eSIM for U.S. and Other Destinations: Cool?

Molaviajer@s! Today we come to share with you a secret! We have been one of the lucky few who today have tested on their mobile phone the operation of an eSIM for the United States and even for Southeast Asia. Yes, we have had internet connection and unlimited calls without roaming and without having to gut our mobile. The result has been positive, so if you are interested in learning about our experience using an eSim, know what it is and how to use it, keep reading.

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What is an eSIM?

Did you see our post about how to get a prepaid SIM card? There we explained to you that to have data abroad and that this did not suppose an extra budget for our pocket, the best thing was to buy a prepaid SIM card, which would avoid extra expenses in our monthly bill.

Well, an eSIM is exactly the same as a SIM card, but in electronic format. That is to say, it is a card in digital format that provides you voice calls and data in your mobile, just by activating it.

The new revolution for travellers: Holafly’s eSIM.

eSIM for the United States: Is it necessary to be connected?

Let’s see, molaviajer@s.. This is a matter of tastes and needs. The truth is that for better or worse, we are becoming more and more dependent on this type of technology. And not only in order to be connected with family and friends through social networks, or messaging applications, but it is always good to have data to use applications such as Uber, or those that connect us to the bank, or serve us, at a given time, to buy last minute tickets.

The most probable thing will be that in your trip, you will encounter wifi points and that the hotels in which you lodge, have this service (some for free and others for payment). So in the case of the United States as well as in the rest of the world, the need to have or not to have an Internet connection the whole day is something that you have to value for yourselves.

Which phone models are compatible with eSIM?

I wish it would work for all phones on the market, but if today, there are phones not compatible with the bands used in the United States, you can imagine that the use of eSIM is not yet 100% widespread.

The list of phones currently compatible with eSIM for the United States or any other destination in the world is as follows:

Apple phones compatible with eSIM (November’19):

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max,

Android phones compatible with eSIM (November’19)

Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 4

You have to bear in mind that many of these mobiles are capable of supporting several phone numbers at once. And you’ll say, “But how? If my mobile is one of the above and only has a slot for a SIM card” Well yes molaviajeros. Phones like the iPhone XR onwards, despite having capacity for only one physical card, is able to support multiple eSIM cards.

How do these cards work?

Very simple! Remember our west coast guidebook? In it, at the end of the chapters we included you a QR code that only with scanning it, took you to a post of our web, in which you could extend the information on that chapter. So activating the eSIM is done in a more or less similar way. They send you a QR to the mail that just by scanning it provides you with your new data plan for your trip.

First step: buy it. Holafly is one of the few websites that sell eSIM for the United States and many other destinations today. You can see prices, plans and destinations available through the following link: (Goes with 5% discount)

Second step: It is no longer necessary to wait for the messenger. As it is digital, you will receive the eSim at the email address you left during the purchase and immediately. Buy and receive. More comfortable, impossible.

Step three: It’s time to activate it. Forget about looking for the spike to get the sim out of the phone. You don’t have to. More than once we have had to change the sim for another, not find the pincho or save our card and then not find it … Well, what we said, zero complications. Just follow the instructions sent to you by mail to activate your new data plan with eSim.

Tips for activating eSIM

One of the requirements for activating eSim is that the phone must be connected to the Internet. But this is a little contradictory, isn’t it? If you’re buying a data plan, it’s because you’re not going to have data on target… So the best way to do it is the following:

They ask us to have an internet connection when we activate it, but they don’t ask us to have reached our destination. So what we did when we received our eSim for the United States and also for Thailand, was to scan the QR code that was going to provide us with our data plan at home, before we left on our trip. When we received the QR code in our e-mail, it was enough for our mobile phone to read the QR code directly from the computer screen.

Once we followed the instructions that came in the mail, when finishing, the mobile asked us: Do you want to use this card as the main one? We said NO. (Nothing would happen if you were wrong, the result would be that you would run out of data, and when you realized, you would go backwards. All set)

Once the plane landed, we accessed our phone settings as indicated in the instructions sent to us by mail and set this eSim as the main one, both for data and calls. We activated roaming and had not yet got off the plane when our eSim for the United States was already up and running. The eSim card is activated once it recognizes the operator it belongs to, never before. That’s why you don’t have to worry if in the previous step you used eSim involuntarily.

By the way: It is not necessary to physically remove your original SIM card, but you can do so if you are more relaxed.

Advantages and disadvantages of an eSIM

We can think of several ADVANTAGES, the truth, but the main ones are the following:

The first is speed: You can buy eSIM whenever you want, even once you’ve reached your destination, which you receive immediately and can activate on the spot.

The second is convenience: you don’t need to open your mobile phone, or keep your sim card in a lost pocket, or worry about where you left your SIM stick to get the SIM out of your mobile phone. And watch out, you wouldn’t be the first to buy a sim and then forget it at home…

The third: By saving on shipping costs, the product is cheaper and goes even where Amazon does not reach and see that this is difficult, eh?

Now, not everything was going to be nice. eSIMs also have their drawbacks and the main one is that not all mobile phones are capable of supporting them. Only the models that we leave above, will be able to enjoy this service at the moment. The good news is that it looks like mobile phone manufacturers are getting ready to incorporate this functionality into their handsets. We hope they won’t be too long.

Do we recommend an eSim for the United States or for other destinations?

We are not going to get mysterious… We can already say that after having tried it in the United States and Thailand, it has our approval.

In the U.S. we were great, the coverage worked perfectly, we took the 7 days and 3 gigas and on the price in the U.S. to buy it there and take it from Spain more or less the same and you save all the management.

In the case of Thailand, where we stayed longer, we used eSim until we ran out of data. Instagram was to blame for this… We had acquired the 30-day, 5-gigabyte one, but by using more data than in the USA, we soon ran out of them. So we wanted to make a comparison and went to the 7eleven to get a data card … A Molaviajer@s odyssey … Among which the dependents do not always speak English, you have to make a photo, that others ask for your passport … the truth my experience was a bit annoying, but if some Molaviajeros told us that when arriving at Bangkok airport bought there at a very good price and very fast all the paperwork. Come on, I’m telling you openly: In Southeast Asia you’re going to find cheaper SIM’s but you’re going to have to do some management.

Which applications consume the most data?

Molaviajer@s, by the way, we take this opportunity to tell you briefly which of the applications we have installed are the ones that eat our data “as if there were no tomorrow”, but be careful, this is according to our use… Nothing like looking at the settings of your mobile to know which apps you use more resources.

Instagram: Take podium in this classification… Be very careful with the use of instagram! it can seriously damage your data plan! If you are active in this social network, or go with unlimited data or perhaps it is a good time to do a detoxification cure of Instagram…

Youtube: If you’re hooked on Youtube, maybe you’d better watch your favourite videos when you get to the hotel and hooked on wifi…

Maps: depending on the type of navigation you do, you can also consume a lot of data. The thing changes if you see the maps in satellite version or map…

Facebook, twitter: Everything depends on how much and how you use them, if you visualize all the documents or not, but it is not superfluous to have them under surveillance… They can make you a good hole.

Whatsapp: I have to say that this is the application that I use the most and that behaves noblest with my data… It is also true that I use it to send messages or make normal calls. If you sent a lot of files or abused video calls, you’d be careful with it, too, just in case.

The list of Holafly’s eSIM cards can be seen in full in the button below, here are some of the most important.

Well Molaviajer@s, we hope that this post with our experience using an eSIM, and telling you how it is used, has been useful to you. And you know, if you have travel doubts, we’re here to lend a hand. You can write to us through the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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