Sara’s 16-day travel itinerary to Madagascar

Summary of the itinerary for the trip to Madagascar: I went to Madagascar to feel the purest freedom, the wildest independence. To touch it, to chew it, to feel all its weight in my backpack.

There I descended the Tsiribihina river, walked the Tsingy of Bemaraha, the avenue of the Baobabs, lived in a house with a family who have a school in Morondava and ended up discovering the beaches and the night in the wonderful Nosy Be.

Thank you, Madagascar, for breaking me so hard with that sensitivity. Because I don’t come back a different person, I come back a better person.

Travellers: Sara

Budget: 1600 euros (all included)


Departure date: 09/11/18 – Return date: 24/11/18

Avenida de los Baobabs. MorondavaAvenue of the Baobabs. Morondava

Travel Itinerary to Madagascar

Day 1Flight from Santiago to MadagascarDay 2Arrival in Antananarivo and direct trip to AntsirabeDay 3Travel from Antsirabe to MiandrivazoDay 4-5Downstreaming of Tsiribihina RiverDay 6End of descent to Tsiribhina River and trip to BekopakaDay 7Tsingy from BemarahaDay 8Drop from Bekopaka to MorondavaDay 9-10MorondavaDay 11Flight from Morondava to AntananarivoDay 12Flight from Antananarivo to Nosy BeDay 13AmbatoloakaDay 14Nosy IranjaDay 15Nosy SakatiaDay 16International flight from Nosy Be to Spain


Route map