Where to Eat in New York | 20 Recommendations

A question you’ve asked us hundreds of times! “Here’s the answer with no less than 20 recommendations!

We’ve written a lot of tips for traveling to the Big Apple for the first time, recommendations on where to stay in New York, a guide with all the planning of a trip to New York for free… but what about food?

We had hardly talked about food, except for a few brushstrokes in some post and it was his turn!

Today we bring you our recommendation of New York restaurants, the best hamburgers, healthy places (because eating healthy is not so complicated), where to have a good breakfast or brunch and of course where to eat cheap in New York!

Because even though it’s an expensive city, there are places to eat in New York for all pockets!

Here we go with our recommendations for places to eat in New York! Don’t read on an empty stomach!!

Where to Eat in New York

The Butcher’s Daughter

We started with one of our favorite coffee shops, we met her in Los Angeles but she also has three coffee shops in New York.

It’s not cheap, but everything is very good! It’s a vegetarian cafeteria and the whole menu is pretty healthy.

We love to give ourselves the whim of coming here for breakfast on at least one of the days of our trip to New York.

You can read more on their website: The Butcher’s Daughter

Where to Eat in New York | The Butcher’s DaughterWhere to Eat in New York | The Butcher’s Daughter

Shake Shack

If you’re not one to save on food, the Shake Shack must be on your list of restaurants in New York City, and you’ll find it in several places around the city.

Organic and great burgers, not forgetting that it’s a fast food chain, where they serve cheap burgers quickly.

You can also find them in other parts of the world, but the network was born in New York πŸ™‚

Shake Shack, New York

Ellen’s Stardust Diner, restaurant in New York essential

If there is a restaurant in New York that we recommend you to visit 100% it’s Ellen’s Stardust Diner, it’s not just a restaurant, it’s an experience!

It is located on Broadway very close to Times Square (below you have the map with all directions).

The waiters sing, dance and climb on a catwalk that crosses the tables of the restaurant, it is quite a spectacle!

We don’t know for sure if it’s all day like this but at dinner time it’s a non-stop! Some of them end up in Broadway musicals.

You can’t reserve a table and you may have to queue up a bit, but I’ll tell you what it’s worth!

Ellen Stardust, 100% recommended place to eat in New York

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has several grocery stores throughout the city and is one of our favorite places to eat in New York, yes, as you read it! One of our favorite places is a supermarket.

It has a huge section of food to take away and healthy, it does not get to finish because throughout the day they renew the food, it is really good and freshly made!

Plus it’s great value for New York!

So many nights we were tired of going from one place to another crossing off our list all the things to do in New York, it was great for us to get some food to take away and eat in our accommodation.

The Whole Foods of Columbus Circle and Union Square also have places where you can eat it right there, the last one has a view of Union Square that many restaurants would like!

Fast and healthy” food in New York.

Views from Union Square Whole Foods in New York for Christmas

Katz’s Delicatessen, a mythical place to eat in New York.

Katz’s Delicatessen is one of the most mythical restaurants in New York, it appears on all the food lists in New York that are prized and could not miss this one!

He is famous for his pastrami sandwich and became even more famous for appearing in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”.

The truth is that the sandwich looks good but in our opinion it had too much meat for so little bread! So much so that we couldn’t even finish it.

I wouldn’t be on our list of must-eat places in New York but it’s a personal opinion, for many these sandwiches are great!

Katz’s Delicatessen, a mythical place to eat in New YorkPastrami sandwich in Katz’s Delicatessen, New York

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Blue Box Cafe

A piece of breakfast in the purest Diamond Breakfast style, that’s New York!

On our Christmas trip to New York last year we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

We didn’t find it excessively expensive when it came to the store that is and in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York, and we took these things as an experience, and yes it was!

We have a post in which we tell everything about breakfast at Tiffany’s, price, experience and our trick to book a table, because watch out! It is necessary to reserve a table 30 days in advance and it is not an easy task, in the post we explain how.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New York

Burger Joint, one of the best burgers in New York.

This hamburger restaurant is also a must when it comes to New York restaurants, but we haven’t been there yet!

This is a “clandestine” burger shop hidden in the lobby of the Parker New York Hotel, these things can only happen in this city, that’s why it makes it so special!

Who expects that inside a 4-star hotel has hidden a hamburger throwing to cutrecilla?

It’s considered one of the best New York hamburgers and we’ve already scored it so we don’t miss it again on our next visit to the city!

Tick Tock Diner

If you want to try some real American money you can’t stop going to this New York restaurant.

Authentic American dishes, abundant and big!

You can order the spaghetti with meatballs, I’m telling you that they are dying and you will not stay hungry, but anything you ask is a safe bet!

It’s also a good place to have breakfast in New York on a plate of pancakes that will leave you speechless!

This is one of our favorite places to eat in New York, we always recommend it to everyone.

Tick Tock Diner, New YorkEat at Tick Tock Diner, New York

The NΒΊ1 Tacos

If several Mexicans agree in recommending this place to us, it will be for a reason!

We haven’t tried them yet but we’re really looking forward to them because they only talk about the wonders of these tacos.

It is located in Chelsea Market and I have no doubt that you will pass through there on your trip to New York, we had scored it last time but in the end did not give us time, they say that sharing is living and we could not keep it to ourselves!

Lombardi’s Pizza

They boast of being the first pizzeria that opened in the United States in 1905 and the truth is that it is a source of pride!

If we had to pick a single New York pizzeria, I think we’d keep this one.

Pizzas very good and quite good price even if you have the fame you have!

Write it down on your list of places to eat in New York! Below we have left you the map with all the directions.

Lombardi’s Pizza, New York

Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s Pizzerias

We continue in pizza mode but we move to Brooklyn where these two pizzerias are very close to each other and right next to the famous bridge.

I have put them together in the same section because they have in common a story that can give rise to confusion.

Grimaldi’s pizzeria appears in many places, guides, forums … as one of the best pizzerias in New York, the problem comes because many do not know that since 2001 the Italian owners who founded the pizzeria sold it to one of their customers.

The pizzeria and fame are still there (we’ve tried them and they’re good) but it’s not the same thing!

In fact when we were a season living in New York in 2011 we saw that he had a B at the door (we talked about these letters in the post advices to travel to New York), we did not understand how it was so famous being a deficient restaurant and is that it no longer belonged to the same owners.

Pizza in Grimaldis, when we went before we knew this…

The curious thing comes when the former owner of Italian origin who founded Grimaldi’s and gave fame to the pizzeria decides to return from his retirement (he had retired) and opens a restaurant in 2012 right next to Grimaldi’s with the name Juliana’s!

Shortly after opening, it regains fame as the best pizza in New York, forms queues and begins to appear in many guides. More info on their website: Juliana’s Pizza

So you know! The good pizzeria is Juliana’s no Grimaldi’s! Your welcome! πŸ™‚

Pizza 99 cents, eating cheap in New York is not a problem!

As its name suggests in this pizzeria there are pieces of pizza for only $1 and the truth is that they are good and are quite large pieces, let’s go with two or three have dinner.

There are several spread throughout the city, in our last trip to New York we just had one next to our hotel Pod Times Square, by the way, hotel muuuy recommendable by location and price!

Pizza 99 cents | Eat cheap in New York

Nathan’s, NY’s Most Famous Hot Dogs

That hot dogs are a staple of New York food is nothing new, we can find them everywhere, in any corner we will have a stall with succulent hot dogs at a very good price, but not everyone tastes the same.

One of the most famous hot dogs in New York is Nathan’s Famous, the original store is located on Coney Island, near the famous Luna Park and every year they hold the “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest”.

Now they have also opened stores in Manhattan and they also have walking carts all over the city, so stay tuned! Between one cart and another, choose Nathan’s! πŸ™‚

Nathan’s on Coney Island, New York

Gray’s Papaya

And continuing with the New York hot dogs, Gray’s Papaya is another mythical place to eat hot dogs in New York.

You can accompany them with papaya juice (that’s where his name comes from) and in many lists he appears as the best hot dogs in New York, also grilled.

He has appeared in some movies and series such as “Sex in New York” or “How I met your mother”.

We haven’t tried these yet, but we hope to do it soon!

Red Poke

This is another one of the places we met in New York last time, healthy and tasty food!

We had it next to the Pod Times Square Hotel and it came great for more than one night’s dinner.

We love the poke and having this place next to the hotel where eating a little healthy was great between so much hamburger, pizza and hot dog!

If you still don’t know your accommodation, in the post of where to stay in New York we tell you about our experiences, recommendations of hotels and the best neighborhoods.

Red Poke, healthy food in New York By the way, a chain of healthy food in New York is Sweetgreen, there are several restaurants all over the city and I assure you that after a few days in New York you will feel like a salad!

Carlos Bakery

Carlos Bakery gained worldwide fame after having his own television program, in Spain it is called “El Rey de las Tartas” (The King of Cakes) and tells the life of the pastry chef Buddy Valastro and his successful family business.

The truth is that the desserts you prepare are irresistible! Depending on the time you will find more or less tail.

Don’t miss the cannoli and lobster tail (you can see that the owner has Italian ancestry), you’ll tell us!

One of the places to eat cakes in New York that I’m sure won’t let you down.

Magnolia Bakery

And from a famous New York bakery to an even more famous one!

Magnolia Bakery became popular after appearing in the series “Sex in New York”, now has several distributed throughout the city but the original is the one found in Bleecker Street.

You can’t leave without trying New York’s most famous cupcakes!

It is located in the Greenwich Village a few meters from the house of Sex Carrie in New York, also very close to one of the cafeterias of The Butcher’s Daughter that told you at the beginning.

By the way, if you’re a fan of this series, there’s a very clever tour of some Sex locations in New York.

Magnolia Bakery, New YorkMagnolia Bakery, New York

Max Brenner

And continuing with the sweets… a stop at Max Brenner is a must to do in New York, especially in winter that with the cold New York a hot chocolate feels great.

You can have a chocolate fondue, a chocolate pizza, a chocolate cake and in short you can taste chocolate in all its forms.

A paradise in New York for the greedy!

Max Brenner, New York

Starbucks Reserve

And after dessert it’s the coffee’s turn!!

It’s not just any Starbucks, it’s a Starbucks Reserve, there are only five of them in the whole world (in no time six) and of course you couldn’t miss one in the Big Apple.

It is quite a spectacle of place and if, like us, you are lovers of the coffee we recommend you 100% to go to see it.

It’s more expensive than normal Starbucks, but they have nothing to do with it. Here you can see how they roast the coffee and transport it throughout the store using a particular system, all very curious! From the uniform of the waiters to the preparation of your coffee.

They made our coffee with more care than ever (and you pay for it… hahaha) but well it’s one more experience to do in New York if you like coffee.

We didn’t go to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, but whatever is coffee, here we go! πŸ™‚

Starbucks Reserve in New YorkStarbucks Reserve in New York

Caffe Roma

A coffee under Audrey Hepburn’s famous mural is a must on your trip!

This Italian cafeteria is located in Little Italy, here you can also try the cannoli or have a good cappuccino.

When we were last time it was closed for holidays and that is why there is no table in the photo, but they put a table just under the mural. The bad thing is that all the time they are stopping tourists to take pictures!

It’s great for resting for a while when you’re walking around the area.

Caffe Roma | Little Italy, New York

Terrace overlooking Times Square

And lastly, although more than just to eat it is to drink something… we had to include her on this list!

The terrace of the Novotel Times Square hotel is this amazing, it’s free and with asking for a juice ($5) or whatever you want you can stay as long as you want watching New York from the heights.

A must-have!

Terrace hotel Novotel Times Square

Typical New York food

Checklist of New York foods that you have to try on your trip:

A hamburger A pretzel A hot dog A bagel A pastrami sandwich A cronut (union of croissant and donut). They were invented in Dominique Ansel Bakery and they’re sold out! A cupcake A pizza

If you have crossed everything or almost from this list you can say that you have known the New York food (and surely you have also brought some kilos of more of your trip…hehehe).

By the way, in our Instagram profile you can see the stories of our trip to New York in summer and also the stories of New York in Christmas.

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Map of recommended places to eat in New York:

And so much for our food post in New York!

We hope that after reading the post you will reach the Big Apple and eat it with one bite!

A trick not to make a mistake when you go to a restaurant is to take a look at Yelp’s app, here you use more TripAdvisor but in the U.S. restaurants have more opinions on Yelp.

With Holafly cards you make sure you have internet during your trip to check this and other things, from this link you have a 5% discount.

Ah! also try that the restaurant in question has an A in the door, in the post of tips to travel to New York we tell you more about this and other topics for your first trip to the city.

And that’s it! Now enjoy the city like a real foodie! Would you recommend a place to eat in New York for our next trip? We read you!

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