The Friends house in New York

Travelers! We’re going back to New York today, but to tell you something different. Today we’re here to talk to you about one of our favorite series: Friends. How many fans of this show, we are looking like crazy where is the Friends house in New York? And it’s so cool to go and see him, almost expecting that at any moment, Rachel or Monica would come out of the window!

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Is it possible to visit the Friends’ apartment in New York?

We have two answers to this question, one is cool and the other is not… We’ll start with the cool one: You can see the outside of the Friends’ house in New York. The bad one? That Friends was recorded in a studio in Los Angeles, so don’t even dream of seeing it inside in New York. And just in case there was any doubt, you can’t have a coffee at the mythical Central Perk either, since it doesn’t exist outside the set.

Where’s the Friends house in New York?

You’ll find it on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. Specifically, this is where Monica and Rachel were supposed to live in an apartment and Chandler and Joey were supposed to live across the street.

This is quite questionable nowadays… Did you know that the rent you would have to pay to be able to stay in an apartment like that and with that location, would exceed 5000 euros per month? With the exception of Chandler, whose job seemed to be an unknown almost until the end of the series, the rest of the protagonists did not seem to have salaries that would allow them to afford this budget…

Can I see more Friends locations in Greenwich Village?

Yes, although it’s true that the one most seen on TV and which will bring back the most memories is the one between Grove and Bedford. Still, if you remember, Ross lived across the street from Monica and Rachel, so the location of his house would be across the street from the previous one, on the opposite corner of Groove Street. Moreover, it is in this area that the mythical “Central Perk” cafeteria was located. And it’s too bad it doesn’t exist, because I’m sure it would be a success!

If you want to finish a “Friends tour” in the area, very close to there is also Phoebe’s apartment, specifically at number 5 Morton Street. Right here.

Outside Greenwich Village, you could see Ross working at the Natural History Museum, Rachel in Bloomingdales… And the odd location we’ll tell you about in another post.

Visiting the “Friends pop up” in New York

But… How could we visit the inside of Friends’ house in New York if we just told you that we can’t? Well, here’s a little trick… On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first chapters of the series that were broadcast on television, temporary exhibitions were held in various cities around the world. These included objects that were used in the series, within what was intended to be a recreation of several of the Friends’ sets. In New York, this “Friends pop up” took place in September 2019. The tickets were too expensive in our opinion for what you could see ($35 per person) and they sold out right away. Good thing we were lucky to get a couple of them.

As soon as we entered, we were able to take a picture of the fountain in the entrance, where the actors were dancing accompanied by umbrellas. Did you know that this fountain is supposedly inspired by the Pulitzer fountain? You will find it on 5th Avenue in front of the Plaza Hotel, here very close to where Chandler worked in the Solow building (location).

They had more cult objects in the exhibit, like a couch that Joey and Chandler took out in a move, all the hairstyles Rachel has gone through throughout the series, the letter she writes to Ross when they end their relationship, the sweater she wore that day, the turkey they put on their heads on Thanksgiving…

But while all this was fun, all you could see of Monica and Rachel’s apartment was the door, which was a little disappointing… At least Joey and Chandler’s apartment was recreated.

Where can you permanently visit the Friends’ home decoration inside?

If your fanaticism for Friends goes beyond that, we recommend that you think about taking a trip to Los Angeles. There you can find the set where the series was shot and where you can take some pictures in the same places that were in the series.

You can find them at Warner Bros studios, where you can get in with one of the Los Angeles Tourist Cards or by buying tickets for Warner Bros Studios separately

Well, my friends, we hope you liked this post and that with it you can easily find where Friends’ house is in New York. You know that any kind of doubt you may have during your travels, we will help you to solve it in the shortest time possible. Just write us an email through our contact form and we will be there!

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