Room Mate Grace Hotel in New York. Experience and opinion

Hello Molaviajer@s! As many of you often ask us about where it is best to stay in New York, in addition to the post with the 80 New York hotels recommended by the Molaviajeros, we usually do reviews of the hotels in which we stay. We already have the New Yorker review, the Yotel review, the Pennsylvania hotel review and some others. The fact is that on the last trip to New York, we decided to book the Room Mate Grace to evaluate it well. To do this, we paid as one more guest and of course, we did not warn of what we were going to do, we wanted to “catch them by surprise”. We can tell you that Grace is a temptation for those who are looking for a downtown hotel where Spanish is spoken!

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Room Mate: Boutique hotels that were born from a cafe among friends

Maybe you already know the Room Mate, don’t you? It would not be surprising, since this chain of Spanish origin, has boutique hotels all over the world. Madrid and Barcelona are the cities that take the prize, but not the only ones. Wherever there is a cool capital, there you can find a Room Mate: Paris, Florence, Milan, San Sebastian … They are just a sample of the pile of cities that has Room Mate in Europe. But it doesn’t stay that way, but on the other side of the pond, like in Mexico City, Miami and in our favorite capital of the world, New York with its Room Mate Grace, we can also find these cool hotels.

The most curious thing is that this great company was born from a coffee among friends. One day, they thought that there wasn’t a single hotel in Madrid that met their needs. They wanted to sleep in the center of the city, in a cool place, and in a place that didn’t have a thousand services they weren’t going to use. However, they wanted to have a king’s breakfast without having to get up too early. And from there, these hotels came out.

Room Mate Grace: a little piece of Spain in New York

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Room Mate Grace is a great choice for those looking for something downtown New York. Come on, you could almost say that if you fall out of bed, you appear in the middle of Times Square!

That’s cool enough, but the fact of going into the hotel to check in, asking the typical “Do you speak spanish?” question and being politely answered: “sure, what can I help you with?” Well, we thought it was great, since on many occasions, you ask us about a hotel in the center where Spanish is spoken and this complies with everything.

The hotel inside

Once we checked in, we followed the way to the elevator, decided to go up to the room, but we didn’t make it… Why? Because we saw a swimming pool right next to us! And of course, we had to go in and gossip…

The fact is that we have seen many swimming pools in hotels around the world, but few in New York and although it is not something that is usually used, because in New York you kick all day kicking the city, there we leave that option for the more aquatic.

The swimming pool is located next to the bar and very close to this room, you will find the sauna and the gym. We made the excesses in the walks through the city, but if you are looking for something else, Room Mate Grace offers the option.

What are Grace’s rooms like?

Next important point, because no matter how nice the hotel is on the outside the main thing is that the rooms are comfortable. After all, after kicking New York up and down, we’re looking for a comfortable bed. Well, this bed is, although it is true that we arrived so tired that we could have slept standing up!

As you will see in the video we made and that we will leave you in the post, the rooms are a bit dark, since the street in which the hotel is located is not too wide.

They have a very cool design, but don’t expect to find excessively large rooms. Not only in the Room Mate, this goes with the general trend of hotels in New York. Few of you will find (at reasonable prices for what New York is) that have a large living area. In the case of Grace, there are several types and a higher price, usually accompanied by a greater breadth.

The room we paid for was one of the largest, but we asked them to show us some other room with cheaper prices and it gave us the feeling that the difference in size was not very big. In addition, it should be noted that the room is used very few hours a day and for sleeping. That said, our advice is not to pay much more for the big one. We leave here the photos of two of the normal ones

The bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer and the typical: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body cream. If you forget something at home, you can go down to ask for it at reception, which sometimes have things available. From what we saw, the bathroom is not the same in all the rooms, you will see some examples of it in the video that we will leave you. In some, the toilet is separated from the sink and the shower, while in others, everything remains within the same room.

We were struck by the fact that along with the typical fridge with drinks and some snacks, all paid for, we found a copy of the declaration of human rights. It never hurts to have it well present 😉

How’s the breakfast at Room Mate Grace?

The hotel does not have a restaurant for dinners or lunches, but they do serve buffet breakfast, which is not spectacular but it is more than enough. Breakfast is usually available until 12:00 noon, so if the night before you went to visit some of New York’s best rooftops, no problem, you won’t stay without breakfast.

To enjoy them, there are two options. The first is to book the stay with breakfast included. The second is to have breakfast there as many days as you like. You just have to go, say the number of the room and they point and charge you the number of breakfasts you have made, at the end of your vacation. This was the option that we chose, because as you know, many days we had a coffee and a bagel on the street while we were on the road.

On breakfast prices, at the time of writing the post, (November’19) the price was at $15 per person. To give you an idea, when we visited the Novotel Times Square terrace, they charged $30 for buffet breakfast there. Possibly the second would have more variety, but it is also true that they charged twice as much.

In the buffet you can find several types of bagels, even bread more similar to what we are used to in Spain (with the limitations of being in USA, of course), cold cuts of the type: ham, chorizo, sausage … Cheese and tomato, both shredded and whole. There is also a corner for the sweetest, with pastries and another for lovers of scrambled eggs, which usually alternate with Bacon or Sausages. Fruits, yogurts and even waffles complete the breakfast along with coffees, infusions and milk.

By the way, if you prefer to have breakfast outside the hotel, very close to the Cranberry Cafe you have a deli where you can find fruit, coffees, bagels and many other things. It is located on the same sidewalk as Room Mate, towards Sixth Avenue. It is open 24 hours and has an immense lounge at the top where you can eat quietly.

What did we like the most about Room Mate Grace?

You can imagine after reading the post, but the location, the fact that they speak Spanish and that the rooms are comfortable (although a small hair) made us give an OK to the hotel.

Another thing we liked was that the hotel is quite detailed. What’s raining? They leave you an umbrella. What did you forget to buy your prepaid sim card for the USA? They leave you a wifi router to which up to 5 devices can be connected… Not bad, isn’t it?

And another good point is to have the deli we talked about above, under the hotel. This comes great when you kick the city intensely and it doesn’t give you life for dinner much, not even far from the hotel.

How much does it cost to sleep in Room Mate Grace?

It all depends on the season in which you travel, but at least $180 per night per room (think that this price is valid for a day of low season and weekdays), and thereafter … The hotels in Manhattan are not cheap at all and this has a medium-high price.

However, it is best to check the prices for the dates of your stay. We leave below the link to the hotel and much attention to the offers they have. Many times, they indicate it on the own web of reserve and clicking in the button “HERE” that you will see when you go to reserve, they will apply you a discount.

By the way, as always, if you encourage to make the reservation of what you need from our links, we help us to continue creating content for all Molaviajer@s

Well Molaviajer@s, we hope you liked this review of Room Mate Grace. For our part, you already know that any questions, hotels in New York, what to do when you get to the Big Apple, etc … You can write through the contact form and we will give you a hand as soon as possible.

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