Where to stay in Amsterdam, our recommendations!

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam and don’t know where to start, read on! It is not a very difficult task, the difficult thing is to separate the grain from the straw and find a good option, without leaving us a kidney in the attempt!

We will not fool you, it is not exactly cheap to stay in Amsterdam, but we also dedicate a paragraph in this post to cheap accommodation in the city.

We have stayed in Amsterdam in three hotels in the two trips to the city that we have made, we tell you our experience in each of them with the pros and cons of each.

The first time we stayed at the Meininger City West hotel (it has more than 10,000 positive opinions), this last time we chose the Leonardo Royal hotel, very new and right next to a metro stop.

And due to an overbooking problem, the first night at the Leonardo Hotel we were transferred to the RoomMate Aitana, a Spanish branded design hotel very close to the Central Station.

Here we go with our reviews of accommodation in Amsterdam, the best areas to stay and much more info to help you find your perfect accommodation!

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Better places to stay in Amsterdam

The ideal is to stay inside the ring of Amsterdam that goes from the square of the museums to the Central Station, in the map of the end you will see it more visual.

These would be the best areas to stay in Amsterdam but also the highest price, we stayed a little further to lower the accommodation budget in Amsterdam.

Below is a review of our hotels.

That’s right! We recommend that you always choose a hotel with a metro stop nearby, otherwise you will lose a lot of time on the move.

1. Dam Square

The city’s most famous square is a very good place to stay in Amsterdam, but not exactly the cheapest.

2. Central Station

The vast majority of Amsterdam’s transport arrives and departs from here, which is highly recommended due to its central location and good connections to all parts of the city.

3. The Red Light District

The Red Light District is one of the liveliest areas of Amsterdam, and therefore also one of the least quiet, depending on what you’re looking for you will find it interesting.

As we commented in the post about things to see and do in Amsterdam, despite its reputation it is a very safe neighbourhood and frequented by many tourists both day and night.

4. Leidseplein

One of the most atmospheric nightclubs in Amsterdam.

5. Pipj

This neighborhood is stuck to the ring, is one of the quietest areas where to stay in Amsterdam.

6. Museumplein

The museum district is also quiet and offers a wide range of accommodation.

Best areas to stay in Amsterdam, near Central Station

Hotel Leonardo Royal

If we went back to Amsterdam we would stay at the Hotel Leonardo Royal, it just opened relatively recently, everything was very new and always cool.

It’s a very modern hotel, this you realize just put a foot in it, with bold decoration and lots of color.

The price seemed to us quite affordable for the piece of hotel that is, but it will depend on your dates that is more or less cheap.

See the hotel Leonardo Royal in Booking.com

Where to stay in Amsterdam, Hotel Leonardo Royal


It is very close to the metro station, only about 50 meters separate the hotel from the station and in a moment we were standing in the center of Amsterdam (about 10 minutes), it is also a hotelazo.


Near the hotel there are no options for lunch or dinner (apart from the hotel itself), if you choose this accommodation we recommend you return to the room “dinner” or order dinner through Uber Eats, this was what we did some night.

Accommodation in Amsterdam, Hotel Leonardo Royal

Hotel RoomMate Aitana

It wasn’t our intention to stay at the RoomMate Aitana, but due to an overbooking at the Leonardo Royal Hotel, we were transferred to this super cool design hotel, we were paid for the taxis and we were accommodated in a superior room. Thanks overbooking!

We had never been in a hotel of this Spanish chain before but we wouldn’t mind repeating it!

It’s a whim of a hotel, because of its beauty and location, as it’s a Spanish chain in reception they spoke Spanish, which is always good.

We had breakfast included and it was all delicious.

Breakfast-buffet at the RoomMate Aitana in Amsterdam

Through Instagram many of you told us that you had stayed in this hotel in Amsterdam and loved it, we can say that it is one of the prettiest hotels we have been in.

View the RoomMate Aitana hotel at Booking.com


The views from the room, the location and breakfast! It’s a hotelazo.


Unlike Leonardo Royal which has the metro station at one minute, in the RoomMate Aitana you have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the Central Station.

Accommodation in Amsterdam, RoomMate Aitana

Meininger City West Hotel

Staying in this chain of hotels is a safe value, on our first visit to Amsterdam a few years ago we stayed in the Meininger City West and we recommend it 100%.

It is located next to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, which can be reached directly from the airport by the Sprinter train without having to change trains.

See the Hotel Meininger in Booking.com, has more than 10.000 opinions and a very good score.

Where to stay in Amsterdam, Meininger City West

From Sloterdijk station there are trains every 15 minutes that connect with the Central Station in 8 minutes.

The chain has another hotel in Amsterdam next to the Amstel metro station. Both are quite affordable.


Good communications with the center.


He doesn’t have many options for eating around here.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Where to stay in cheap Amsterdam

As mentioned above, it is not exactly cheap to stay in Amsterdam, but in line with the big European capitals.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Amsterdam we recommend you:

Travelling in low season (avoiding summer and important holidays)
Travelling from Monday to Thursday, prices become double on weekends.
Stay on the outskirts of the city

With just one of the previous sections, the price of accommodation in Amsterdam will be much lower.

Some accommodation in Amsterdam cheap and with good opinions:

*They are the hotels that appear in purple in the map below

Cheap Amsterdam Accommodation

Apartments in Amsterdam

A very good option for staying in Amsterdam is to book an apartment in Airbnb.

Many times you ask us about this platform, the truth is that we can only speak well of it, among all the times we have used it since 2011 (which have been many), only in one of them we had a problem in New York in 2014 and Airbnb took charge of paying us a new accommodation, the rest have been 100% good experiences.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Amsterdam in good time, what’s left at the last minute is usually expensive or with worse opinions.

Some recommendations for booking accommodation on Airbnb:

Never be the first to book accommodation
Try to make the host (what they call on the platform) a superhost.
Always read the opinions of previous guests
Make all payments through the platform

We leave you 25€ for your first booking on Airbnb


Other accommodation in Amsterdam

Other cool, downtown hotel options in Amsterdam:

WestCord City Centre Hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, with more than 4000 opinions and good marks.
Ibis Amsterdam Centre, this hotel next to the Central Station is a great choice.
Botel Hotel. In Amsterdam it is common to find floating accommodations on boats moored in the canals, this one has more than 6000 good opinions.

*These are the hotels shown in blue on the map below

Accommodation map of Amsterdam

So much for our post in Amsterdam!

We hope we have helped you a little in the task of finding a place to stay in Amsterdam, which we know takes a long time planning a trip.

If you have any questions or would like to recommend accommodation in Amsterdam just leave us a comment below.

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