How to have internet in Japan

The truth is that we do not imagine traveling without internet on the mobile, although there is wifi everywhere surely when we need it most we will not find anywhere, it is Murphy’s law! That’s why we always buy a sim card!

We already talked a little about this topic in the post of tips to travel to Japan for the first time, but here we will give you all the details to have internet in your trip to Japan.

Today we use it a lot! To search for hotel addresses, restaurant reviews, check out the Living in Travel blog which has a super cool Japan guide… hehe!

But above all to have Google Maps! And not get lost in the Japanese streets.

But don’t panic, today we tell you how to have internet in Japan to have everything under control!

How to Have Internet in Japan – SIM Card

There are different ways to have internet while traveling in Japan, but our recommendation is that you buy a SIM card before leaving home and land in Japan with internet on your mobile!

Why is that? I don’t know. Because unlike the wifi pocket, you do not have to carry any device, keep it with battery and take care of it to not break it or lose it, just put the sim card on the mobile and ready!

Holafly SIM cards are the fastest and easiest way to have internet in Japan:

You buy your SIM card before you leave on your trip
You insert it in your mobile when you arrive in Japan (not before) and follow a few quick instructions
You’re online now!

And the best of all is that Holafly has a chat in Spanish 24 hours that helps us solve any problem we may have with our card, this gives us a lot of security.

There are cards for 7, 8 or 15 days depending on your trip, you can have a look here at the prices of each one updated.

Internet in Japan – Advantages of the SIM card

  • Unlimited data! Oh yeah!
  • The process is very fast so as not to waste time on your trip to Japan.
  • If your mobile phone has the option to share the internet, you can share data with the rest of the group or with your partner. This is a great advantage! Because you don’t have to buy a SIM card for everyone.
  • Free home delivery in 72 hours.
  • Help 24 hours in Spanish
  • You also keep your WhatsApp number to keep talking to your friends and family and send them photons from Japan!
  • Watch out! You have to have a free cell phone to be able to put in a SIM card from another company that works.
  • If in your case you do a route through Japan in 21 days as we did, you can buy two SIM cards, this way you make sure you have internet during the whole trip.
  • The wifi pocket (in our opinion) is a bit of an uncomfortable option, as you have to charge with the device plus the charger. With all the technology we carry on every trip, we just need to bring another device!
  • In addition, you don’t have to worry about returning your SIM card at the end of your trip, another big advantage.