Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Today we tell you how to visit New York’s most famous Christmas lights in the Dyker Heights neighborhood! One of the essential things to do in New York at Christmas.

This neighborhood of Brooklyn is overturned with Christmas in a unique way, thousands of lights of all colors, snowmen and Santa Claus in all its forms are the delight of any passionate of these dates.

We visited it on our own and walked the streets on our own, but it’s also a good option to visit it with a tour in Spanish, they take you directly to the most incredible houses and tell you all the curiosities.

You also have our guide to New York at Christmas so you don’t miss anything of the city at this time, and many more articles from New York to organize your trip to the Big Apple!

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How to get to Dyker Heights from Manhattan
Dyker Heights, lights on dates
Dyker Heights on tour in Spanish
Tips for visiting Dyker Heights
Dyker Heights’ most impressive Christmas homes
Map of illuminated houses in Dyker Heights
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How to get to Dyker Heights from Manhattan:

The R subway line that passes through different points in Manhattan leaves us relatively close to the Christmas lighting of Dyker Heights, but in our opinion not enough to walk in winter, so we then took a bus.

Take subway line R to stop 86St in Brooklyn, as soon as you get out of the subway station take bus B1 (the stop is just in front of McDonalds) and get off at 86st/11Av.

*Below you have the map with the most important houses and the metro and bus stops indicated.

Once you have finished your visit to the Dyker Heights district, you can take the B1 bus at the intersection of 86st Street and 13th Avenue, or if you have moved away from the bus stop you can make the journey to the metro station with Uber or Lyft.

It will be a little more expensive, but if it’s very cold you’ll appreciate it, that’s what we did on the way back, we asked for a Uber to the metro stop.

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Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights, light-on dates:

There is no official date for turning on lights in Dyker Heights, but more or less they start assembling the decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving always falls on Thursdays and Friday is the famous Black Friday).

They say that the best time to visit the Dyker Heights Christmas lights is from the second half of December when all the neighbors already have the houses decorated.

We were there the second week of December and it seemed to us that everything was very decorated! It’s hard for us to think that he could be more…! 🙂

They keep them that decorated until New Year’s Eve.

Christmas decoration in the Dyker Heights district

Visit the Dyker Heights Christmas lights on tour in Spanish:

The most comfortable option to visit the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights is to do it with a Spanish tour.

They make stops at all the most important points and with a guide who counts all the curiosities in Spanish.

It is cheaper to do it for free and is the option we choose, but possibly if we return we would do it on tour, there are some houses that with public transport is more complicated to see and you waste a lot of time waiting for transport.

The private tour of Dyker Heights is available from December 1st, you can see all the info and prices here.

Visit Dyker Heights in New York

Tips for visiting Dyker Heights:

The temperature on this date in New York is quite low, if you go for free dress up very well to be a good time on the street!

Dyker Heights is a residential neighborhood and not an amusement park, although it seems more like the latter, we have to respect their privacy and not enter the gardens of houses.

We recommend you to go early, the ideal is from night falls until 21:00 – 21:30, if you go later some houses may have lights off.

If you’re in a hurry because you’ve been confused with a metro/bus stop, don’t panic! You can always shout “Taxi! In the purest New York style and that brings you directly to the neighborhood. Another option is to order a car with Uber.

But watch out! In the neighborhood itself you won’t find many taxis to return to.

Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights

The most impressive houses in Dyker Heights

There is practically no house in the Dyker Heights neighborhood without Christmas decoration, I think it is an indispensable requirement if you move there, we hallucinate at every step with the decorations, each more stunning than the previous one.

But there are two houses that were among the first to begin this tradition that still continue today, Lucy Spata House and Alfred Polizzotto House.

Lucy Spata House:

It was one of the first houses to start this Christmas tradition in Dyker Heights. They began to decorate in the 80’s until the last corner of their garden with all kinds of Christmas decorations and today the desire to decorate houses has spread throughout the neighborhood.

ADDRESS: 1152 84th St, below you have the map.

One of the most famous houses in Dyker HeightsChristmas decorations in Dyker Heights

Alfred Polizzotto House:

Alfred Polizzotto’s house is another of the first houses in the Dyker Heights district that began the tradition of decorating down to the last detail.

In this case, to celebrate Mr. Alfred Polizzoto’s cancer remission, its purpose was to bring joy to the neighborhood. In the house there are some donation boxes, all the money goes to the National Cancer Society.

The year Alfred Polizzotto passed away, all the Dyker Heights lights went out for one night.

Today, his family still maintains the tradition and is one of the most decorated houses in the entire neighborhood.

Alfred Polizzotto House and his two-story Santa Claus

Another famous house is the Casa Saitta right next to the house of Polizzoto, included in the State and National Register of Historic Places for preserving the original architectural and structural components of the time.

The house of Sam Livos also known as “Sam the Greek” decorated with more than 300,000 light bulbs is also one of the most famous, but is located about 1km from the rest.

Map of illuminated houses in Dyker Heights:

Although the most important houses are marked on the map, almost the whole neighborhood has the houses decorated and illuminated, you will enjoy for a while walking around there!

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Visit New York for Christmas

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And here’s our post about the Dyker Heights Christmas lights!

We hope that our post to visit the neighborhood of Dyker Heights will help you, whether you do it on your own or on an organized tour.

You can also use our Christmas guide in New York, with the best markets, skating rinks, Christmas trees and lots of tips for visiting the city on these special dates.

Ah! Also in our Instagram feature stories you can see our passage through Dyker Heights.

The Dyker Heights neighborhood has its own facebook page and profile in instagram, where you can follow more closely the info of the neighborhood.

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