Travel Guide West Coast of United States by Molaviajar

Hello Molaviajer@s! You know that we did not stop quietly… During this last year we have been telling you that we were immersed in a new project. Effectively! We were working very hard on making our own travel guide to the West Coast of the United States. It’s been a challenge for us. A lot of work and effort that has had a brutal reception, so we can say that so much work was worth it and a lot!

Index of Contents

Why write a West Coast book?

It is more or less difficult for all of us to overcome the fear of blank paper when we plan a trip. Yes, yes, all of them. Us too! But you know we’re always trying to help you. Either through our YouTube channel of Molaviajar, through the blog, or through our contact form, where we help you free of charge to prepare your trips.

The fact is that a few months ago we were completing the video guide of the West Coast and we thought… Why not write our own travel guide of the West Coast of the United States? And it’s just that sometimes, travel guides don’t get to the point much, so said and done. From a few months to this part, we devoted all our efforts to writing the West Coast travel guide that we would have liked to have when we prepared our first trip there.

What’s so special about the West Coast of Molaviajar travel guide?

Well, it has many special things for us… Apart from being our first book, through this 352-page, full-color guide, we invite you to travel with us, as one of the family, on the trip that we toured the west coast of the USA and a lot of national parks, during 2018.

Not being our first visit to the area, we already knew a little how to manage the visits by places. So with this guide we intend to create your own route along the west coast, is easy, simple and above all, enjoyable. Through our experiences and anecdotes, the photos you will find in the guide and all the multimedia content associated with each chapter through scannable QR codes that provide more information on each area, you will be able to create a route tailored to your tastes, budgets and availability.

What will you find in this travel guide?

We have divided the book into several sections to make it enjoyable for you. First, all the advice you should know before preparing a trip to the west coast of the USA. Yes, yes, all that when a friend of yours goes on a trip you’ve already made, you say to him: “Beware of…” “Don’t forget…” “Eye on…” All these tips are collected at the beginning of the book and throughout each chapter.Apart from the preparations, we also talk to you about all the stages of the trip itself. How to distribute the visits, which parks we liked best, which places are our favourites, where we like to take breaks, etc… All dressed up with the QR codes and with the travelling molaconsejos: Experiences that we have lived and that we want you to live too, or better still, that you don’t have to go through them.As we are nobody without a map, we wanted to illustrate all the stages, so that they have a molaviajero style and we do not miss any detail. So each stage goes with its own map: parks, cities, routes…And who likes trekking? In this travel guide to the West Coast of the United States we wanted to talk about and illustrate the most important trekkings in each national park. There is no excuse not to move your skeleton!

And that these are just a few brushstrokes of all the content that you will find inside the book.

Where can I buy and what is the price of this West Coast travel guide?

Very simple, in Molaviajar’s shop. We’re a little Juan Palomo, I stew it, I eat it. We leave you here the link of the store

On the cost, many of you already saw it, thanks to the collaboration of Iati Seguros (which in addition to being our favorite travel insurer, through this link makes you a 5% discount on travel insurance), we give away 5000 books in 25 hours. I mean, the first edition was an absolute success!

In this second edition, as many people ran out of copies, we have decided to put a promotional price of 7.95 euros instead of the 21 euros in which it is valued. No Molaviajero is left without his guide!

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Well Molaviajeros, we hope you like our West Coast travel guide as much as we do. And you know, any traveler doubt you have, whether related to the West Coast of USA, New York, London … You know where we are, write us through the contact form and we give you a hand as soon as possible.

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