What are the best places to visit for seniors?

A few days ago a co-worker asked me for travel tips for his father and it was an interesting challenge to think of the best places for an older person to visit.

When I talk about “older person” I mean almost anyone who is close to or has already passed 60.

It is clear that not everyone thinks the same way and everyone has different tastes. In my search for advice for my partner’s father I thought of quiet but entertaining places.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone going on a cruise with a musician or climbing Mount Everest. Before I started looking for destinations I was concerned about finding more information about the needs of this type of traveler.

My 6 Travel Tips for Seniors

Among the first things I found is that there are so many destinations and so interesting that, it deserves clarification, we should all go.

Here is my little contribution that can serve you as advice or to advise someone you know.

A visit to the reindeer in Scotland

Carretera vacía en Escocia

I went several times to walk and feed the reindeer and I recommend it to everyone.

Arriving at Cairngorms Park in Scotland, the reindeer herders will take you for a walk through the mountains, passing through snow (in winter), streams and a picture-perfect landscape.

When you arrive at the place you will call out to the reindeer with cries that they recognize and they will be able to eat from your hand.

Kerala, India’s paradise

Casa flotante sobre el río en Kerala

This South Indian destination is that jewel that resists me every year. It is a quiet place, abundant in nature and with a landscape that will make you have an unforgettable trip.

The first person who recommended it to me was a man I met on a train to Goa and from that moment on I couldn’t get destiny out of my mind.

The good thing is that there are so many circuits and plans you can make in this area of India that it suits all tastes and needs.

You can see more on this site.

Iceland, the lunar landscape

Visitar el Círculo Dorado de Islandia

I think one of the best places to travel if you’re an older person is Iceland.

It’s a destination you can get to in a relatively short time. You can make very interesting plans such as whale watching, geyser watching or hot spring baths.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in the country so there are many tours and organized excursions that have been designed for all ages.

You can make day trips like touring the Golden Circle for example and return to your accommodation in Reykjavik.

I think it’s one of the best destinations if you want to connect with nature, always with responsible tourism as the axis.

Vienna, a journey of beauty and culture

Visitar Viena

It happened to me that when I was in Vienna I didn’t know where to look for such beauty that overflows this city.

One of the reasons I recommend it as a trip for an older person is because you can walk with ease, do very entertaining activities and all without the need to run.

The city has a cultural offer like few others, so I recommend it for all those who want to see a classical music concert, visit museums or take advantage to appreciate the architecture.

Lisbon, just around the corner

Lisboa vista desde arriba

My recommendation list would never be complete if I did not advise you to visit Portugal. I’d tell you it’s a country I’d go to any time of the year and any city. But as I want to focus on a trip for older people today, I prefer to recommend Lisbon.

I put the capital before Porto because it’s a bit flatter and there are fewer slopes and stairs to climb.

Another interesting aspect is that it is very close to Spain and the prices of accommodation, food and activities are cheaper.

Oslo, the Viking land

Que ver en Oslo

The first piece of advice I gave my partner was that if he was going to recommend his father to travel to Oslo, he should do so in the spring or summer.

In winter the temperatures in the Norwegian capital can be very low and the snow can complicate any walk.

Oslo is a quiet, beautiful and easy-going capital city. You can also discover much more about the Vikings than you might think and visit some of the most interesting museums in the world.

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