Fremont Experience Las Vegas. Visiting guide.

Hello Molaviajeros, today we warn you that you are going to take out the rocker that you carry inside. It doesn’t matter if you have it on the surface or hidden. Today you are going to dance to the rhythm of Bon Jovi (at least). We’re going to Fremont Street in Las Vegas. So turn up the volume of the mythical “Living on a prayer” that we’re going to…

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Fremont Experience Las Vegas, What is it?

If you want us to sum it up in one sentence, it’s the epicentre of the rampage. If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation, let’s go with it:

Fremont experience is a Las Vegas street that you will find in its very downtown. There you will relive the beginnings of the city. Neons, casinos that for age already could retire, live concerts, madness in the street, glasses full of drink and scenes worthy of a movie. Come on, Fremont is where you doubt movies like Resacón in Las Vegas are fiction.

Fremont Experience Las Vegas

Is Fremont cool enough to stay here and sleep?

Well, I don’t know… Not us. We like to sleep on the Strip in one of the 20 best hotels in Las Vegas and come to Fremont at nightfall. What’s more, Fremont has a very wide range of hotels. You may even find accommodation a little cheaper than on the Strip. The bad thing is that even though both streets are close by, you will develop more life on the Strip during the day. In case you still want to take a tour, here we leave you the most famous hotels in Fremont. How many of them have you already seen in movies? Now it’s time to see them live!

How to get to Fremont Experience from the Strip?

As is almost always the case, there are several alternatives. Some more comfortable, others cheaper… You can go with your own car, but we don’t recommend it in case you feel like having a drink and you already know, “If you drink, don’t drive”. We’ll leave you our favorites:

The most comfortable: taxi/uber/lyft… or similar. In this case, the taxi ride is usually a little more expensive than the Uber type. There’s nothing better than doing a price simulation on your apps and with the result, decide.

Las Vegas Night Tour: This is how we arrived, hiring a tour of Las Vegas in Spanish that ended in fremont and we leave here the video of the experience.

Las Vegas at night. Spanish Tour Molaviajar

The cheapest: bus. There are a couple of buses that run Las Vegas from the Strip to downtown, 24 hours a day. There are two because one is the express, which makes a few stops along the way, and another that makes many more. We will explain them to you below:

Deuce on the Strip: This is the one that stops at almost every Las Vegas hotel, from the Strip to the Fremont Experience. Its frequency is every 15 minutes from 7:00 to 2:00 in the morning. In the early hours of the morning, the frequency is 20 minutes.

The Strip & downtown Express: As the name suggests, this is the bus rapidillo. It provides service from 9:00 am to 24:00, every 15 minutes, and is faster because it does not make stops at all hotels, but at some selected ones.

You can see the stops that each one makes, in this link

How much is the bus ride?

Well, it must be said that you don’t pay for the journey but for the duration of the bus ticket. You can buy a ticket that is valid for two hours, for $6 per person, or another that is valid for 24 hours for $8. Normally the 24h pass is more expensive and more so since it is normal to go to Fremont, taking a little time for the traffic jams, enjoy the atmosphere and then return to the Strip after two hours have passed.

A good thing about these buses is that any of the tickets gives you the right to board the normal bus, but also the express bus. So you can choose which one you prefer at any given moment.

Where do I buy the ticket?

Easy, there are several stops that have vending machines, and if not, you can also get the tickets on board of any of the buses.

The most practical option is to download the RTC app ride. With it you can see the stops, arrival times and buy tickets in the app directly.

What will you find at Fremont Experience?

In a nutshell: A party like the glass of a pine tree. That’s what’s in there. And what elements make up this party? Well, the following:

A musical show projected on the world’s largest LED screen that serves as the ceiling of Fremont Street. Some 12.5 million LED lamps illuminate it. And since there can’t be a screen without a good speaker behind it, there they are. 5500 watts of sound. As you can imagine, such a record must be exploited, right? Well, every hour on the dot, from the afternoon until 1:00 am, depending on the season in which you visit, is projected a musical show that leaves you speechless. Bon Jovi, Linking Park, Greenday, The Who and many other artists take control of the screen and the speakers and all you can do is flip out with the atmosphere.

show musical freemont

We don’t stop looking at the ceiling, but now without waiting every hour sharp. And is that there is an incredible zip line, which you can slide either sitting, or Superman mode. Sitting costs $25 and you slide about two blocks. If you want to give free rein to the hero inside you, you’ll have to pay $49. It is not that it costs more money to make the goose lie down, but it is more than twice as long as the previous one. Hence the price increase.

Live concerts by bands that, although a priori not very well known, could well be selling records. Totally free, with an excellent rhythm, it is difficult not to find one that makes you stay there to see them at the first change.

Fremont Experience Las Vegas. Guía de visita

You will find several people offering what they do best, in exchange for a tip. Yes, and this is like watching a program like “Got talent”, which you might find an opera singer who makes your hair stand out, or perhaps the skill to highlight is “how to get kicked in the crotch and not be affected”. Yeah, we know what we just wrote and that’s just what we saw a few months ago. Among these posts, you will see some cool, others XXX and others of the most surreal, you are warned.

More things to see on Fremont Street

If the plans we’ve set up for you fall short, Fremont Experience has other hidden treasures.

Do you want to take a picture with a million dollars, well placed, ticket after ticket? All you have to do is go to Binion’s Club and be over 21.

Fremont Experience Las Vegas

Do you want to go see the neon museum? In Fremont you have one.

You haven’t been to Berlin but would like to see a piece of the famous Berlin Wall? Don’t worry, in Fremont you have a little piece to see it well. He’s in a men’s room at the Main Street Casino. The girls can see it, but accompanied by someone from security.

Are you anxious to find the mythical neon cowboy, who has appeared hundreds of times on television? A gold nugget the size of your head? Well, here it is, too. In Fremont Experience!

gosi vegas

Well molaviajeros, we hope you liked this post about Fremont Experience in Las Vegas. It’s undoubtedly one of our essential plans to make in Las Vegas. You already know that any traveler’s doubt that you have, of this and other subjects, you can write to us through the contact form and we will give you a hand as soon as possible.

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