How to organize village trips: this is how I became a “charming village explorer”

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A few years ago I was settled in a village on the coast of Girona (near Barcelona) and I was beginning to discover my predilection for going off the beaten track to discover the “forgotten” charm of remote villages. In this post I’m going to explain how to organize trips to charming villages and elaborate routes to move around the most picturesque places.

In my previous travels I had experienced that feeling that fed my “wanderlust”. The adrenaline rush of going down a road that takes you somewhere unexpected.

(. All the services I recommend from the blog of course have no extra cost for my readers. I recommend all the services that I also use in my travels. Also if they use the services I recommend in the blog they help me to keep traveling and exploring more sites to develop new routes that I share with them in the blog.

Where do you find my travel routes?

In the blog there are several sections where you can find the routes that I am publishing. Above all, there are routes to travel around Europe, routes to travel around Spain, and routes to the United States.

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