How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre

We hope that our guide on how to get from Prague airport to the city centre will help you better plan your arrival in the capital of the Czech Republic.

The official name of Prague airport is Václav Havel and the acronym that identifies it is PRG. It is the most important in the country and is located about 10 kilometers from the center of Prague.

The airport has two passenger terminals, the T1 where flights arrive and depart to destinations outside Europe and the T2 for flights arriving and departing from Europe, which you will surely reach.

There are not many public transport options to get from Prague airport to the city centre, we have an express bus that takes us to the train station and two local buses that link us with the metro lines.

The “good” part is that the private transfer from the airport to the hotel is quite cheap compared to other European capitals.

How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre – Index

TRANSFER AIRPORT – HOTEL, the most practical way to get to your hotel.
AIRPORT EXPRESS BUS, connects Prague airport with Central Station.
LOCAL BUS and METRO, the cheapest option.
NIGHT BUS, the cheapest way if your flight arrives late.
TAXI, a comfortable option but also the most expensive.

How to get from Prague airport to the city centre


We do not usually indicate it as a first option, but in the case of Prague we find it very interesting and it is very well priced compared to other European capitals.

Besides being one of the most comfortable ways to go from Prague airport to our hotel of all that we propose.

If the weather forecast gives rain, you arrive very late, you are several people or you do not feel like complicated, book transfers in Prague to get to your hotel we think it is a very good option.

They will be waiting for you when you arrive and will take you directly to your hotel door, just like that!

Up to four people are included in the price.

Book the private transfer from Prague airport to your hotel, this Civitatis has very good opinions.


It connects Prague airport with Hlavni Nadrazi Central Railway Station (in the city centre) in 30 minutes and without stops.

The bus schedule is from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and in the opposite direction (from Prague to the airport) from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the year with a frequency of 15-30 minutes, depending on the season.

It is a good option if your hotel is close to Prague Hlavni Nadrazi Central Railway Station or is close to a metro stop on line C (red line), since from the Central Station you can take that metro line.

On the Airport Express website you can consult the location of the stops, the prices and the exact times of each day.

How much does the Airport Express bus cost?

The ticket costs 60 CZK (2,4€), can be purchased at the counters and also online at their website.

WARNING: In Prague the official currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK), in order not to have currency exchange commissions we have the N26 card with which we have no commissions when paying and the Revolut card which does not charge us commission for withdrawing money from the ATM.


Another way to get from Prague airport to the city centre are local buses 110 and 119 combined with the metro.

The function of these buses is to get close to metro lines A and B.

First we take the bus to the metro stop and then the metro to our destination.

This is a good option if your hotel is close to an A or B metro stop.

The combined transport ticket (bus + metro) costs 24 CZK (1€) for 30 minutes and 32 CZK (1.4€) for 90 minutes, they are activated when you validate them when you get on the bus and is used to make all the transfers you want always within those times.

Another option is to buy a day ticket for 110 CZK (4,3€) or 3 days 310 CZK (12€) which is good for all the transports in Prague, with the exception of the Airport Express bus we talked about in the previous point.

If you carry a cabin bag you don’t pay anything, but if it’s bigger than 25 x 45 x 70 you have to pay an extra 16 CZK (0’7€) (they don’t charge this extra if it’s a baby trolley or a bicycle).

More info on timetables and fares on their website.

What is the best bus for me to get from the airport to the centre of Prague?

To summarize and so that you have clearer which bus to choose:

→ Bus 119 connects to metro line A (green line), runs every 10 – 30 minutes.

→ Bus 110 connects to metro line B (orange line), runs every 5 – 20 minutes.

→ Airport Express takes us directly to the train station which links with the metro line C (red line) runs every 15 – 30 minutes.

In the map below you can see the metro stops and which line they correspond to, if you click on it you will see it enlarged.

How to get from Prague airport to the city centre by bus

Where are the bus stops?

Your flight will most likely arrive at Terminal 2 of Prague airport where flights to and from Europe operate.

The bus stops are opposite the check-in area at the two terminals in both T1 and T2.
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It is the cheapest option to go to the centre of Prague from the airport after midnight, but personally if your flight arrives so late we recommend you hire a transfer, unless your budget is very tight.

Waiting at the bus stop at one o’clock in the morning until you arrive, leaving you relatively close to your hotel and carrying your suitcases to your accommodation at that time … maybe not the best way to start the journey.

But it is our personal opinion and of course you can go by bus without problem.

Buses 907 and 910 run every 45 minutes and take approximately 60 minutes to get near the Mustek metro station, operating from 00:15 to 5:00.

The price is the same as day buses.

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5. TAXI:

Another comfortable and uncomplicated option is the taxi.

They do not have a fixed rate to the center of Prague, it will depend on traffic and distance to the hotel.

The approximate price from the airport to the center of Prague is 600 – 700 CZK, about 25€ at the exchange rate.

Here are the options for getting from Prague airport to the city centre

We hope that after reading the post you will have a clearer idea of how to get to your accommodation in Prague.

Remember that the official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech koruna, so as not to pay more commissions for currency exchange we recommend you to take some of the cards for free travel and without commissions that we carry on each trip.

Don’t forget to take a look at all these things to see and do in Prague, we hope you enjoy the city 100%!

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