Iati insurances: Why are they the best travel insurance?

Hello molaviajer@s! Today we come to show you how important it is to leave home with good travel insurance. We do not get tired of repeating it, and is that unfortunately, the mishaps usually come when we least expect them … Luckily iati sure is there to make them more bearable and on top of that, makes a 5% discount to molaviajer@s from this link and incidentally wants to tell you something about the guide to New York … Keep reading and we will tell you.

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What is Iati insurance?

Iati Seguros is an insurance brokerage, which specializes in travel insurance and has over 125 years of experience, in which they have handled cases of all kinds.

They offer different types of travel insurance to suit the needs of each traveler in budget and characteristics and although we do not want to advance content, we tell you that it is one of the few companies with which you do NOT have to advance funds in case something happens while traveling and this is VERY IMPORTANT.

Why travel with travel insurance?

The short answer is: because no one is spared from something happening to him while travelling. If we extend a little more, we must know that as the problems do not usually come alone and these mishaps are usually accompanied by a significant economic outlay depending on the damage and the country.

Being in Spain, we don’t usually worry about visits to the doctor, but there are certain countries in the world where bills skyrocket and this excess is paid at a gold price.

If the holidays are already a big budget, this type of unexpected expenses do nothing but inflate it, which is a real chore (not to say worse). Below we tell you real cases in which they have needed 150,000 euros after, for example, a hit and run in the United States … As if you were not already annoyed enough with what happened, to prepare the wallet …

seguro de viaje, precios sanidad tailandia travel insurance PRICES HEALTH THAILAND

If I already have private health insurance, what do I want to hire Iati insurance for?

Sometimes you ask us questions like this, or tell us that you have taken out the typical travel insurance offered by the flight company when buying the tickets, or that if you use the credit card insurance, that you are not entirely sure if it is good enough …

We always tell you the same thing: First of all, you need to know what kind of insurance coverage you have, and the most important is usually the health coverage that your insurance covers when you are travelling abroad. That’s the most important thing (although not the only thing, we’ll tell you below).

To give you an idea of prices, Iati Seguros’ most basic travel insurance currently covers up to 50,000 euros if you need medical care abroad. A private health insurance usually covers a maximum of 15,000 euros. And watch out, even if it seems that the difference is much, unfortunately it is not always enough.

And see if it is a coincidence that just today a molaviajera who has private insurance send us this message via Instagram.

What is the health coverage that my travel insurance has to have in order to be able to travel safely?

A number of factors are involved here, but two stand out:

What is the destination of your trip?

Friends, destinations like the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand… They have health systems that will have very good quality, but also very high prices. It is clear that we never want to visit the doctor, let alone on holiday, but if, unfortunately, we have a problem, depending on the severity of the problem, it will be VERY good for us to have coverage of at least 200,000 euros.

What are your needs?

Yes, because during a trip there can be various mishaps. It’s a good thing that insurance doesn’t just take care of you when you have a health problem.

It is possible that a close relative gets sick while we are travelling and we have to return home before our time, that our luggage is stolen, that our luggage is lost, or that for reasons beyond your control, we miss a connecting flight, as happened to us on one of our last trips…

In this case, you have to look at the rest of the travel insurance cover, in addition to the health cover. Iati insurance offers several types of travel insurance and each of them covers one coverage or another. What we recommend in such cases, is to evaluate how much all these things cost to assess which insurance offers the best coverage for your trip.

But then… What do you need to look for when you take out travel insurance?

To the point: When you have to go on a trip and you want to be covered, you need to check whether you have contracted (and how much coverage) for the following:

– Who takes care of the expenses in case of problems and if you have to advance the money or takes care of the whole insurance company, which is most desirable.

– What is the medical assistance coverage abroad (medical coverage in case you have health problems yourselves while travelling)?

– If it includes theft and damage to luggage.

– Repatriation and transportation in case of illness or worse.

– Displacement of a family member in case of problems during the trip.

– Coverage in case of loss of links or delay of the means of transport.

– Is travel cancellation insurance included? I mean, if something happens before you leave on a trip, and you can’t travel, are they going to reimburse you? VERY important especially in case of buying flights well in advance … We have saved a couple of times to lose all the money of our trips.

Types of travel insurance offered by Iati

At present, iati insurance offers, among others, the following types of travel insurance:

The differences between them are the coverages that each one offers or the duration of the trip.

What we always recommend is that you look at the conditions of each one in detail. That will make you decide on one or the other according to your needs. And if you have doubts, write to us through the form, and we will help you to solve them.

How much does it cost to take out insurance with IATI outside Europe?

Here you can see the approximate prices of various types of travel to United States with Molaviajar discount. It is not worth the trouble to travel and bear in mind that prices are reduced when talking about Europe.

How do you take out iati insurance in less than a minute?

Taking out iati travel insurance is as simple as following the instructions in the following video:

How to buy the best travel insurance in 1 min.

How did IATI travel insurance work for us? Our experience

For better or for worse, many years travel with them and many times using it.

During all these years and travels, IATI has saved us from paying the bills for several health problems

-A complication with a mole in Kuala Lumpur.

-A stomach infection in Bali.

-Three bacterial infections in the throat in the U.S.

– Several points on Óliver’s eyebrow after “hugging the bedside table too fondly” in Thailand. (If travelling alone is complicated sometimes, imagine yourself with children)

-A conjunctivitis in Amsterdam. After contacting the insurance the clinic sent me the directions via whats app to visit her.

By always contracting it with cancellation, you have reimbursed us the expenses of three trips:

-A trip to the national parks of the West Coast: Gosi had a problem with his back and had to be low… Iati insurance saved us 1500 euros.

-A route through California. I broke two fingers of my right hand and luckily, I didn’t have to cross the fingers that were healthy for us to return the money, without problems, they did.

-The loss of a link to New York after the company delayed our flight by more than 6 hours.

-And that’s not to mention the clothes we bought with insurance compensation for the loss of a suitcase (by the airline) when we arrived in New York in the middle of winter.

reclamacion maleta vuelos

It’s not that we’re passionate about amortizing travel insurance, but luckily or unfortunately, as you can see, we’ve amortized them all.

Steps to follow in case you have to call iati insurance while traveling:

Iati insurances makes everything quite easy, we only recommend that you have the contracted policy at hand. This is sent to you when you contract the travel insurance, to the e-mail address you indicate. (Remember that from our link you have a 5% discount)


Once the mishap is over, the first and most important thing is to stay calm.

The next thing is to call the insurance. For this, iati seguros offers a collect number. You can call from your phone number. Iati will return the cost of the call. Still, my advice is to have some money in Skype to be able to call phones and mobiles at a reduced price, which abroad usually comes in handy. The telephone number to call is the one on the policy.

In the call, they will ask you what has happened and give you directions to follow:

The normal process is to be hung up to fix the situation and then called back to refer you to the hospital you spoke to. (If you don’t have a phone number to call, you can give them an email). They’ll give you directions on what to do and where to go.

If the thing is more urgent, as happened to us with Óliver, in the same call they told us to go to the nearest hospital and tell them what it was. They were in charge of contacting the hospital, which treated us without problems and without having to pay us for the visit.

This visit cost a scare and a little more than 150 euros, but it must be said that the mishap was in Thailand. If it had been in the United States, we know that the amount would have been much higher, for example Oliver’s check in Page cost $268.

precio visita al medico en EEUUprice visit to the doctor in USA

How is healthcare in the United States and other countries?

Look, to give you an idea, we leave you an illustration with examples obtained from real cases.

descuento iati seguros molaviajar

And here’s a video with a much bigger scare than ours, whose bill went up over 150,000 euros…

We have to go to the hospital in America. Travel Insurance

Frequently asked questions we receive about iati insurance:

Many times you ask us things that we think it’s best to share with all of you through this post, for example:

“I travel to “country x” What travel insurance is right for me?” Well… That’s a very personal decision. We choose the star for destinations like USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. Look what happened to a molaviajera (we saved 90,000 euros to a follower).

We save a follower €90,000

“I’m not Spanish, can I take out iati’s travel insurance?” No problem, it can be taken out by any “citizen of the world”.

“If you are Spanish and have access to the European Health Insurance Card, you will not need it in case of emergency. For the people of Latin America we do recommend it. In any case, it must be taken into account that the travel insurance also covers, depending on the policy chosen, theft, cancellation in case you cannot travel, loss of documents, priority attention in private hospitals… So for the price it usually costs, we do contract it. In case you need it, you have the comfort that they guide you on where to go and you don’t have to go looking for a hospital in a country you don’t know.

“If I have contracted a cancellation, can I cancel the trip if I feel like it?” No. The cancellation of the trips and the reimbursement of the same, is usually done without problems, provided that the assumptions of the condition are fulfilled: That you get bad before traveling, that someone in your family gets bad, that you are fired from work … But not a: “I do not feel like traveling tomorrow …”.

5% discount on iati insurance and gift for Molaviajer@s

Yeah! We’re lucky! If you take out your travel insurance with iati insurances and you do it entering from this link, you will get a 5% direct discount when you contract your travel insurance.

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Well Molaviajeros, we hope that this post in which we tell you why we always travel with iati insurance, has served you useful. You already know that if you have any doubt, you can write to us through the form, and we will give you a hand.

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