The 11 craziest things seized from travelers at airports

Some of us are very careful and when we go to an airport we put the liquids in the bags, we don’t carry anything sharp. I’d say I even cut my nails so I wouldn’t have anything dangerous.

And when you think they’re all like that, you realize… NO!

There are some travelers who don’t read that don’t carry guns, bombs or the like.

There are people, believe it or not, who carry the most unusual, crazy and unbelievable objects to get on an airplane.

Well, just in case you had thought about it, I’m telling you that you can’t carry weapons, sharp objects or even some of these 11 things seized at an airport security checkpoint.

1. A ninja turtle in the airplane

I haven’t been able to know what this person was like, but because of the pair of saiz he was carrying, I’ll play with my head that it was Rafael, if not, who else would carry a weapon like this?

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - 01

2. A samurai souvenir

I imagine him thinking “I already have many magnets at home” and the postcards are boring so why not pass the check with a saber like this. No one was going to notice.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - 02

A somewhat large object

3. Since we do it we do it well

This passenger must have thought of passing a gun why not pass two and since there are three of us. He probably reached the metal detector arch by leaving his horse as Michonne in Walking Dead and walking slowly with a revolver on each side and the saber on his back. I think they took it all away because it’s a little hard to sit with all that on the plane.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos

Quite a warrior.

4. Another flying ninja

It seems that in some country ninja weapons are very cheap because I have seen several travelers with these things. The point is that here the friend went a little too far… what’s this about wearing a star?

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos

Not even the little star was missing.

5. Batcuchillito

Batman’s fan couldn’t even explain very well what he was doing with this defensive weapon that cuts hair in the air. I think that right now he should be with the ninjas in lost and found to see if they return the toy to him.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - 04

We’re missing Robin.

6. The little earwig

Yes, you who sometimes wonder if you can or not carry a scissors, do not miss the souvenirs of some. My only question would have been “Nice, what are you going to cut with this bug?

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Tijera

What’s this for?

7. But what is this?

I’ll be honest: I’ve never seen a gun like this before in my life. A whole act of originality combining an axe with a gun. I imagine the airport guards were more surprised than I that they didn’t even let him spend time at an airport.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Pistola

Two in one

8. Somewhat long nails

How did this person show his boarding pass? I imagine him scratching his head to get away… but he didn’t count on the blood effect attracting attention. Poor person, maybe he was traveling to go to the manicure in another city.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Uñas

I hope he didn’t scratch himself.

9. Nope, anti-tank missiles aren’t allowed either.

In case you had thought of it, carrying large bottles of water, aerosols or anti-tank missiles is not allowed. Apparently this person didn’t know about it or it caught his attention because his box was bigger than allowed.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Arma antitanque

When you thought you’d seen it all…

10. This is the bomb.

Man, if one is carrying a missile, another one has scissors bigger than the plane or the ninjas do their thing, because this poor passenger wasn’t going to try to take his or her flight with a bomb.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Bomba

Did you really intend to go through with this control?

11. Make way for Jason.

Maybe he knew that axes are not allowed so he tried a somewhat more modern alternative. The image of the airport guard is for framing. Now that I think about it, the one with the nails was maybe a tuned Freddy and the one with the chainsaw was masked Jason.

Cosas incautadas en aeropuertos - Motosierra

I’ve seen it all.