Travel tips for Greece (and free itinerary)

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Travelling to Greece requires, like any other trip, an important planning in terms of itineraries, number of days. But above all I know that one of the main concerns when it comes to advice on travelling to Greece is about choosing destinations and dosing days, nights, things to see. That’s what I’m going to tell you about in this post based on my trip of several weeks exploring Greece.

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I mean to leave you, by way of inspiration, a model of a possible itinerary that I recommend you take as a reference to complete a good overview of Greece. I especially mean a trip they can arrange on their own.

A trip around Greece thought for 15 days.

This model of a trip around Greece that I propose is designed to be done in 15 days and includes: a few days in Athens, some excursions in the surroundings of Athens, and then a visit to four islands of Greece in the Cyclades archipelago. And how do I select the islands that I propose? They are simply the ones I was able to get to know on my trip (four in total) and they cover all the possibilities: the calmest island (Ikaria), an island with excellent beaches and not overcrowded (Naxos), and two classic islands within tourism in Greece (Santorini and Mykonos).

Is it easy to travel around Greece on your own?.

I’d say it is, and anyone can arrange it. Although I know that many already know how to organize a trip on their own, for those who never did, I say that this style of travel is easy to organize today. And sure enough, and more and more often. Not that I promote this style of travel as the only way. In fact I’m going to leave you in this same post options to travel around Greece in organized tours.


How to organize a trip for free in Greece.

I’m going to give you a great summary but linking to other blog posts.

Book flights to Greece on your own

1. To buy the flights I recommend you to read this post with tips to save using flight search engines. Flights to Athens can be booked about three months in advance as an ideal, although more so if we are travelling in high season.

2. To choose the best date. It’s always best to avoid the high season. Not only because we are going to save and a lot on expenses, but also because many destinations in Greece are saturated with people at that time. And I’m sure you’ll want to avoid overcrowding. To avoid overcrowding, or they have to choose less crowded destinations in Greece (a good option might be to travel to quieter islands like Naxos). But I certainly think that the best option is to avoid the months of July and August (this in the case of having that possibility). If we can avoid those months, the best options are to travel in the intermediate season near summer (this would be in the second half of May, June, September and second half of October). Of course, the further we get away from the summer, the less likely we are to enjoy hot days and swimming.

Self-catering in Greece

3. How to choose my own accommodation in Greece. Once again, the accommodation comparators are our best allies when it comes to organizing a trip on your own. Among the ones I use, I’ll mention them:

For accommodation in hotels, apartments and resorts

To stay in houses, apartments and rooms by hiring private individuals , Airbnb (taking advantage of this discount for the first booking). If you have doubts about safety or how to use Airbnb I will tell you all the details in this post. This is a system I use a lot in my travels.

How to set up an itinerary in Greece on your own

Although sometimes I think that everything is simpler, I know that one can start to get dizzy when one sees the amount of options and possibilities for Greece. It’s a country that can’t be touched.

I imagine that at this point in the post you are worried about how to organize the itinerary around Greece. So I’m going to tell you how my trip to Greece went.

1. Athens and surroundings ; 2.

This whole plan I recommend to do in 15 days.

But to get a better dose and go into detail I’m going to tell you about each point of the itinerary:

1. Athens. I was in Athens for a week (but in my case because I had more time). However for a 15-day plan I recommend that you stay in Athens for the first four nights and three full days. Two days are perfect for a good view of the city. Of course they can be extended if they want to prioritize seeing more of Athens and mainland Greece. Before you start planning Athens you could start with the post about 12 tips for travelling to Athens.

In this proposal my advice for Athens is as follows:

Day one in Athens ; Get to know the Acropolis and follow this plan for the first day in Athens

Day two , visit the Acropolis Museum, and get more activity ideas in this guide to Athens

Day three : make a day trip from Athens In this post I explain all the options for day trips from Athens.

2. Ikaria Island (three nights). First I want to clarify that the order for visiting the islands is indistinct. And that in any case what I propose to you is the order I made in my journey. This island is the furthest away from this travel plan. I recommend it above all for those who want to see an option of an uncrowded Greece: it is the island of longevity, of small towns, more rustic and less populated. But also an island with hidden beaches that are worthwhile, and the possibility of finding a quiet place. In this guide I comment everything I recommend in Ikaria and the tips to get there.

(This “hidden” beach is the most beautiful beach in Ikaria

You could stay about three nights on the island and two full days (and my advice is to rent a car to tour it).

3. Mykonos Island (three to four nights). I don’t think this island needs much introduction. It’s beautiful, pretty and in July and August obviously very crowded. But many would not hesitate to visit her in spite of this so I cannot fail to mention her. I recommend at least spending a couple of days to have a panorama, or if we go out of high season stay a little longer. In the blog there’s a post for you to see my photos of the city of Mykonos. In my case I visited the island well into autumn and it was not so hot (even for the beach).

4. Santorini Island (three to four nights). This island is also very crowded and exploited for tourism. But it must be said that it is a unique island because of its characteristics. And the villages on the volcanic caldera of Santorini are beautiful. I wouldn’t even dare to suggest that it’s overlooked because it’s a unique destination. What I do say is that if you go in high season, the prices of hotels in the boiler and with the best views shoot beyond the rational. However, in the Santorini guide I made for the blog I leave you my recommendations, towns and places to visit.

I spent five nights on the island (but I can tell you that my trip around Greece was several weeks long). In a 15 day trip I would spend at least four nights in Santorini as there are several beautiful villages, beaches and many things to do. You can also see the post with 30 things to see and do in Santorini.

5. Naxos Island (three to four nights). My last recommended island is a paradise in terms of beauty, quantity and variety of beaches. It is said to be one of the islands with the best beaches in the Cyclades. And the best thing is that this island is not overcrowded, it is relatively large and populated with small villages. It is one of the islands that best balances beauty of beaches, tradition, but at the same time quantity of activities to do. In this post you have my guide to travel and explore Naxos.

Like moving in Greece.

About the transport point I made a post that serves as an example to know how to move from Athens to some islands. I recommend you to see the post about how to go from Athens to Mikonos and Santorini. In this post I explain about the options for using ferries and connecting the islands. It is very easy, although it is worth saying that the connections are much more abundant in summer, and in winter even some islands are poorly connected (not every day of the week).

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