Where to stay in Vienna, the best areas

Today we tell you about the best places to stay in Vienna to have a perfect trip! The most convenient places to visit the city, some cheap hotels, and tips!

Although Vienna is famous as an expensive city, there are really accommodations for all pockets, if you look at it with time you are sure to find some place to stay in Vienna at an affordable price (and in this post we recommend more than one).

We stayed at the Aparthotel Adagio, which is located on the edge of what is considered to be the city centre but we were able to walk almost everywhere, we could see the canal of the Danube river from the window and it was also very close to public transport.

But in addition to the centre, there are other interesting places to stay in Vienna.

Here we go with the best places to sleep in Vienna!

Where to stay in Vienna

Vienna is organized in 23 districts with number and name, but we are going to focus on those that (in our opinion) are the best to visit Vienna:

Innere Stadt (district 1), the best place to stay in Vienna, one step away from everything.
Josefstadt district (district 8), very close to the centre.
Leopoldstadt district (district 2), the coolest district in the city.
Neubau district (district 7), the museum district.
Wieden district (district 4), an economic zone.

Map with the best places to stay in Vienna:

Historic centre (district 1), the best place to stay in Vienna

The centre of Vienna has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is not surprising, it is very well preserved and is certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Historic buildings such as the Vienna Opera House, the curious Anker Clock, St. Peter’s Church or the Imperial Palace of Hofburg are located in this area.

Also Graben Street, one of the most important shopping streets in the city.

We stayed at the Aparthotel Adagio, which is located on the edge of the historic centre but we were able to walk to most of the interesting places to see in Vienna. It’s also true, that we went in low season and it was great price.

We believe that there is no more comfortable place to stay in Vienna, even if it is not the cheapest option.

Where to stay in the historic centre of Vienna (without being ruined in the attempt):

They are the lodgings that appear in purple color in the map.

Places to stay in Vienna | District 1, St. Peter’s Church

2. Josefstadt district (district 8), very close to the centre

This neighborhood is close to the center of Vienna, and is a very good choice for its proximity to tourist attractions.

In this area are the Parliament, the City of Vienna and the Rathaus Park. At Christmas they set up a huge skating rink with their flea market.

It is full of cafes, restaurants and also the Josefstädter shopping street.

It is a neighborhood that is very fashionable and prices are beginning to match those of the center, but in their favor this area has more everyday life that will make you live the city as a local.

Where to stay in Vienna in the Josefstadt district:

The accommodations are green on the map above.

Best areas to stay in Vienna, the city council in district 8

3. Leopoldstadt district (district 2), the coolest place to stay in Vienna

Located on the island between the Danube and the Danube Canal, it is a slightly cheaper option.

Some people call it Vienna’s Soho, it is a cosmopolitan and avant-garde neighbourhood, a little far from the centre but with good public transport connections.

Here you will find the Patrer Park, the oldest amusement park in the world, located in one of the largest green environments in the city.

The Leopoldstadt district is one of the best places to sleep in Vienna for value for money.

Where to stay in Vienna in the Leopoldstadt district:

All these accommodations are close to public transport, they are the ones that appear in orange on the map above.

4. Accommodation in Neubau (district 7), the museum district

It is said to be the neighborhood of intellectuals and students, full of art galleries and several important museums.

It has subway stops that connect to the city center quickly.

As a student area, there is no lack of nightlife and pubs to go out for a drink, certainly a lively area to stay in Vienna.

The museums of Art History and Natural History are located in this neighborhood.

Where to stay in Neubau:

These are the hotels that appear brown on the map.

5. The district of Wieden (district 4), an economic area to stay in Vienna

Of all the areas we recommend where to stay in Vienna, we can not say that it is the closest to the tourist sites but in your favor has very good value for money accommodation.

Despite not being the most touristy, in this neighborhood are two of the must-see visits in Vienna, the church of St. Charles Borromeo and Belvedere Palace.

With the tram 1 and 62, and with the metro line U1 you can reach the center in a moment.

Where to stay in Neubau:

These are the yellow lodgings on the map above.

6. Where to stay in cheap Vienna

If you want to devote the least part of your budget to accommodation, Vienna has options for all pockets but we will have to do without some comfort: distance to the centre, shared bathroom or low score/quality.

The further you go from the centre, the more economic options you can find, but if you want to see the city in a few days it may not be too interesting.

Cheap accommodation in Vienna:

These are the hotels that appear red on the map at the beginning.

There is one area in which it is not recommended to stay in Vienna: the 5th arrondissement of Margereten. Here is the Gürtel belt frequented by prostitutes and some strange people. On the map it is marked with red Xs.

7. Staying in Vienna in an Airbnb apartment

Staying in an Airbnb apartment is always an interesting option in any city.

If you look ahead you can find accommodation with very good prices, and if you go several people will almost certainly consider this option.

On our next trip to Vienna we’ll be staying in an Airbnb apartment, and we’ll tell you how such a…


And here’s our list of the best places to stay in Vienna!

Don’t forget to take a look at all the things to do in Vienna to plan every day of your trip.

We hope you enjoy the capital of Austria! Would you recommend us a good, nice and cheap place to stay in Vienna? Tell us in the comments!

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