Escape to the Monastery of Montserrat with children

It is always a good time to get to know the Montserrat massif and its famous Abbey almost at the top of the mountain. We did a family getaway in winter and the time we found was excellent. So our visit to Montserrat with children was perfect and the kids knew first hand one of the most emblematic and unique mountains that you can find near the city of Barcelona.

Santa Cova, MontserratSanta Cova, Montserrat

When I say that we visit Montserrat I also mean the Monastery of Montserrat, since the mountain is immense, it accommodates an excellent Natural Park and the paths, excursions and possibilities of recreation are many during any time of the year and season. Montserrat is also a place where climbers of all levels and conditions come to practice their favourite sport in the numerous rock formations of the massif.

What to see in the Monastery of Montserrat

The list of activities linked to Montserrat is extensive and varied, but without a doubt you cannot say goodbye to Montserrat without having seen La Moreneta with your own eyes. We are referring to the Virgin of Montserrat, very famous for the dark tonality of the figure.

Experts have long since found the reason for the black color of the virgin and baby Jesus; a mixture of varnish, a good number of centuries and smoke from candles in the sanctuary.

It is not strange to find a little tail to see the Virgin of Montserrat and is that visiting Montserrat on a tour is something that is very much liked by tourists and travelers who are visiting Barcelona. In any case, it is worth the wait to see the Black Virgin of Montserrat, who is the Patron Saint of Catalonia.

Monasterio de MontserratMonastery of Montserrat

At certain times in the same basilica you can hear the boys of the Escolania de Montserrat la Salve and the Virolai singing. This school of music and choir is one of the oldest in Europe and enjoys great international prestige. We recommend you consult the schedule of the Monastery to coincide your visit with the delicious chants of the Escolania.

After the more spiritual and religious part we dedicated ourselves to go around and let ourselves be seduced by the capricious shapes of the surrounding mountains. We commented on the great resemblance to the wet sand mountains we can make on the beach and the rocky forms in Montserrat. Then, from the Mirador dels Apòstols and taking advantage of the great day that made us try to decipher the name of the towns and places that can be seen from there.

Rocas y la fachada de la BasílicaRocks and the façade of the BasilicaTorre del Monasterio de MontserrartMontserrart Monastery Tower

There are even more attractions in Montserrat. For example the Museum of Montserrat, which houses an outstanding collection of paintings, in which the collection of Catalan painters such as Casas, Rusiñol, Nonell or Salvador Dalí himself stands out.

The Museum of Montserrat occupies architectural spaces created between 1928 and 1933 by the well-known modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, author also of the famous Casa Amatller, next to Casa Batlló, or the Casa de les Punxes in Barcelona.

How to get to Montserrat

The way to get to Montserrat is undoubtedly one of the attractions of the visit, as you can not choose every day between traveling by cable car or with a rack train. These are two fun ways that children will enjoy and that by themselves almost justify coming here. We opted for the zipper on our visit to Montserrat.

Montserrat desde la estación del CremalleraMontserrat from the station of the Cremallera

First drive by car from Barcelona to Monistrol de Montserrat, and follow the signs until you reach the Cremallera de Montserrat station. There we left the car in a big parking lot before getting on the fun train. The children made all the ascent very excited and happy stuck to the windows of the wagon so as not to miss any detail. The views are truly breathtaking and even at some point in the journey gives a bit of vertigo 🙂

There is also the possibility of still climbing to a point of the highest mountain from the Monastery of Montserrat itself with the Funicular of Sant Joan. From the more than 1,000 meters reached the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Next time we visit Montserrat I hope to try the cable car service to climb the mountain and enjoy being suspended in the air in this beautiful landscape of Catalonia. The trip on the Montserrat Cable Car takes just a few minutes and is sure to be very exciting.

Photos of the mountain and Monastery of Monserrat

Montserrat, practical information

There is a lot of interesting information on internet sites to visit Montserrat. Take note of the links below as this is a really worthwhile excursion with kids.

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