam so I can tell you in all luxury how to get from the airport to Amsterdam without getting lost on the way.

From the airport to Amsterdam without getting lost

Once you get off the plane and go to the arrivals area you will see that there are three types of signs: one indicating services, another indicating taxis; transfers and private cars and another indicating public transport such as bus and train.

One interesting thing they have done in the Netherlands is to sign everything for everyone. The posters are very clear and hard to miss.

If you follow the posters you will see that they get more and more specific and that in the end you will only have one for the train.

Ir del aeropuerto a Ámsterdam - Información en el andén

The train tracks are on the ground floor so you will have to go down a staircase or use the elevator.

Buying a ticket for the train (and how much it costs)

The ticket for the train from Amsterdam airport to the city can be bought online on the official website of the company, but buying it on the spot is very convenient and easy. Here, I’ll show you how to do it.

Going from Amsterdam airport is the same as saying going from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal (Amsterdam’s central station) and that is something you have to take into account when buying a train ticket.

When you arrive at the train station you will find some yellow and blue machines where you can buy your ticket.

Ir del aeropuerto a Ámsterdam - Máquinas para comprar los billetes

On the screen you will have to choose between Dutch or English language. And beyond languages, it is a system so intuitive that it can do so without much trouble.

How much does the train cost

You have different options of both prices and destinations. In this case, since you want to get to the Central Station from the airport you must choose the option that says Centraal Station.

The price shown will be 5.50 euros per person one way (this price is updated at the beginning of January 2020).

You can pay with money or with a card.

Other ways to go to the city

If you are travelling with your family or if you want a little more comfort on your journey from the airport to the city of Amsterdam, don’t worry because there are more options.

Sometimes carrying your bags around or waiting for the train, for example, makes you look for alternative ways of transportation.

You can use a private transfer to go to the city and although the cost goes up a bit, the comfort is unbeatable.

The prices are 50 and 60 euros but this cost is per vehicle and can go up to 8 people in total.

You will be driven from the airport to the city of Amsterdam in a 4-door Mercedes Benz E-Class or an 8-door Mercedes Viano.