Itinerary of trip to Indonesia in 31 days of Tatiana i Rubèn

Review of the itinerary of the trip to Indonesia: From Indonesia we took the most spectacular landscapes of the entire trip. The orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, on a Klotok (open deck boat) along the river for three days. Jogjakarta, Borobudur, Prambanan, and get lost in the alleys.

The Bromo Volcano, an almost lunar and strange, spectacular landscape. Nusa Penida (in Bali) in low season, without almost tourists, was a space of tranquility and rest, previous to know the beaches of Bukit, the temple of Uluwatu, and the hypnotizer Kechak, the dance in which the legend of Ramaiana is represented.

The trip from Flores to Lombok for four days, passing through Komodo National Park, spectacular islands and islets, highlighting Pulau Padar. In Lombok we find a haven of peace in Tetebatu, a village in the centre of the island, surrounded by rice terraces and hidden waterfalls. One of the places where we extended our stay just because it was good. And, the beaches of Kuta, to the south, beautiful and paradisiacal.

Back to Bali, we settled in Ubud, where we had one of the very few disappointments of the trip. Waiting for something quiet, we found something very different. Luckily, with the freedom that the rental motorbike gave us, we were able to discover some corner, like Sidemen, about 30 km away, which left us speechless. But if for Malaysia, we needed four months, for Indonesia, a lifetime!

It would be fair to say that we were in a corner of Kalimantan (in Borneo), some Java, a little Bali, and some places between Flores and Lombok, not counting the bits of the latter. Counting that we did not set foot in Sumatra, nor the remaining 16994 islands… I do not know if it is very fair to say that we have been in Indonesia.

Travellers: Tatiana i Rubèn

Budget: 1200€


Departure date: 17/03/2018 – Return dates: 16/04/2018

Pulau Padar, en el parque nacional de KomodoPulau Padar, in Komodo National Park

Travel Itinerary to Indonesia

Day 1Bus trip. Kuching (Malaysia) – Pontianak (Indonesia). Border crossing. Arrival late afternoon.Day 2Flight Pontianak – Pangkalambun (with stopover somewhere…). Arrival at noon. Day 3-4Orangutans. Tanjung Puting National Park. Company Jenie SubaruDay 5Orangutanes. Tanjung Puting National Park. Back after lunch. Flight to Jogjakarta (arrival night). Day 6JogjakartaDay 7Jogjakarta. Borobudur and villages on the slope of the Merapi volcano. Day 8Jogjakarta. Prambanan.Day 9Jogjakarta. KratonDay 10Travel by train Jogjakarta – Probolinggo – (and van) Cemoro Lawang.Day 11Morning excursion to Bromo: very early in the morning (3h in the morning), ascent to the viewpoint over the volcano. Volcano descent. Back to Cemoro Lawang. Afternoon, return in van to Probolinggo. Night: travel by train to Banyuwangi (East Java). Day 12Arrival in Banyuwangi at dawn, boat to Gilimanuk (Bali). Bus (4h) from Gilimanuk to Dempasar. Transport to Sanur. Boat to Nusa Lembongan (arrival mid-afternoon). Day 13-14Nusa LembonganDay 15Nusa Lembongan. Snorkle Lembongan – Penida.Day 16 Boat to Bali (port of Sanur), transport to cap a Bingin (peninsula Bukit). Arrival at noon. Day 17Bukit. Padang Padang and Uluwatu Beaches, Temple of Uluwatu.Day 18Bukit. Surf class, at Balangan beach.Day 19Transport to Dempasar airport. Flight to Labuan Bajo (Flowers). Arrival in the afternoon.Day 20Tour Komodo (Flowers to Lombok).Day 21-22Tour KomodoDay 23Tour Komodo. Arrival in Lombok in the morning. Transport to Tetebatu (center of Lombok) (arrival at noon). 24 Tetebatu Day. Visit waterfalls of the villages in the area, rice terraces. 25 Tetebatu day. Day 26 Taxi ride from Tetebatu to Kuta. Motorbike tour of the beaches west of Kuta (Mawi, Tampah Beach). Sunset at Princess Mandalika.27Kuta Day. Platja tanjung Aan (east of Kuta). Sunset at Merese Hill. 28th DayTransport Kuta – Lembar. Boat Lembar (Lombok) – Padangbai (Bali). Transport Padangbai – Ubud (center of Bali) (arrival to Ubud at night). Day 29Ubud. VisitDay 30Ubud. Return to Sidemen and return to Bali at the end of the afternoon. Day 31Ubud. Temples. Night: Flight to Manila.


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