Where to eat in Gijón, a food tour in the always appetizing village of Jovellanos

If you wonder where to eat in Gijón, you’re in the right place. I love this city and after visiting it a dozen times, I launch myself now to clear up the questions that I often ask: what cider houses I frequent, where to eat with children, which restaurant I choose for a special occasion, where I can taste the flavors of always, I prefer avant-garde proposals, I look for an establishment overlooking the sea … Ear cuisine: here you have a gastronomic guide to Gijón with my recommendations. Do we eat Gijón bite by bite?

Playa de San Lorenzo. Gijon

Cerro de Santa Catalina. Gijon

Where to eat in Gijón? You ask, my palate answers.

Eating well in Gijón is not complicated at all. On the contrary, as a good hostess of the food of this natural pantry called Asturias, in my northern house the gastro theme reaches the category of religion, the cider is law and specialties of the land as the fabada, the pot, the cachopo, the octopus stew with patatines, the oricios or their delicious cheeses are part of their thousand and one commandments.

Fabada de Casa Trabanco. Donde comer en Gijon

The options presented below also include a series of “ingredients” that I consider basic when deciding where to eat: seasonal and zero-kilometre foods that value the work of local farmers, stockbreeders and fishermen, love for the product and quality.

Tierra Astur Poniente. Donde comer en Gijon

Having said that, bon vivants, sybaritas and other faithful of good food, thank you for booking a place on this food tour for the sustainable, seductive and always lively Gijón. Our itinerary: a menu that does not lack quality brands such as Sidrerías de Asturias, Michelin stars, guisanderas, chigres, gastrobares and restaurants of all life. Unbuckle your belt because we’re starting.

Where to eat in Gijón: product and signature cuisine

La Cuadra by Antón

To speak of La Cuadra de Antón is to speak of contemporary traditional cuisine, of local products that taste of sea and mountain, and, long before the eco became fashionable, of sustainability and respect for the environment – it was in the first restaurant to obtain the Biosphere Destination certification. In short, it means talking about the universe of flavours that Noelia de Prado creates with care so that the diner knows the history behind each dish. Diverse stories of great quality that come to life in the form of irresistible one hundred percent Asturian temptations such as the cecina salad with toffee of chestnuts and wild mushrooms, the grilled octopus with rustic potatoes and vegetables, or the escalopes of veal and Casin cheese. All this in a family atmosphere and in the company of the views of the beach of San Lorenzo that slip through its windows (San Bernardo, 17).

La Cuadra de Anton. Donde comer en Gijon


Recover the usual recipes and play with new flavors. This is the maxim that José Luis Camacho defends in his most personal project, Zascandil. Dodging tendencies and presenting, in your salon of marine atmosphere, an honest and sincere letter that is nourished mainly of the sea and that bathes its tables with fish of the day that give us the flavor of the Cantabrian Sea. Any suggestions? Sustainable bluefin tuna, smoked salmon, baked turbot or squid in its own ink. Do you prefer dishes from the land? Red meat entrecot or thistles in almond sauce will leave you speechless. Or better yet, let yourself be advised because seasonal products are in charge here. And if you prefer a more informal atmosphere, look for a hole in its crowded bar and tapea classics like the prawns to the gabardine with a good wine of Cangas, that for that you are in Asturias (Cervantes, 9).

 Zascandil, una de mis recomendaciones para comer en Gijon

Tomato Bistró

Another clear exponent of the current Gijón cuisine is El Tomate Bistró, synonymous with flavours with character, refined technique and kindness in the service. Its cook and owner is Sergio Fernandez, a great defender of good food and local produce, which was formed in the kitchens of Paco Roncero and Ferran Adrià, among others. His menu is full of sure bets like rice with Pitu, corvina ceviche, veal tripe or his applauded honeyed ham croquettes. Not to mention its star tapa: the Spanish omelette in a glass. But leave room for dessert because it would be unforgivable not to try the pasiegas torrijas with custard and yoghurt ice cream, rice pudding or their chocolate in textures. A surprise at reasonable prices (San Antonio, 7).

El Tomate Bistro. Gijon

GASTROTIP → If you want to enjoy an exceptional menu, sign up for Gijón Gourmet, an initiative that allows you to get to know some of the best restaurants in the city without your wallet suffering: 45 euros per person, except in Michelin-starred restaurants where the menu costs 50 €. Buy your voucher at the tourist offices, reserve a table and give your palate a gastro experience of ten.

Restaurant Auga

Gonzalo Pañeda and Antonio Pérez, one of the most powerful couples of the Asturian gastronomic scene, are responsible for the fact that the Auga restaurant appears in this article with my recommendations on where to eat in Gijon. For its content, an excellent market cuisine backed by a Michelin star that matches perfectly with its select winery. For its continent, an elegant room open to the sea located in the middle of the marina. And, above all, because love of the product is the rudder that drives this ship. It is essential to taste the clams, the sea urchins with apple and the sea bass with salt. And if it is during dinner, at a table next to the windows to see the reflections of the Cantabrian Sea, better than better (Claudio Alvargonzález, s/n).

Restaurante Auga

Culín a culín: essential cider houses in Gijón

Trabanco House

If you get to know the land you are stepping on by visiting the Museu del Pueblu d’Asturies, discover what it’s like to book a table in one of Gijón’s great cider houses: Casa Trabanco. And it is that, if something defines this family llagar, it is his passion for cider and Asturian culture. Check it out with their experiences of sidraturismo in which you can learn about its history, the process of making cider and how to pour it. Once at the table, he succumbs to his forceful menu with classics such as cod, stews made with products from his own orchard, cachopo or grilled steak, and match them with his extensive catalogue of ciders. The sweet colophon? A delicious dessert recipe book in which homemade ice cream sets the standard for excellence. Be informed, if you want to live a gastro- cider experience with the charm of a winch of yesteryear and in the middle of nature, the place you are looking for is Casa Trabanco (Carretera de Lavandera, N 3255).

Bacalao a la sidra de Casa Trabanco. Donde comer en Gijon

Tierra Astur Poniente

Another reference point for traditional Asturian cuisine is Tierra Astur, a network of cider houses in Gijón with two locations: Tierra Astur Poniente and Tierra Astur Espichas. I recommend the first, especially if this is the first time you visit this house, because I know you will love eating in one of its precious barrels while watching the mastery of the pourers that will make your banquet never miss the cider. And I say banquet because here you come to eat until you’re fartuco. Grilled meats and fish, corn tortos, cachopos, spoon dishes, cheeses and sausages… All in abundant rations in which local products reign. If you travel in a group you will be interested to know that right in front of Tierra Astur Espichas where you will be able to enjoy something as Asturian as a traditional espicha. I’ll just give you a hint: trying cider becomes a party.

Cachopo de Tierra Astur Poniente. Donde comer en Gijon

GASTROTIP → If you come with the lesson learnt, you will already know that in Asturias cider is much more than a drink; it is a way of life that starts from the pumarada, continues in the llagar and ends in the cider houses and in the traditional espichas. A deep-rooted culture that you will be able to get to know first hand with the guided tours and menus included in the Cider Route Xixón.

Los Pomares Cider House

Holding the prize for the “Best Fabada in the World 2015” – that of a lifetime, convincing and with good companionship – could be more than enough reason to fall for Los Pomares. Pili Ramos is also in charge of all the gastronomic proposals of this family cider maker. Pili belongs to the Club de Guisanderas de Asturias, an association made up of women whose objective is to safeguard traditional cuisine under the premise that “the secret of the cuisine of the future is in the recipes of the past”. That’s why its cuisine is what it is, Asturian to the hilt and proud of the products of the land. Its star dishes include fish and fresh seafood -the potera squid are exquisite-, grilled steak, casserole and, of course, fabada. The best place to taste them, its terrace (Avenida de Portugal, 68).

Sidreria Los Pomares. Donde comer en Gijon

GASTROTIP → If you want to take a piece of Asturias home, I recommend the products La Gijonesa, a brand of groceries that is characterized by its high quality and the exclusive design of each of its delicatessen. Cheeses, jams, fabes, preserves, cider, artisan beers, pâtés, sweets… A universe of proposals that seduce by the sight and capture by their taste (San Bernardo, 6 and Covadonga, 24).

Where to eat in Gijón with (or without) children: delicious hamburgers and more than just pizzas

SerendipiaIf you are an authentic bourgeois lover, yes or yes you have to try the author burgers of Serendipia. Options? Serendipia, with semi-cured cheese, From Madrid to heaven -with double meat, jalapeños and bacon-, Breaking Bad, Morgana -vegan bread, homemade “carne” of quinoa, red beans and beet-, or my favourite: Lloca. An irresistible sin with La Peral blue cheese sauce and rum caramelized apple. The base, as in all of them, is 100% Asturian veal, freshly baked artisan bread and deluxe potatoes. An unexpected discovery framed in an informal environment that occurs casually only the first time (Ezcurdia, 26).

Serindipia. Donde comer hamburguesas en Gijon

Karan Eat & Socialize

Industrial look, good service, tasty starters to share such as spicy chicken wings or corn ears, hot dogs, salads and hamburgers for all tastes made with an excellent raw material: veal from the valleys, homemade bread and homemade fries. This is the offer of Karan Eat & Socialize, a temple of American cuisine located very close to the Plaza Mayor where it is convenient to book. You choose: Classic, Tierrina, Verde – homemade falafel burger-, Crunchy or, if you have a good serve, try the Gordito hamburger: double Asturian beef with fried egg, crispy bacon and cheese. That’s nothing (Melquiades Álvarez, 3).

Karan Eat & Socialize. Donde comer hamburguesas en Gijon.

Godfather, food on the dough

Yeah, you read that right. Tommy Estébanez, co-owner of Padrino and renowned sommelier, does not make pizzas with the use, his thing is food on dough. You only have to take a bite out of one of their elaborations to understand it: top quality ingredients with denomination of origin on an extra-fine and crunchy dough. Have you ever tasted a pizza with boletus, foie and Iberian shoulder? Or an octopus with potato cream and buffalo mozzarella? They are just two examples of what is cooking in this Gijón restaurant that is giving a lot to talk about. A good wine list, a pleasant space managed by an attentive staff and, if that were not enough, a dessert that you will never forget: millefeuilles of cottage cheese and Asturcilla – fair trade cocoa cream, organic milk and Asturian hazelnuts. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it tastes even better (Saint Helena, 5).

Padrino. Donde comer en Gijon

And so much for this little essay on where to eat in Gijón like another countryman. A handful of gastronomic recommendations that I will try to elevate to a doctoral thesis in next escapades for greater glory and enjoyment of the palate. Yours and mine. It is what has to discover that Gijón gives for much but always knows little by little.

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