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Hello Molaviajeros! Today we come to have a “virtual coffee” with you to tell you about one of the projects that we are carrying out and that will see the light in the coming months. It is something that you have asked us a lot by mail, in comments on the blog, in networks… And finally, today we come to tell you that we are fully for a couple of months writing the New York travel guide Molaviajar.

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Why write a New York guide?

With all the material we already have published, you will tell us… Yes, it’s true, we have a video guide to New York with almost 100 chapters, a lot of posts on what we like best about Manhattan or its surrounding neighborhoods, routes made to walk around the city, the map of Manhattan and some other neighborhoods like Central Park that we love… But after taking out the book from the West Coast travel guide, many of you asked us to get to work to take out the New York travel guide from Molaviajar and we did.

Not that we’re the genius of the lamp, but you know that your desires are orders for us, so Gosi and I talked and said, “What, we cheer up?” And from there came a: “Of course!” So here we are working hard so that as soon as possible, you have in your hands the New York travel guide of Molaviajar.

What’s so special about New York’s guide to Molaviajar?

Hopefully a lot! And it is going to be a guide that we are doing personally, with all the advice that we would have liked to have the first times we visited New York, so that our trip would have been perfect without having to invest all the time of the world in preparing it. It’s said soon, but it’s not an easy task!

For that, we have just returned from a trip from New York and soon we will return there, because we are preparing exclusive videos that can only be seen by those who have the book, routes through the sites we consider more interesting that will complete those we have in the blog and Youtube channel, giving options for all tastes. And we are illustrating them in our own way, Molaviajar style!

New York has us in love, so why not put into one book all the experience we have gained after so many trips there?

Guía de Nueva York Molaviajar

IATI helps us get it back.

Of course… Writing a book, correcting it, illustrating it, editing it, printing it and distributing it, is hard work and above all, expensive. You saw that in order to take out the travel book of the West Coast, less than half a year ago, we need a support like IATI insurance, which allowed us to make the project possible and not only that, but had the DETAILS of, in addition to giving you 5% discount on hiring their travel insurance, make it possible that we could give you 5000 guides that were sold out in 24 hours!!!!!! We’re still hallucinating…

That’s why last week we travelled to Barcelona to present this new project and after the success of the previous one… They said yes again!

We have promised not to tell anything else until the project is more advanced, but we know that from the Instagram @iatiseguros will be escaping these months details and surprises that will leave you flipping out.

seguro viaje nueva york Guía de Nueva York Molaviajar

When does the guide come out?

No doubt, this is the million-dollar question! For us, this New York travel guide from Molaviajar would come out today! But to bring such a project to light, with care, detail and affection, requires some time. We’ve been working on it for a couple of months now, but we have to go back to New York in a couple of months to personally see absolutely everything we’re going to tell you in the guide. Therefore, we ask for a little more time… and the wait will be rewarded.

Meanwhile, and as the other time there was such a flood of orders that the guide ran out in 24 hours, we are going to leave you here below a form so that you can leave us your mail. We commit ourselves to two things:

1.We are not going to send you any Spam.

2. We will let you know the date of departure of the guide so that you are attentive. Imagine that by chance the guide came with a surprise… Better to find out the first one so as not to run out of a copy as happened with the previous one! No? 😉

Well Molaviajer@s, wishing to give you more information soon, we hope to get the New York guide out of Molaviajar as soon as possible! In the meantime, you already know that you can ask us any questions about your trip to New York or to any destination, through the enquiry form.

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