Where do I sleep in Antwerp? Here’s my advice.

I’m of the theory that if you’re going to stay in a city for a short time, don’t stay in a low-quality place. If you’re going to spend a day in Antwerp I’ll tell you where to sleep very well and without spending a lot.

I knew it was only going to happen in Antwerp for one night so I looked for something good.

Watch out! When I say “good” I don’t mean a five-star place. You know I prefer to make cheap trips without losing quality.

The place to sleep in Antwerp that I was looking for had to have some characteristics:

Be well placed.
Offer breakfast (and if it is varied much better).
Be comfortable and clean.
To have an acceptable price.

With the rest of the features I was (and usually am) more flexible.

Frutas en el buffet del hotel.

Where to sleep in Antwerp, my advice is…

With the conditions I told you about, there were, fortunately, many options. Although the main problem was the price. Antwerp can be an expensive place to sleep.

But I was lucky. I found a place with two beds (I was travelling with a relative) for 64 euros a night.

The place I recommend to stay in Antwerp is De Keyser Hotel. Now let me tell you why you should hire him.


If you’re going to travel to Antwerp, you’ll almost certainly arrive by train. You’re lucky because the hotel is across from the central train station.

Yeah, like you read. You leave the station and find the hotel almost in your face. It literally took me three minutes to walk.

I thought this location was going to be noisy or far from the center. Nothing could be more wrong.

The place is very, very quiet. You hear practically no noise.

The second thing is that if you walk for about 5 minutes you’re in the pedestrian street. That means you’re 3 minutes from the station and 5 minutes from downtown.


One of the best hotel breakfasts I’ve ever tasted. It was so good!

It’s a breakfast buffet where you get everything. Many options for all tastes and needs

As it is a buffet, you can serve yourself as many times as you want things like coffees of all colors and flavors, breads of various types, milks, yogurts, fruits, cheeses, cold cuts and many other things.

Veggie options

If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian options you can be sure to get a good deal of peace of mind. There are many possibilities.

They also have soy milk that you can use as much as you need.

The dining room is also spacious, the tables are comfortable and the place is beautiful.

Imagen principal de cereales en el desayuno.

My advice is to go down soon because you’ll be more comfortable that way.

Comfortable and clean

I was pleasantly surprised. I was hoping to find the site nice in web images but a little crappy.

I realized, actually, that it was prettier and bigger than what you saw in the pictures.

The rooms are very spacious. In the bathroom you have plenty of towels, hair dryer and all the amenities you need.

They leave you coffee, milk, sugar and some cookies for you to drink. I love this when I come back from a day of walking around.

On top of that the whole hotel smells great and the hall is spacious and comfortable.


One of the best things I found was the great value for money.

Always, always, prices vary in hotels. I’ll give you reference prices but keep in mind that this may vary.

I paid 64 euros for a room for two people. But the price can go up to 100 euros per night depending on the day or the season.

My advice is to treat yourself if you’re going to be alone for a night. Plus breakfast and a good bed are worth it.

Last tip about De Keyser

The last advice I give you about the De Keyser hotel is to book it in addition because it is a great place to leave your luggage.

Think about this: If you’re going to be alone for a day, you’ll probably be in town after check-out time. You don’t want to walk around with your suitcase.

The hotel is a short walk from the train station. You won’t find a better place to leave your stuff until it’s time to leave town.

Other sites I recommend

Well, now I’m going to imagine there’s a reason you weren’t convinced by my recommendation.

That’s why I want to tell you about some other options that I’ve been looking at and that had stayed on my list of possible options.

What are you going to look for if I already did it for you?

I’m not going to fill you up with possibilities, but I’ll show you the top three:

Antwerp Hotel National

It’s a two-star that has some interesting things.

It is very well located and in about 5 minutes you are in the center. Also the price is very competitive (you can see what it costs here) and it is very nice.

He also has very good opinions on cleanliness and employee care.

Vista general de un restaurante vacío y luminoso

HotelO Kathedral

If I didn’t choose De Keyser this was my favorite hotel. So I highly recommend it.

I would stay in this hotel because it is very well located, because it has beautiful rooms and because the price is very acceptable.

Habitación del hotel que tiene una pintura medievakl pintada en la pared y la bañera forma parte de la habitación donde dormir en Amberes

Besides, it seems that every morning they serve a very good and abundant breakfast.

Antwerp Inn Hotel

The Antwerp Inn Hotel is a little more removed from the center than the others I recommended, but it has a very good price.

You can pay less than 50 euros for a room for two people.

Foto de la cama muy amplia donde dormir en Amberes.

The place is clean, spacious and very comfortable. So the only problem seems to be that one and a half kilometers separate it from the center, although it’s not that much either.