The 7 best excursions from London

If you are planning a trip to London and you have enough days you can consider doing some of the excursions from London in a day that we propose you in this post!

But watch out! London is not a small city and this list of 70 things to see and do in London is a sample of it, but if you are left some day off we recommend 100% to do some excursion and know a little more England.

We have the possibility of doing a lot of excursions from London, but in this list we highlight seven of them, with information to go for free or with tour.

Here we go with the 7 best excursions from London!

7 excursions from London – Index:


7 Excursions from London

1. Excursion to Windsor Castle from London

One of the most famous castles in England, not to mention the most famous!

This is where the wedding between Meghan Markle and Harry took place, and it is also the place where Queen Elizabeth II spends her holidays and some weekends.

The castle houses thousands of years of history linked to the British royal family, is one of the most essential excursions from London.

The State Apartments, one of the most admired areas of the castle, are decorated with important works of art belonging to the royalty. Sometimes this area is closed to the public because the royal family makes use of it.

Another important point is St George’s Chapel, where 10 kings of the British crown are buried and numerous royal weddings and funerals have been celebrated.

Since you are there, do not miss the opportunity to take a stroll through the picturesque city of Windsor, if it’s a good day you can stroll through Windsor Great Park, the largest park in the city or visit Eton College, one of the most exclusive schools in England.

→ How to go to Windsor Castle from London for free:

The easiest way is to go by train from London to Windsor, the journey takes 25 minutes.

Trains depart from Waterloo and London Paddington stations, and you have to get off at the Windsor & Eton Riverside stop, you can see prices and timetables on the Omio website.

Once there, at the Windsor & Eton Riverside train station, Windsor Castle is a 5-minute walk away.

You can buy the ticket there for £22.5 but if you want to save the ticket queue you can buy it in advance here, it includes an audio guide in Spanish.

If you have the London Pass the entrance is free, you can see the comparison of the tourist cards of London in this post.

Excursion from London to Windsor Castle

Activities in Windsor:

Entrance to Windsor Castle
Windsor Tourist Bus in Spanish

More info about the activities in Windsor and prices here

→ Excursion to Windsor Castle from London:

A more comfortable option is to book an excursion to Windsor Castle with a Spanish guide.

Includes bus transfers from London, tickets and a guide in Spanish, plus the tour passes through other historic places. You can book here.

2. Excursion to Stonehenge from London

Excursion to Stonehenge from London

The megalithic monument of Stonehenge holds many mysteries about its construction.

It is one of the most mysterious excursions from London, all the legends that accompany the monument are not exempt of enigmas and still today it is not known with certainty what it was built for, although theories about it are not lacking.

It is located south of London, very close to the cities of Amesbury and Salisbury.

→ How to go to Stonehenge from London for free:

To go to Stonehenge from London you can go by train to Salisbury and from the station itself take a local bus that will take you to Stonehenge.

The train departs from Liverpool St. in London and takes about 90 minutes to reach Salisbury.

It costs approximately 25€ per person (round trip) if we buy it in advance, you can compare the different prices and times on the Omio website.

You can buy the ticket to Stonehenge on the spot or in advance, it costs 20€.

Another option is to rent a car in London and make the visit for free.

→ How to get to Stonehenge from London with a Spanish tour:

We have two options for going to Stonehenge from London on an organised tour:

Book the excursion with transport and entrance fees, but with a guide in English. Book here.
Book a day trip with a Spanish speaking guide and visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath Spa. Book here.

3. Excursion to Oxford from London

Excursion from London to Oxford

Oxford is home to one of the world’s most important and famous universities, where 27 UK prime ministers and 29 Nobel laureates have studied.

As a university city that is not lacking colleges, the most famous and visited is the Christ Church College, which has a cathedral inside, so you can get an idea of the magnitude of the colleges of Oxford! However, it also has the title of being the smallest cathedral in Great Britain.

It has aroused even more interest since some of its corners served as inspiration to create the Harry Potter universe, such as Hogwarts’ large dining room.

We miss the views from the tower of the church of St Mary or the Bridge of Sighs, two things to see in Oxford that we could say exactly the same of its eternal rival, Cambridge, what we do not know is who copied from whom?

→ How to get to Oxford from London on your own:

Getting to Oxford from London by train is very easy, the journey takes about an hour and the university is very close to the train station.

Trains depart from London Paddington and Marylebone stations to Oxford, you can see timetables and prices on the Omio website.

Activities in Oxford:

Harry Potter’s tour of Oxford in Spanish
Free Oxford Tour in Spanish
Guided tour in Spanish
Spanish tourist bus
Tolkien Tour in Spanish

More info on Oxford activities and prices here.

→ Excursion to Oxford from London with Spanish speaking guide:

We can also visit the city on a guided tour from London in Spanish so as not to lose sight of the intricacies of Oxford.

He has very good opinions, you can consult here more information and prices.

Another option is to make a joint excursion to three of the most popular excursions from London, such as Windsor Castle, Stonehenge Monument and Oxford University, also accompanied by a Spanish speaking guide.

You can see here more information and prices of the excursion.

4. Cambridge Excursion from London

Cambridge Excursion from London

Another interesting excursion from London is to the beautiful university town of Cambridge.

We did this excursion from London on our own, we went into some colleges and enjoyed a great day out, and we were lucky enough to get some sunshine!

Among the most essential things to see in Cambridge we would highlight the King College and its famous chapel, the views from the top of Great St. Mary’s Church, the Bridge of Sighs and the magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum.

Another of the most visited places in the city is the Mathematical Bridge, the legend says that Isaac Newton built it without using nuts or screws but the truth is that it was built 22 years after he died….

Don’t forget to take a stroll around Trinity St, strolling through the medieval streets of downtown Cambridge seemed like going back in time.

We also made a video that we published in Instagram, we’ll leave it here:

→ How to get to Cambridge from London for free:

The fastest option to go from London to Cambridge on your own is the train, in just under an hour you are in Cambridge.

The train station is a short distance from the centre, we recommend you take a bus that leaves you in the centre of Cambridge in 5 minutes for £1.

Once in the centre, you can walk around all the most important points, or if you prefer, by bicycle.

The train leaves from the stations of King Cross, London Bridge and Liverpool St. in London, you can compare prices and timetables on the Omio website.

Activities in Cambridge:

Guided tour of Cambridge in Spanish
45-minute boat ride
Cambridge Tourist Bus

More info on Cambridge activities and prices here.

→ How to get to Cambridge from London with a guide:

There are no excursions from London that go only to Cambridge but there is one shared with Oxford and also with a guide in Spanish. You can book here.

5. Excursion from London to Stratford Upon Avon

Shakespeare’s daughter’s house in Stratford Upon Avon

Visiting Stratford Upon Avon, the village where Shakespeare was born, is one of the most famous London excursions among tourists.

Most visits in the city are related to the life and death of the famous writer, you can visit the house where he lived with his wife and daughter, and his grave in the Holy Trinity Church among other things.

→ You can book William Shakespeare’s house from here.

It’s a very charming English town, with fairytale houses and cobblestone streets, we recommend you to get a map of the city as soon as you arrive and walk its picturesque streets.

→ How to go to Stratford Upon Avon from London for free:

The best way to get to Stratford Upon Avon on your own is by train (as with most tours from London), it is almost 2 hours from London.

Once there the village is very small and you can walk around.

Trains to Stratford Upon Avon depart from London Marylebone station, you can see the updated prices and timetables on the Omio website.

Activities at Stratford Upon Avon:

Entrance to William Shakespeare’s birthplace
Stratford tourist bus in Spanish

More info on Stratford Upon Avon activities and prices here.

→ How to go to Stratford Upon Avon from London on a tour:

There is no exclusive tour to see the village of Shakespeare, but you can do a joint tour which also visits Oxford University.

This excursion to Stratford from London is one of the most opinions and very good! Here you have more info, schedules and updated prices.

6. Excursion to Brighton from London

Excursion to Brighton from London, in the picture your famous pier

The coastal city of Brighton is 85 km from the capital and is one of the farthest excursions from London on this list.

Two of the most popular tourist spots are the royal Brighton pavilion and the 160-metre high British Airways i360 Observatory Tower, which opened in 2016 and has magnificent views of the city and the English Channel.

Don’t miss the Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence built by George IV for his holidays. Brighton beach is considered one of the best beaches in England.

Activities in Brighton:

Climb to the British Airways i360 lookout tower
Entrance to the Brighton Royal Pavilion
Take a guided tour of Brighton in Spanish

More info about the activities in Brighton and advance tickets here

→ How to go to Brighton from London for free:

To go to Brighton by yourself is very simple, from the stations of St Pancras and Victoria in London there are frequent trains to Brighton, the journey takes about 50 minutes, you can see timetables and prices on the website of Omio.

Another cheaper option is the bus, but it also takes a little longer, about 2 hours from Victoria bus station.

7. Excursion to Harry Potter Studios from London

And let’s go with another of the most popular London excursions, the Harry Potter Studios!

If you’re a fan of the famous saga you can’t miss a day in the Harry Potter universe, you have to book your ticket weeks in advance because they sell out quickly! You can book the ticket from the official website.

If you don’t have time to do this tour but you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can also do this tour of London that goes through some of the movie stages.

→ How to go to Harry Potter Studios from London for free:

The studios are about 20 minutes by train from London.

They depart from London’s Euston Station to Watford Junction and from there you can take a Mullany’s Coaches bus which leaves every 15 minutes and drops you off at the studios door, the bus costs about £3.

You can see train timetables and prices on the Omio website.

→ A tour of Harry Potter’s studios from London:

Another easy and comfortable option is to hire the direct bus transfer, it leaves from the central Victoria station to the Harry Potter studios and once there you will have 3 hours and a half of free visit.

You can book only transport or transport + tickets, you have all the info prices and timetables here.

Hogwarts’ big dining room

Map of the best excursions from London:

And here’s our post with the most important excursions from London!

You can also have a look at the post to plan a free trip to London from beginning to end, with all the things you have to take into account for your trip.

We also help you to assess whether in your case (and for your type of trip) it is interesting to buy the London Pass or the London Explorer Pass.

And of course take a look at the 70 things to see and do in London, sure you won’t have time to get bored!

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