IATI Travel insurance: 5% discount, opinions and advice. Updated

Travel insurance is one of the issues that generates a lot of debate as to which insurance offers better features and which a tighter price. In search of the best travel insurance we find IATI Seguros de viaje, a Spanish company that has a perfect medical insurance to travel. We came to her through a fellow blogger, and after taking a first look at her coverages and talking to them personally we’ll explain you, by points, why they convinced us and a few other tips.

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IATI Insurance

IATI Insurance 5% direct discount

Maybe you are a regular backpacker and maybe you know that, despite being very standardized already, we were the first to offer the famous 5% discount on IATI Travel Insurance after negotiating with them, so we will get to the point with the discount thanking you for your trust.

IATI Insurance discount

The 5% discount is automatic. Once on the IATI travel insurance website, and after putting the data in the form and giving it to CALCULATE BUDGET, you will see how the normal price appears and the price with the 5% discount applied.

It is necessary to access the IATI website from the previous button. Otherwise we will not receive notification of your purchase and YOU WILL NOT BE APPLIED THE DISCOUNT. Do not hesitate to write us for any doubt, we will be happy to help you.

Do I need travel insurance? You decide

We have met people who travel without travel insurance, we are not going to deny it, but it is such a personal decision that we are no one to criticize who so decides to travel.

Our opinion on the matter is that we prefer to travel calmly and with a good insurance thinking that in case of any accident we will only have to make a phone call and soon all the machinery of IATI Travel Insurance will start up. Without advancing money and without having to go looking for our lives. That’s why we’ve always traveled and will continue to do so with travel insurance.

Why do we choose IATI travel insurance?

After having tried Intermundial, Worldnomads and IATI Travel Insurance, we kept the latter for its fast, agile and efficient operation, and that was 8 years ago. Among other things we were convinced by the following:

Insurance Medical Expenses IATI

For us, the main part of a travel insurance is the coverage of medical expenses. Just like that. The rest of the coverages seem very good to us but it is not because of them that we decide one insurance or another, or at least in the “normal” trips that we usually make. Another thing is when you go to a country to do risk sports, scuba diving or trekking, that we do look at the other types of travel insurance offered by IATI insurances that are more suited to these trips, such as the IATI Backpacker.

The health section has to be taken into account since the costs of medical assistance on trips in many countries if you travel without travel insurance skyrocket considerably. In IATI insurance, they range from €40,000 from the Basic IATI to €500,000 from the premium IATI Estrella, which seems to us to be enough to travel with peace of mind. You only have to look at the price of insurance in other companies in the same space of time to see the differences.

CoveragePrice from 1 to 10 January IATI Seguros Estrella Premium500.000€83,67€* (with our IATI discount applied) Allianz Vacaciones Premium200.000€91€ Intermundial Totaltravel500.000€95,74€

Payment of travel medical assistance

Here in Spain we are not aware of the economic cost of medical care. Having social security makes us look after our health rather than the cost of health care, as it should be, and if we are travelling what better than to continue this practice in the same way. Many insurances with great coverage force you to pay the costs in advance, present the invoices later and then… they will return it to you! Although I have no doubt that it will be returned, we do not believe that you are under any obligation to advance payments that could amount to thousands of euros.

At IATI Travel Insurance travel assistance is very quick and simple: call them, tell them you have a problem and they take care of everything. You don’t have to prepay bills or anything like that, so you don’t need a VISA GOLD card if you have a mishap. This is a big advantage.

The language in IATI insurance

When you travel to a holiday country, the least you can expect is to have any accident or illness. If it were the case, you have enough with finding yourself badly, as if to call and to be answered in English; although you manage with the language, to hear a voice speaking your same language when you are fucked generates more confidence and tranquility. At IATI Seguros de Viagem they attend to you in your language, little more needs to be said.

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

Another million-dollar question. Sometimes there are those who write to us with this doubt and many times we do not know well what to answer, so if it is your case we leave some tips for you to know which product of IATI Travel Insurance can come better:

If you are one of those who prioritize health: No doubt go directly to IATI Estrella, is the largest medical coverage has: € 350,000, with optional cancellation insurance, and the most contracted to travel to countries such as the U.S. or Japan. If you want to choose the IATI Estrella Premium the coverage will shoot up to 500.000€. If you are going to do adventure sports: You can choose IATI Estrella, IATI Mochilero or IATI Estudios Estrella, which has this “option”, so you get more coverage for this type of trip, such as diving, trekking, etc … If you are going to make a short trip or Europe: With the IATI Standard you should have enough, although you already know, the sweeter the more sugar.If you are going on a study trip: If you are a student you can get a couple of very suitable travel insurances, such as IATI Standard Studies and IATI Star Studies. if for you the travel insurance is a mere formality: Hire the Basic IATI and at least you will have a minimum of coverage that will allow you to travel insurance. if your idea is to make a long trip give an eye to the new IATI Travel Insurance product: IATI BLOGGERS or GREAT TRAVELLERS. if your idea is to make a long trip, give an eye to the new IATI Travel Insurance product: IATI BLOGGERS or GREAT TRAVELLERS. It allows you to take out travel insurance that covers you for a whole year on trips of no more than 90 days or, on the other hand, a trip of more than 6 months up to a year without interruption. All at very competitive prices.

IATI Insurance opinions

After all these years travelling and recommending IATI Seguros, opinions of all kinds have been added to the comments section of this article, but if we have to offer our personal opinion, just say that IATI has always fulfilled when we needed them. While it is true that the first years (fortunately) we never had to call IATI for any mishap, it was in Thailand and later in Vietnam when we had to make use of travel insurance up to four times for some digestive problems Carme dragged from one country to another. They took care of everything at all times and the communication with them was perfect.

IATI Seguros opinones: Carme utilizando el seguro de viajeCarme using travel insurance


The good guys at IATI have increased the medical coverage (the most important thing for us) without touching the price of the travel insurance, and something tells me that some surprises are still expected:

IATI Basic: from 30,000 to 50,000€IATI Standard: from 80,000 to 200,000€IATI Star: from 200,000 to 350,000€ (and in premium to 500,000€)IATI Backpacker: from 100,000 to 250,000€IATI Bloggers and great travellers: from 70,000 to 200,000€ (World) and from 20,000€ to 50,000€ (Europe)IATI Family: from 80,000 to 200,000€.

Almost nothing!

Finally, enjoy your well-deserved vacations without any setbacks, and you can achieve this by taking out the best travel insurance, iati’s or whatever you decide.