How to visit the Golden Gate in San Francisco (and curiosities)

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The Golden Gate is not the biggest bridge in the world, far from it. But it is an icon among the bridges of the world, for its history, for the feat of engineering it was, for being a symbol of San Francisco, and for its imposing elegance over the beautiful bay. In this post I’m going to tell you how to visit him.

The view of the Golden Gate from one of the main viewpoints

San Francisco was one of the strong points of

If you want to do it by bike, San Francisco is a beautiful city for pedaling and pedaling. Here’s one

Other ways to appreciate the Golden Gate (excursions)

The Golden Gate is not only appreciated by walking or crossing it by car. It is also appreciated at a distance, and one of the best to do so is with

Curiosities of the Golden Gate

Why is the Golden Gate being built?

The main function is to communicate the city of San Francisco itself, with the coastal area to the north, and with the urbanization of Sausalito.

History of Golde Gate

This bridge was a challenge not only for its dimensions, but also for the climate, the salty air, the fog, the frequent wind. Even the powerful tides that affect this area of the bay. It is also important to know that the San Andreas fault that produces earthquakes in California is only 11 kilometers from this bridge. San Francisco had an explosive population growth in the 19th century with the gold rush. It was there that the need arose for a route through the strait for regional transport. However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that civil engineering developed significantly. We’re talking about the futility of building a mile-long bridge over turbulent waters. It was not in vain that this bridge was considered impossible to build for a long time.

What is it that made this bridge unique?

Facts and figures. It was one of the greatest engineering works of its time. The structure was designed by engineer John Strauss and the bridge was built in five years. Once built, with almost two kilometers of extension, it was the longest and tallest hanging structure in the world. If you visit the vantage point on the side next to the visitor centre, you can see the statue of John Strauss. In spite of all the foresight, many workers lost their lives in the construction of the Golden Gate. For its part, the famous reddish color of the bridge is none other than the tone of the anti-rust paint. The truth is that the color was so good that they decided it would be the permanent color of the bridge.

Characteristics of the Golden Gate.

In addition to the almost 2 kilometers long, the bridge has three lanes in each direction (six in total), and can withstand storms, or strong gusts of wind. There are very few occasions when the bridge had to be closed by strong winds throughout its history.

A lot of construction information can be found in the information panels next to the visitor centre. The Golden Gate is the point in San Francisco that is most repeated on the postcards, so it is good to devote several walks both to cross the bridge and explore its environment.

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