The 5 cheapest hotels to sleep in London

Donde dormir en Londres

You can find accommodation for a good price.

Finding a place to sleep in London can be a headache if you don’t want to leave your savings there. We always recommend cheap trips so we look for the best options.

I don’t know how many times I’ve traveled to London. Maybe it’s because it’s a city that always offers things to do.

But there is one thing that is always a problem in London: it is not easy to find cheap accommodation.

I have opted for Airbnb many times, but prices have gone up so much on that platform that I am also looking for hotels and hostels.

Based on my experience I will recommend you where to sleep in London cheaply or at a very good price.

The good news is that there are many options.

In the capital you can find almost any type of accommodation. But of course, the most frequent will be the hotels with prices that can be quite high (90 euros per night approximately).

The 5 great value sleep accommodations in London

As I told you sleep in cheap London can be a real challenge, but fortunately there are many places in this wonderful city.

Here are 5 accommodations that may be the best option for you if your budget is not too high.

Corus Hotel Hyde Park

I’ll say it again in case you missed it earlier. London is not a cheap place so to say that something has a good price is likely to have a higher cost than in your country.

Sleeping in London for an average of 100 pounds a night is more than acceptable.

This is what the Corus hotel costs approximately (it changes depending on the time of year) and you have all the comfort for two people.

Donde dormir en Londres - Hotel barato

London is a very expensive city in general

In addition to all the comforts that it has you can ask that they serve you the breakfast also.

And best of all: It has a location that makes it unique.

The price and comfort is worth it when you’re looking for a place to sleep in London.

If you want to see more about this hotel you can do it here.

Central Park Hotel

I don’t quite understand why this hotel isn’t more famous.

It costs less than 100 pounds a night and with a comfort of the best for a three stars.

Donde dormir en Londres

If you search well you can find good prices

If you walk 2 minutes from the hotel you arrive at Hyde Park and if you want to stay a little longer in the hotel you can have many facilities. Wifi, cable TV, restaurant and much more.

Best Western Hotel

It’s a hidden pearl. I repeat: this incredible hotel is a hidden pearl so you have to take advantage.

The price is about 80 pounds a day in a room for two people. It is a 3 star hotel so the spaciousness makes it a comfortable place.

Donde dormir en Londres

Prices may change depending on the season

You can also have breakfast on the spot or have dinner and if you want to stay in bed for a while longer you can take advantage of the speed offered by the Internet connection or watch TV on its hundreds of channels.

Cromwell International Hotel

The price of this hotel can vary, but if I can recommend something is that you go in to see the offers here because you might find yourself with offers and a hotel night could go down to 50 pounds.

And it’s not just any offer because it’s a 3-star hotel with a breakfast option for as little as £8.

Donde dormir en Londres

All hotels offer breakfast option

To move from there to the areas most requested by travellers you will have to walk about 20 minutes or use public transport.

Bridge Park Hotel

Not the best hotel but the cheapest hotel to sleep in London.

Even if you’re surprised by a room for two people, you could pay about 40 pounds.

Donde dormir en Londres

This is the cheapest hotel

Please note that prices may change depending on the time of year.

And despite its price is very close to the Wembley Stadium, you can walk in 15 minutes to the subway and has free wifi, restaurant and in many cases breakfast included.