How much do you know about travel? Put him to the test with these 14 questions

Trivia viajeraAnswer to find out how much of a traveler you are

How much do you know about travel? And destinations?

If you want to put it to the test to see how much you know about travel, destinations and tourism this is your opportunity.

When a traveler is not going from one place to another or preparing the backpack, what does he do?

Well, he tries to have a good time and among those things he plays something to make time go by.

Today I woke up wanting to play, but as I couldn’t find a game I liked, I invented one.

This is a total of just 14 questions to test your travel knowledge.

One rule only: Mr. Google (and his search engine friends) are banned here.

No more words and let’s cut to the chase. Don’t forget to tell us on Social Networks how much you got.