How to have internet in Australia | SIM Card

Would you like to know how to have internet in Australia during your trip? Today we tell you the easiest, simplest and fastest way to have internet in Australia, so you don’t stay offline!

We were in Australia a few years ago and at that time it was a mess to be able to have internet on your mobile, besides it was quite expensive… you had to waste time going to a mobile phone company, carrying your passport, paperwork… a roll!

Because when you travel to the other end of the world (literally) you don’t want to waste time on this kind of thing, right?

Continue reading because today we tell you the best option to have internet in Australia without wasting time during your trip and without so much trouble!

How to have internet in Australia | SIM Card

All the things that we can take “solved” from home will save us time once in destination, and this is one of them.

Our recommendation for having internet in Australia is to ask for a SIM card before leaving on your trip. In this way we have internet on the mobile just put a foot in the country, no more stories, cool no?

Holafly SIM cards are the fastest and easiest way to get internet in Australia:

You buy your SIM card before you travel. Also with 5% from our link, or by entering the code “viviendodeviaje”.
You insert it into your mobile as soon as you arrive.
You already have internet on your mobile in Australia!

We recommend Holafly for several things, the first because it’s a Spanish company and that’s always a good thing, the second because they don’t charge shipping and nothing you have at home, and the third because it has a customer service 24 hours and in Spanish!

In this way we know that we are not going to be thrown, we solve any problem we have quickly and at any time.

They have SIM cards for Australia of 5GB and 12GB, we have clear which we would take! Hehehehe, but it depends on how much I use my cell phone.

The 12 Apostles of Australia, after touring the Great Ocean Road

Internet in Australia – SIM Card Advantages

This card also works for you in New Zealand! So if you’re going on a combo trip, it’s pearls.

You keep your number on WhatsApp to talk to your family and friends and tell them about Australia’s wonders.

24-hour customer service in Spanish.

They send her home for free in 72 hours.

Watch out! You need to have a free mobile phone to insert a SIM card from another operator.

This SIM card does not allow to share data, if all the people who travel to Australia want to have internet in the mobile, you will have to buy one for each one.

If you have any doubt, or don’t know for sure if your smartphone is compatible, just write to them through the chat that appears on their website and they will clarify it quickly.

And here’s our post on how to have internet in Australia during your trip!

We hope it helps you and you can share your Australian photos with the world!

Besides many other things, how to consult Google Maps (I don’t know what we would do without it), look at reviews of restaurants so as not to screw up or check the mail.

Remember that you have a 5% discount through this link or using the code “viviendodeviaje”.

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