Fourth Day in Edinburgh: Day Trips

Fachada del museo - Escapadas de un día desde Edimburgo

Near Edinburgh there’s a lot more to do.

After three days of visiting Edinburgh and its surroundings, we always offer two options to our friends and family: the preferred option is to rent a car and tour the Highlands of Scotland, including Lake Ness and other incredible sites. However, many people do not want to drive, so for them we have option two: make daytime getaways from Edinburgh.

Tours that are a waste of time

Many of those travellers who don’t feel like driving in Scotland ask us if the tours offered by some companies are worth it. We’ve tried a couple of them, but unfortunately, we don’t recommend them because the actual time you’re in the places is tiny compared to the time you spend inside an uncomfortable bus.

visitar el lago Ness y las Highlands

We do not recommend day tours to Lake Ness or the Highlands.

For example, the first time we went to Pitlochry, a beautiful mountain village, we only visited the bathroom of a gas station (sure you can imagine my face…).

Evidently that is our personal travel experience and we are aware that other bloggers recommend these tours organized by Scotland strongly, but our opinion after doing a couple is that it was a waste of vacation time.

Personalized Tours

On the contrary, we do recommend personalized tours where the guide is also the driver and adjusts the itinerary to what you want to see (and not the other way around, like traditional tour companies that ask you to adapt yourself to the tours they offer in a pre-established way).

Escultura en sombra - Escapadas de un día desde Edimburgo

Glasgow is a culturally very active city

A personalised tour company that we know well and which also has incredible reviews on TripAdvisor and other social networks is “Flower of Scotland”.

However, we are well aware that personalized tours are often not within the reach of backpacker budgets (although asking is not a problem!) so on this fourth day we offer you three different options, which are one-day getaways going back to sleep in Edinburgh.

Option One – Dundee

This is probably one of the least known destinations in Scotland but I love it.

Qué ver en Dundee, Escocia

I always want to go back to Dundee! My last visit was to visit the recently inaugurated V&A and travelers, flip in colorines. Here are some articles for you to read more about how to visit Dundee from Edinburgh.

Option Two – Saint Andrews

A small city with a sea that I personally find elegant and British like few others.

Ruinas de St Andrews - Escapadas de un día desde Edimburgo

One of the most legendary images of the city.

In Saint Andrews is the famous university where Kate and William studied their careers and many other things like its beautiful cathedral, the port … I promise you that you will not get bored.

Option three – Glasgow!

I always find it incredible how most travellers come to Edinburgh and no one has told them that Glasgow is less than an hour away by train. it is the second largest city in Scotland and many people love it for its cultural and creative atmosphere.

Visitar Glasgow arquitecto Mackintosh

House designed for all those who love art

It was also home to one of Scotland’s (and the world’s!) most important architects, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We have some interesting posts to visit Glasgow here…

Obviously I present you three options understanding that you have only one day to leave Edinburgh, but if you have two days or more, nothing prevents you from doing the three 🙂

I’m sure you’ll like these options because they’re so different from each other that you won’t stop learning and being surprised.