New York’s Best Rooftops

Hello Molaviajeros friends! How are you doing with the preparations for your trip to New York? Are you one of those who likes to have a drink there, in a nice place, with good views and enjoying the moment? In that case, this post interests you! And watch out because it’s not just a good plan to do at night! Today we bring you to the blog the list of the best rooftops in New York, where we could have a quiet drink on our last trip to the Big Apple and see beautiful sunsets. Will you join us?

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What are rooftops?

I’m sure you all know this part, but in case someone doesn’t know them, rooftops are nothing more than bars located on top of buildings.

Many times, these rooftops are located on the top floor of hotels. Some of them even have a swimming pool where parties are held in summer and best of all, if you are one of those who doesn’t like to go out at night, you can find them open also during the day, giving you a fantastic chance to see New York from the heights without paying an entrance fee for it in the vast majority, but you will only pay for what you consume. (Attention, these are not the cheapest bars in New York.)

The list of the best rooftops in New York

It’s not hard to find a rooftop in New York… It’s clear they’re in fashion. What is really difficult is to select only 10 from the list of more than 90 rooftops we were researching for our last trip to the Big Apple. We leave you a photo, but calm, that at the end of the post we put you the map of those that we selected of between all of them

Several things are clear: the first is that diving on the Internet, you are going to find a lot of rooftop, but watch out because not everyone will meet your expectations. We get the feeling that because these bars are so fashionable, any bar on a rooftop is labeled “rooftop”.

The second is that Manhattan is the winner in terms of number of rooftops, but even if places like Brooklyn or Queens have less, do not despise them because some of them have spectacular views and atmosphere.

Generally speaking, tell you that:

-we didn’t have to pay entrance fees on any of the rooftops we visited. But drinks aren’t cheap. It is clear that they carry the over-cost of the views.

-With regard to the way we dress, we always try to wear long trousers and something tidy at night, but with our sneakers. Inside the rooftops we also saw people coming in with shorts and they didn’t have any problems either. This does not remove so that in some rooftop they put problems to enter with sports or similar. In order to be 100% sure of the dress code, it is best to see their official website.

-In all the rooftops that we entered we were asked to show an identification that showed that our age was greater than 21 years old.

– Keep in mind that we leave you the schedules of the best rooftops in New York that we visit, within the post, but look at their official website the day you want to visit them, as they may be subject to change at any time.

The best rooftops in Manhattan:

As you know, Manhattan is divided into neighborhoods, you could see it on our map by neighborhoods of Manhattan. Well, today, midtown, Meatpacking, SoHo and Lower East side are the places where you’ll find the most rooftops.

Rooftops in Midtown:

We do not exaggerate if we say that only in Midtown there are more than 30 roofotps… We visited several of them, of which we talk below:

St Cloud at the Knickerbocker Hotel

Right in Times Square is the Knickerbocker Hotel, a luxurious 5-star hotel that has made good use of its location. Can you imagine how much it can be cool to see the downward slope of the ball from here every December 31st? I don’t think we’ll ever know, as the prices for attending this party start at $1,000 per person!

The St Cloud rooftop is open Monday to Saturday from 4pm until 1am. On Sundays it has special schedule, of 2 of the noon until the 12 of the night.

The experience is great, but it doesn’t give the best views of New York, but a nice view of Times Square. They have a menu to eat as well, not only can you drink. But the prices match the views and the luxury hotel: edamames for $14, a dish with a little bit of sausage $24…Your location is this

B54 at Hyatt Times Square Hotel

Very close to St Cloud, you will find the Hyatt Times Square Hotel. We went to this rooftop on a Saturday night, so the process we followed, being a weekend, was the following one: We went to the bar that the hotel has in the basement and there we talked to the person who received the customers, to tell him that we wanted to visit the Rooftop. He told us that we were going to take about an hour to have room, and he asked us for our phone number. After a while, he texted us that our site was ready. Very comfortable to avoid crowds that we assume will be more typical weekend.

We have to say we liked this one better than the last one. Why? For two reasons: the views are wider because it is located on a higher floor and also, the balconies are made of glass, which allows a complete view from the ground level, which seems not, but gives much more amplitude.

The prices of the bar are of luxury hotel… Beers from 12$, combined from 26$ and letter of meals, in which the cheapest thing is a few nuts for 8$. Come on, the views are tremendous but it is better not to go too thirsty or too hungry!

Open every day from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., it extends its schedule from Thursday to Saturday, until 2 a.m. You can also book a table through their website and if not, the first to arrive is who takes the best sites. By the way, entry only reserved for people over 21 years of age!

Supernova at Novotel Times Square

As we told you above, the plan to go to the rooftops is not just for the night. In fact, we went to visit this one at breakfast time.

It is located on the rooftop of the Novotel Times Square Hotel, very well located if you would like to stay in the very heart of Manhattan. As you can imagine, it’s another of the privileged places from which to watch the party that takes place in Times Square at the end of the year, but the cheapest option amounts to $600 plus taxes…

This rooftop is open every day from 6:30 a.m. until midnight. You have the option to have a drink outside or to have breakfast/eat/dinner in your restaurant, in an interior section of the premises.

Considering that in New York, prices are not cheap for these things, the supernova is no bargain, but has better prices than previous rooftops. We liked the views and we were invited for coffee. Cool, isn’t it?

PHD Terrace Midtown

If you like to party and have done a little research on cool places to go out in New York, you may have heard of the PHD.

There are two locations for the PHD. One is the PHD Terrace, which is located here on the terrace of the Dream Midtown hotel next to Central Park and the other is the PHD Lounge, more or less here, next to Chelsea Market.

We were at the PHD Terrace on a Friday night and the truth is that there was a tremendous atmosphere, as Friday and Saturday have real parties like the Spanish to which we went.

But if you’re looking for good views of the city, maybe this isn’t the best rooftop in New York. Leaning out a little bit, you discover Times Square, but not as well as from the other rooftops.

The prices? Standard price of fashionable New York rooftop, for better or worse.

Open every day from 5pm, on Sundays until 12pm, from Monday to Wednesday until 1am, on Thursdays until 2am and on Fridays and Saturdays, do the rest until 4am.

The Roof

If we go north of Midtown, arriving at Central Park, you can visit the rooftop The Roof, located on the roof of the Meridien New York Hotel. What makes this rooftop special is that it is one of the few that overlooks Central Park, although the truth is that as they continue to build in the southern part of the park, more and more, all these new buildings obstruct the view of the lung of Manhattan.

You’ll find this one open every day until 4 a.m.! Weekdays open at 3pm, but weekends open at 1pm.

About prices… Judge for yourselves: The beers are from 8 or 9 $, those combined with alcohol start from 19 $ and food (because they also have things to eat) to get an idea, a pretzel or some chips, from $10 …

230 Fifth

And if before we were going to the northern part of Midtown, now we almost went out to the south but to visit one of the best rooftops in New York, or at least, one of the best known! The 230 fifth.

This rooftop is located right here and has one of the largest terraces in New York, with tremendous views of the Empire State.

It is a terrace that they condition to the climate, whatever it is: if in summer it is hot and sunny, there you have umbrellas. That in winter it’s cold, they put a kind of air-conditioned igloos. There are no excuses not to enjoy the views.

Personal opinion: the views are tremendous, it’s the fashionable rooftop… All great… But from my point of view, it was too crowded, so much so that we didn’t feel entirely comfortable.

The prices are similar to those of the previous rooftops… What’s more, within this whirlpool of high prices, it may even be a little cheaper than the rest (within that they are still high prices): Cocktails for $14, beers from $9…

You can also eat and brunch there on weekends for $29 per adult.

Children under 17 can only enter accompanied by an adult and until 7 pm. With respect to timetables, weekdays are open from 2 noon to 2 a.m., while weekends are open from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m..

Rooftops in Meatpacking district:

These roofotps do not appear in our video, because we leave them to visit on our next trip, because of the good references we have of them. So you know, if you’re passing by and you’re in the mood for terraceo, aim:

Le bain at The Standard Hotel

In the middle of the High Line. This is another of the fashionable rooftops and I’m not surprised, if only by the hotel in which it is located, the Standard hotel, which far from having opaque walls, the huge windows that line their rooms leave no room for doubt as to what goes on inside them.

Plunge Rooftop bar at Gasenvoort Hotel

It seems that although the Gasenvoort hotel is not as well known as the previous one, its terrace is cool too and its prices are not so high… We will have to try both of them again.

Rooftops in SoHo:

This is one of the most fashionable rooftops in Manhattan. Although we couldn’t visit any of the following, note these 3 for your next trip if you plan to visit a rooftop in SoHo:

The rooftop of the Hugo Hotel, the rooftop of the Arlo Hotel and the rooftop of the James Hotel.

Rooftops in lower East Side

At this point in the post, some of you may think, “But why so much rooftop? If it’s all terraces and that’s it?” Well, it’s not entirely true… If you have the opportunity to see the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn, or even from one of the boats that run the Hudson and the East River, you will see that Midtown and the financial part, are characterized by having very tall buildings, while the area in the middle, is characterized by not so tall buildings.

This gives you the opportunity to see Manhattan’s Skyline from various points of view, and from the terraces of the lower East Side, Chinatown and surrounding areas, there are good views of the skyscrapers, (including the One World) and the East River. Write down the most important ones:

The Crown

It is located on the roof of the 50 bowery hotel. We’re not going to be able to show you much about the inside of this bar, since they took the camera away from us at the entrance to it. However, we can tell you that it has a very nice view of the surrounding buildings as well as the One World Trade Center.

Open from 12 noon until 12 noon from Sunday to Wednesday, the rest of the week you can find it open until 2 am.

With food and drink options, he follows in the footsteps of his fellow post writers.

In particular, we left a couple of rooftops from this area in the backpack. We leave you the name in case you want to visit them:

The Roof on the terrace of the Public hotel and the Mr Purple on the 15th floor of the indigo hotel both seem to have tremendous views!

Other rooftops in Manhattan:

So Ophelia, Spyglass, Skylark, or Gallow Green were left unvisited.

Nor did we go up to the MET terrace this time, nor did we look out over the views from the Rainbow Room terrace in the Rockefeller Center.

Brooklyn’s Best Rooftops

Brooklyn is cool… For the atmosphere, for the tranquility of the neighborhoods… Yes, but also because it has spectacular views of Manhattan, let’s not fool ourselves…

Inside Brooklyn, we’re going to show you several rooftops, mainly from two of its most famous neighborhoods. DUMBO and Williamsburg.

Rooftops in DUMBO

Here you are going to have access to views that you fall in love with!

Harriet’s Rooftop:

Located on the top floors of Hotel Uno in New York, for me occupies podium positions in this ranking of the best rooftops in New York.

With typical rooftop prices, open every day. On weekends, from 12 noon, Friday from 2 p.m. and the rest of the days, from 5 p.m..

That said, unbeatable views of the East River, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and all the skyline of the southern part of the neighboring district. From our favorites.

Time Out Market Dumbo:

It is situated on the roof of the Empire Stores shopping centre, in the heart of DUMBO. It is not a rooftop to use, but is a terrace where you can eat / drink whatever you want, (you have food and drink stalls like those that we talked about in the post of the route walking through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO )

In our opinion, it is NOT a place to go if you want to live the experience of “leaving rooftops”, but it is an ideal place if you want to be taking something quiet to your air, whether food or drink.

Rooftops in Williamsburg:

From this area of Brooklyn, we selected several rooftops, but from all of them, we kept these two:

The Water Tower Bar

This is the rooftop of the Williamsburg Hotel. It’s one of our favorites, and ideal for partygoers who like good views. We say this because when we were there, we saw that a party was being held on their terrace, for which they had to pay $30 for the entrance fee.

This rooftop is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 6pm on weekdays and from 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. As we said, it’s for the most party-goers! It does not close until 2 a.m. on weekdays and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, it does everything until the early hours of the morning.

It has a swimming pool, hammocks, a lawn floor… Come on, you can ask for little more (in addition to a price reduction, as with all other rooftops. This still has a New York price…)


This is the terrace owned by The William Vale hotel, which occupies another podium position in our top 3 of this list with the best rooftops in New York.

While the views are more or less similar to those seen from the previous hotel, the rooftop of the William Vale hotel is somewhat quieter. Although it also has a swimming pool, artificial turf and hammocks for its guests, it is a bit more “chill out” than the Water Tower Bar.

I’m sure that at this point in the post, you won’t be surprised by the price of the drinks, which is similar to the previous ones… We’re in New York, in one of the fashionable neighborhoods and in a rooftop with spectacular views that don’t charge us anything… Everything has to come out of some place, doesn’t it? So yes, prepare your wallet to pay for drinks and food.

Despite this and judging environment and views, particularly, it soon became one of our favorite rooftops to watch the sunset over Manhattan.

Queens Best Rooftops

If you’re staying in or near Queens, you may find one of its rooftops worth exploring.

There are two we selected within our initial sieve. In one of them, we had already been, since it was the Z hotel.

Hotel Z New York

We won’t tire of repeating that this is one of the hotels we’ve stayed in and that it has the best views of Manhattan. You can see it from here. So your rooftop, you’re not going to fall behind in this aspect. Maybe I’m not as festive as others on this list, but imagine the photos that can come out after a view like this:

hotel z nueva York molaviajar

Penthouse 808

This is another rooftop with the best views of Manhattan, Queensboro Bridge, East River and Roosevelt Island.

It seems that in this rooftop, which in addition to bar there is restaurant, are a little stricter with the dress code, as it is required to leave the sports and other informal footwear at home. “Dress to impress” they say. Stay tuned for your next visit to New York City!

Conclusions to this list of the best rooftops in New York:

After this conscientious analysis of the best rooftops in New York, the conclusions we can share with you are the following:

-If we had to repeat any of these rooftops, our top 3 would be:

B54 in Times Square- Harriet’s rooftop in Dumbo – Westlight in Williamsburg

-Leaving rooftops is expensive. Yes. The way to make your pocket hurt less is to think that instead of paying an entrance fee for going up to an observatory, you pay a drink a little above its value in exchange for enjoying the drink and the views of the place.

– You don’t have to wait until nightfall to experience a rooftop drink in New York City, since most of them let you enjoy great sunsets.

As promised is debt, here goes the map with the best rooftops in New York:

And like nothing better than a video to get an idea of what we tell you in the post… Drum roll… On Sunday September 29th we premiered the video of the best rooftops in New York on our youtube channel. We will also leave it here so that you can see it without having to go looking for it 🙂

How to round off the plan to leave rooftops? With a limousine

If going to visit the best rooftops in New York is already a great idea… Can you imagine combining it with a limousine ride through the Big Apple? Here we are not used to these luxury cars, but you know that in New York, almost anything is possible. That said, if any of you are interested in more information, write us an email through the contact form above and we tell you how you can carry out this plan for New York.

limusina nueva York molaviajar

Well Molaviajeros, we hope this post with the list of the best rooftops in New York has pleased you and allows you to enjoy more if possible, your trip to the Big Apple! You know any doubt, we’re here to help.

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