How to get from Vienna Airport to the city centre

We tell you all the options for you to choose how to get from Vienna airport to the city center, from the cheapest to the most expensive, with schedules and lots of info!

Schwechat Airport, also known as Vienna International Airport (VIE) is located approximately 20 km from the centre and is the most important airport in the country.

It has three terminals, all in the same building, regardless of which terminal you arrive at, the transport options for getting from Vienna airport to the city centre will be the same.

Summarizing in one line, the train is the cheapest and fastest option, it also connects better with the trams and subways of the city of Vienna, below we explain in detail all options.

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We hope that after reading this post you will know how to get from Vienna airport to the city centre without any headaches. Here we go!

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1. CITY AIRPORT TRAIN (CAT), the fastest option to get to the centre.

In 16 minutes it connects Vienna airport with the city centre, specifically with the Wien Mitte train station which connects with the U3 and U4 metro lines without making stops.

The train leaves every 30 minutes from 5 a.m. to approximately 11 p.m. every day of the week.

If your flight arrives or departs too early or too late, we recommend you consult their website and check the timetables.

The price is fixed, 11€ one way and 19€ if we book the round trip, you can buy it on their website, at the airport machines and also at the tourist information point.

Also if you fly with some companies like Level, Avianca or Tap Portugal (among others) you can check your luggage on the way back at the Wien Mitte train station from 24 hours before the departure of the flight, a comfort if your flight leaves late and you want to take advantage of the day without carrying the luggage.

They also offer a refund of the plane ticket in case you miss your flight due to a delay of more than 30 minutes of the train.

Train from Vienna Airport to the city centre

2. REGIONAL ÖBB TRAINS, the cheapest way to get from the airport to the centre of Vienna.

ÖBB trains are the cheapest way to get to the centre of Vienna from the airport.

There are different lines, depending on the train station closest to our accommodation will be better one or the other.

The price for all tickets is the same 4.2€ journey.

You can buy them at the automatic machines at the airport, at the train stations and also online at the official website.

ÖBB Railjet R Line, the most important stops:
Rennweg in 18 min, Mitte-Landstraße in 21 min and Praterstern in 25 min.

Line S7 of ÖBB the most important stops:
Rennweg in 22 min, Mitte-Landstraße in 25 min and Praterstern in 29 min.
The train operates from 5:30 to 00:00 approximately every day of the year with a train every 30 minutes.

ÖBB Railjet RJ Line the most important stops:
Stops at Vienna Central Station (Wien HBF) in 15 minutes and with Wien Meidling Station in 30 minutes.
Trains from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and every 30 minutes every day.

Here you have the map with all the connections and public transport lines of Vienna, you can see which one you would like to take depending on where your accommodation is in Vienna.

If you click on the image you can see it enlarged.

Getting from Vienna Airport to City Centre | Transport Map

3. AUTOBUS VIENNA AIRPORT LINES, there are 3 lines that connect with the city

It has three bus lines that connect the airport with different points of the city, if your hotel is near one of the stops, it can be interesting.

Of the three lines only the VAL 2 leaves us in the centre of Vienna, takes 20 minutes and makes no stops.

The prices are fixed, 8€ one way and 13€ if we book the round trip, we can buy the tickets in the same bus or online on your website.

You can see the stops on the map.

VAL 1: Paran at Hauptbahnhof and Westbahnhof.
They leave every 30 minutes from 6:00 to 00:30.

VAL 2: Straight to Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz in the centre of Vienna.
They leave every 30 minutes, from 4:45 to 2:45.

VAL 3: Up to Donaustadt making several stops.
The stops are Donaumarina, Krieau, Kaisermühlen, Park Inn Hotel, NH Danube City Hotel, Lenas Donau Hotel and Donauzentrum.
They leave every hour from 6:00 to 21:00.

Vienna Airport bus from the airport to the city centre

4. AIRLINER BUS, good option if you have the Vienna Pass

This bus line connects the airport with the bus station and the Central Railway Station.

The catch is that you will almost certainly have to take the subway to get to your hotel, because the two stops are a little far from the center.

It is also more expensive than ÖBB trains, we do not recommend this option unless you want to go to the bus station or have the Vienna Pass, because the transport in this bus would have it included.

The bus stop is in front of Airport Terminal 3 on Platform 9.

The price is 5€ and there are buses almost every hour, it takes 15 minutes to the bus station and 28 minutes to the Central Train Station.

Very close to the bus station is the metro stop Erdberg with metro line U3 and at the central train station connects with metro line U1.

You can buy tickets online on their website and also directly on the bus.

How to get from Vienna airport to the city centre with the Airliner bus

5. AIRPORT TRANSFER – HOTEL, the most practical way to get from Vienna airport to the city centre.

This is the most comfortable option to go from Vienna airport to the city centre, as I always say, if you carry a lot of luggage, you go to a big group of people, your flight arrives late or you just don’t want to complicate your life, this is your option!

They will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport and will take you directly to the door of your hotel, without any more complications, waits or transfers…

Book a private transfer from the airport to your hotel in Vienna.

6. TAXI, a comfortable option

Another comfortable and uncomplicated option is the taxi.

The price between the airport and the center is not fixed, it will depend on the traffic and the distance to your hotel, it varies between 45€ and 55€.

Instead of the center to the airport there is a fixed rate of 36€ (up to 4 people).

And these would be all the options for getting from Vienna airport to the city centre!

As I mentioned at the beginning, the City Airport Train CAT option is the most advisable option, but it will always depend on where your accommodation is located.

Enjoy Vienna!

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